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Emperor's Wrath vs. Darth Nox (spoilers)

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Emperor's Wrath vs. Darth Nox (spoilers)

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08.03.2016 , 01:08 PM | #321
Quote: Originally Posted by Elisaie View Post
Well Darth Nox, it is obvious, with his own power he is not ofc more powerfull than Wrath but with powers he gained he is more powerfull than Wrath.Emperor didn't choosed Wrath because he was most powerfull but because of other things, he needed someone he can manipulate, I doubt you could manipulate Dart Nox like that.I am speaking about them as male it's easier for me.
The Emperor needed someone powerful to enforce his will as his Wrath, otherwise it would be a pointless position. And Nox has been manipulated before too. He's hardly above that sort of thing.

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08.03.2016 , 03:36 PM | #322
Quote: Originally Posted by OldVengeance View Post
The Emperor needed someone powerful to enforce his will as his Wrath, otherwise it would be a pointless position. And Nox has been manipulated before too. He's hardly above that sort of thing.
Nox is manipulated, the Wrath can be.
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12.05.2016 , 09:12 PM | #323
Darth Nox and the Emperor's Wrath could be both of equal power, but the thing that defines them, in my opinion, is the fact that when the Emperor was slain by the Jedi Knight, Darth Nox's title and position were still powerful, and feared, whereas the Wrath's was not. After the Emperor's defeat, and ultimately, when he returned to betray the Empire -as seen on Ziost- the Wrath had no position in the Empire except to work for the Dark Council, which among them sat Nox. Their force abilities and combat strategies/tactics could be equal, but their position within the Empire, at least prior to the invasion led by the Eternal Empire, were hardly the same, making Nox, superior; at least, in title, and position of power.

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12.06.2016 , 10:36 AM | #324
Impossible situation.

The Wrath would be immediately enamored by the Sorc's suave and/or sultry voice. One whirlwind romance later and we'd have a Monarch & Dr. Mrs. The Monarch situation.
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12.06.2016 , 12:42 PM | #325
A hard one to be sure!
Indeed the Wrath is more powerful physically and more adept in lightsaber combat but Darth Nox has far more knowledge of the force and it's secrets. I saw someone say that even though Nox defeated a dark council member it was because of the help of force ghosts. While technically true the force ghosts didn't help him/her (unless you went light side then they sort of did), Darth Nox basically enslaved them and used their power for him/herself. This is a classic case of brain over brawn, mind over matter. Those who aren't strong need to be smart and Darth Nox has the potential to be the smartest of them all. Example, look at the Emperor. We rarely see him using lightsaber combat at all but he has managed to survive for hundreds of years by manipulating the force to extend his life. Strength alone is rarely enough. I'm not saying that the Wrath is dumb, he obviously isn't but he far less adept in the force. In the end pitting them against each other is nearly impossible I think, the Wrath with his stamina and Nox with his force, it'll be an unending battle that probably destroys an entire planet. Now imagine those two teaming up, that would be an unstoppable powerhouse which would make their enemies sh*t enough bricks to rebuild the Jedi Temple!
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12.07.2016 , 09:21 PM | #326
Wrath gets points for getting the emperors attention. While the Emperor did not give two ***** about the inqusitor until Ziost. That speaks volumes in a debate like this.

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12.07.2016 , 09:41 PM | #327
I think without the Emperor, the Emperor's Warth is just back to being a normal sithlord, a very powerful one but just one amogst many. Darth Nox on the other side is still a member of the dark council and so one of the leaders of the Sith Empire. I'd also say, that the Warth never had real power, he had no real imperial rank and was more like a personal hitman of the Emperor.

You cant realy say witch one is stronger in the force, but i dont think this is the topic

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12.07.2016 , 10:21 PM | #328
Quote: Originally Posted by cool-dude View Post
Wrath gets points for getting the emperors attention. While the Emperor did not give two ***** about the inqusitor until Ziost. That speaks volumes in a debate like this.
At that time, the Warrior was still considered to be full of potential. The Sith version of Luke basically.

Inquisitor obviously had potential, but due to slave background it was never even noticed/considered.
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12.08.2016 , 12:44 AM | #329
Darth Nox it is known to be the most powerful Sith in generations. Considered his lineage, his conection with the force and his dark side knowledge. Nox is also a very good lighsaber wielder this is shown when he/she got his lighsaber for the first time. So, even if the Wrath is a master of lighsaber combat thats not mean his advantege over darth nox is huge. And now i know it is said that the "Emperor's Wrath" must be capable to take out all and everyone of the Darth Council merbers BUT! Remember this, Emperor's Wrath serve the emperor, the dark council members fear's you ,yes BUT they fear the allpowerful Emperor even more and dont want to get on his blacklist. But what happen when your "Boss" is gone? you as his Wrath are left vulnerable. Now even if Wrath is a master of lighsaber combat and has a pretty good conection with the force wich cant even be compared with Nox conection, thats all what he had. Lore-wise no LS Version , it is know that sith warrior preffer action and he jump in a fight without analyze his oponent too much or thinking of a strategy relying on his brute force and power. Nox is a master of manipulation and tactician considered his power base thats mean he can prepare the gound of the Wrath, he will analyze him and find his weaknesses(love for vette,duh ) ) leaving the wrath without way out?
And now what i think it will happen in a 1vs1 duel? well... lets say this :
Wrath will try to mentain a close combat but it will be hard because Nox know about his mele prefferences even if the wraht will use the Force jump Nox cand use his Force speed to retreat or even Nox will chose to fight in a close combat with wrath allitle bit just to mock him, causing him to be lose in his own rage. And so Wrath's brute force will be incresed but his atentions at details and battle strategy will be drastucally reduced, and beeing bombarded with force lightnings over force lightnings this will add even more pressure on Wrath, even if Wrath will try to force chocke Nox he will not be capable of , because of his lack of focus and second because of Force lightning shield of nox, then Nox will engandge again in a close combat but this time Wrath hits are just powerful bu not precise , Nox will wait and use his force speed to dodge and strike a finaly blow in wrath belly,chest.

PS: I am not a SI fan, my only SI is lvl ... 40 almost but insteed i have 3 highlevel Sith Warriors. No one question the Wrath power and strenght but his lack of strategy and focus in combat against a master tactician who also happen to be one of the most poweful sith in generations and also a good lighsaber wielder, can be his doom, easly. Sorry for my bad english btw but i hope it is understable Now if you will escuse me ill go to level my new main :P

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04.09.2017 , 06:25 PM | #330
In a straight up fight, it depends on if the Wrath can close the gap. They both specialize in different things, but I would give lightsaber combat to the Wrath. The thing is, Nox would know this, and thus try do everything in his/her power to prevent the Wrath from even getting close to him/her.