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[Recruitment] The Thirteenth Legion - Casual PvE | RP | Social

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[Recruitment] The Thirteenth Legion - Casual PvE | RP | Social

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05.05.2021 , 03:33 PM | #61
Status of the Thirteenth - April 2021

I missed posting on May 4th, doh! But happy Revenge of the Fifth to all our Imperial neighbors!

Guild Meeting : This month we hunted some world bosses into oblivion for fun and renown points! A successful hunt was had by all.

Republic and Imperial Ops:

Our Friday night Ops group has some additional vacancies as real life has pulled a couple of our members away. If you’re a tank, or a DPS, or a healer, or maybe enjoy hopping between the roles, we can make it work. We’re flexible! We’re also happy to teach and help you learn if it’s your first time doing these group activities!

**Our Republic Operations group is always looking for new members! We run 8-person story mode, with occasional hard mode, Ops every Friday at 10pm EST/ 7pm PST.**

The Imperial Ops Group, while pretty solid these days, could use a couple folks to fill out the bench as summer comes along and people get their first chance to be traveling as COVID dies down. As with the Republic Side, any role will do! We have experienced folks who are happy to trade off. [/b]

**Our Imperial Operations group is always looking for new members! We run 8-person story mode Ops every Thursday at 10pm EST/ 7pm PST.**


RP this month had both our Republic and Imperial characters pulled into plots, intrigue, and reckoning with old enemies, and potentially old friends turned into enemies. The Skullcrusher Saga continues with the revelation that one of the heroes of the Thirteenth, Tolind, has been corrupted by the Skullcrusher cult! Can we bring him back to the fold?

On the Imperial side, we’ve been digging, quite literally, into the past as we explore new potential resources to help fuel the Empire’s Fight against the Republic with the help of the Imperial Reclamation Service. But a conflict between rival archaeologists threatens to throw the whole operation into disarray…

Our RP Guidelines are here:

Our backstory:

We’re always looking for new folks to join the group so if you’re looking to get started in RP now is the perfect time to join!

RP nights are Monday and Saturday at 8:30pm EST/ 5:30 PST [/b]

That’s all for the moment! See everyone around the galaxy!

The Thirteenth is also on Twitter! Stop by and say hello!