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Reasons for being a Light-sided or "Grey" Sith

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Reasons for being a Light-sided or "Grey" Sith

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05.16.2021 , 01:29 PM | #21
Light sided Sith in this game are literally that. They use the light side of the force. We are shown/told this ingame. The warrior quest on Tattoine at the hidden pool is a good example. We get told more powerful Sith will sense the light within us. Inq campaign, the Jedi on Alderaan will say he cannot sense the taint of the dark side. This has nothing to do with your ideals and everything to do with the way you are using the force.

Light sided Sith are essentially Jedi with looser morals and better fashion sense.

Some people seem to conflate ideals such as honour, pragmatism, compassion with the light. You can have all of these qualities and still be dark sided. Lana and Marr spring to mind. Although Lana does seem to get a bit white washed. Let's not forget she wanted to cut a Jedis head open and experiment on her brain. Marr's face is said to be so twisted by the dark side that a Moff went insane when he saw it.