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Returning player questions - last played in 2015

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Returning player questions - last played in 2015

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08.03.2021 , 04:49 PM | #1
Hi everyone!
Returning player here. Had a few questions I'm hoping the community can answer

For background, I played in beta all of the way through to just after Knights of the Fallen Empire was released. I think I did whatever "episodes" were released and then fizzed out on the story after the time jump and everything. Content wise, I mostly played PVP and leveled all 16 classes up. Most of my toons are level 60 with a few at 65.

My questions:
1) Where is the best place to find info on the current meta? There are a few classes I remember enjoying and was maining a sith assasin / jedi shadow when i left, but i also really enjoyed operative, sniper, powertech and a few others. Because i enjoyed several of the playstyles i would love to know what the builds and stuff are and what content each does well in right now. I used to go to Dulfy but that seems to be not actively updated when i took a quick look

2) My toons are a mix of Satile Shan and Starforge servers (i think those are the names). I notice there are fewer servers than there used to be. Are there any preferable servers over others?

3) Empire vs Republic - when i was playing it was very heavily emp skewed... what is it like these days? does one side give a better experience than others? I've enjoyed both sets of stories in the past so i don't have a good lean either way

4) UI - Have they added any notible features to the combat UI of the game? Specifically, i remember that tracking buffs on myself and HOTS and DOTS on my allies / enemies was EXTREMELY clunky. If there have been improvements, any tips on how to best use them?

5) Story - like i said a few of my toons are a few episodes through the knights of the fallen empire story. I don't really remember what happened if i am being honest, other than my general sense of not loving the time jump, losing my companions etc etc. What is my best bet? should i start on a character that hasn't done any of it yet to refresh my memory and then swich to whatever i want to play? Or can i just skip the rest of that expansion and move on to the next expansion story? im afraid i might be lost if so.

Thank you in advance for any help. Really looking forward to coming back to the game and getting my Star Wars on