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[Synthweaving] Advanced Critical Augment 73 - No Research Available

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[Synthweaving] Advanced Critical Augment 73 - No Research Available

Rwdarth's Avatar

02.26.2022 , 02:58 AM | #1
Iīm trying to RE a blue Critical Augment 73 to get the purple Advanced Critical Augment 74, but when I select the deconstruction button and look for my blue augments I have 2 options:
1.- In the ones tagged as crafted by me, the No Research Available tag appears.
2.- In the ones with no crafter tag, no % tag or No Research Available tag appears.

So I donīt know if I can learn or not the schematic and I donīt want to start RE them to learn thereīs a bug and Iīve lost 10+ augments.

Anyone knows if Iīm doing smthg wrong?


BTW: Synth 700, Crit Augment 73 learned.

phalczen's Avatar

02.26.2022 , 03:52 PM | #2
So, the Devs took away the ability to reverse engineer a schematic from end-items crafted by other players. So, you will not be able to learn the purple artifact Adv Crit Augment 74 (yes, 74, not 73) from blue prototype Crit Aug 73s made by other players.

However, if you have "No research available" when you hover over augments YOU personally made, then I would suggest you browse your list of schematics. Perhaps you missed the fact that you learned the schematic because you were looking for Advanced Critical Augment 73 instead of 74? Make sure to re-sort the list by Rating.
Thank you for reading!

alexqwas's Avatar

05.18.2022 , 10:05 PM | #3
I am having a similar issue. I have Biochem to 700 and can't learn the Blue Premium Kyrprax Medpac due to no research being available on the Green Premium Kyrprax Medpacs that I craft. I also made sure I didn't have a contaminated stack while trying this. From what I've been reading online this bug has been around for quite some time.