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Heroics and level sync

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05.29.2022 , 03:20 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by NuSeC View Post
In SWTOR, this update brought almost no content except a ridicules gear grind. Basically, grinding your gear is the content. Keep busy while we "celebrate" the 10 year anniversary by way of grinding gear to run the exact same content we were running just fine with 306. Yay.
They kinda failed with that too. I have finished gearing one set for each role and all the weapons I need. Normally (and what I've done with previous expansions) I would start gearing up alts at this point. This is the first time I decided not to do that anymore for various reasons:

- you can only get the good stuff from NiM ops, and the drops are RNG unless you want to get a 320 piece.
- it's too grindy to upgrade 320 piece to 330, considering you can only get the mats from ops: currently ops are scaled so that you need eight competent people to finish most of them in HM and NiM, or you can only do EV and KP HM all day long.
- even if you'd have eight competent people for some challenging HM, all ops are not available in the terminal, which means you'd not gonna get all the rewards. We used to have plenty of options for HM ops, now we have one or two per week. Only raiders are denied the reward from weekly missions: they exist for all other game modes for pve, pvp and gsf. Even people who only run heroics have weeklies.
- if the mechanics in op require you to change class, which would require you to change character, you won't get the completion reward from the ops, even if you were lucky to have the weekly mission in the first place
- even if all stars were aligned, you'd have the mission, you'd be able to finish the ops with on character and you'd get the piece of gear you want, it's not moddable - I want my gear to be moddable.
- augment kits cost too much to gear up alts.

So yes, after finishing gearing up one set of gear per role, I have nothing left to do. Doing anything would mean I''ll cap on the mats that were so grindy to get in the first place and I hate wasting.

Conquest used to keep me busy but it was destroyed. Crafting used to keep me busy but it was destroyed already in 6.0. I wouldn't have minded grinding gear for alts with 6.0 system, but with 7.0 it's just too much.

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05.29.2022 , 05:28 AM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by ZUHFB View Post
Ecerybody should be forced to group in some way or another, not because that was how things always are but to actually experience the game and all of it around. The drama, the idiots, the toxic noobs KNOWING you were all of them at one point is great.
...for you. Different people, different tastes and preferences.

Quote: Originally Posted by ZUHFB View Post
If you don't enjoy them anymore it is not balancing, it's not companions and it's not scaling you dislike, you just dislike the feeling of being punished for doing them.
This would be worthy of considering if not for the fact that large portion of the playerbase stopped enjoying them at the same time, with 7.0 release. And it's not about the rewards: they used to give you a crate and small amount of cxp. Now they give you a crate, tech fragments and gear currency so actually they give you more rewards than they used to.
Proud casual, unhappy with 7.0.
Please fix terrible 7.0 scaling.

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05.29.2022 , 12:32 PM | #63
7.0 showcased the reality they employ an amateur Dev team without skills or abilities in coding, no knowledge of the game, its engine or any common sense.

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05.29.2022 , 12:36 PM | #64
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_Malganus View Post
7.0 showcased the reality they employ an amateur Dev team without skills or abilities in coding, no knowledge of the game, its engine or any common sense.
And I really believe you have inside information on BW's staff. Yep. 🙄
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