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Are there any guilds on this server that have a few older players (40+)?

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Are there any guilds on this server that have a few older players (40+)?

uelandric's Avatar

02.07.2020 , 07:18 PM | #1
I'm a casual, but competent player, who is ATM a nub.

I played at launch for a while with my guild from WOW, so I have a 50 on each side - but we dropped it pretty quickly for reasons I don't remember.

I raided in WoW for years - Mostly heroic 25 man content -but we usually got a few mythic bosses each tier. I quit that game a few years ago because it was turning into a job. I was a mage mostly - but healed on several classes as well. Even did a little tanking - but not in progression for quite a while.

I get along with anyone - but was looking to see if there were a few in a guild that may get my jokes.... Not looking for heavy schedules or commitment - I just want to learn this game a little better see the group content and laugh a little while avoiding drama. I just don't engage in that crap.

In game I'm usually leveling Quimpetu (imp side) right now.

skipperdarrell's Avatar

05.15.2021 , 05:50 AM | #2
Howdy. Read your post and I'm in the same kind of thing. I'm an older guy 66 and have been playing the game since 11/19. I've gone legendary with my first run through of PCs, and I guess you'd say I'm a competent but not an overwhelming game presence. I started the second go-through with the plans of using the other advance classes (ex. smuggler scoundrel vs gunslinger) but I find myself not being very engaged.
I also play the Star Wars RPG with my sons and some others, and I also dabble in writing fan fiction.
I've thought about building a group of game friends for casual exchanges but haven't reached out. I'm not sure about guilds - they seem pushy. I've only played solo PvE so far.
I see it's been a year and a half since your original post. Anything changed in your situation?