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<Pirates of The Demise> Imperial Underworld Guild

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<Pirates of The Demise> Imperial Underworld Guild

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05.10.2021 , 07:39 AM | #1
<Pirates of The Demise> is a new RP (Imperial) guild focused on piracy and other sordid underworld business. We operate out of our ship, The Demise.

We are open to all underworld types who would work for or with a Pirate crew, including but not limited to:

* Fighters, mercs, pirates (duh), thieves, etc.
* Pilots, navigators, gunners, mechanics, engineers, medics and other crew
* Slicers and computer techs
* Arms merchants, spicers, etc.
* Fences and fronts
* Informants, information brokers, shady Imperials/Pubs with access to intel
* Anything else you can think of that has an underworld connection.

The guild's RP will focus on:
* Space travel and navigation
* Visiting Exotic places, meeting new people and robbing them
* Cruises cruises, ship-jacking, and ship maintenance
* Drinking, gambling, carousing, and fun!

Significant interaction with other guilds, organizations and individuals in the RP community will be pursued and encouraged.

Contact me on Discord (Captain Jax Delco#3354) or in game - Jax Delco.

Let's get paid!