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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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08.19.2020 , 02:40 AM | #9961
Quote: Originally Posted by LordSassafras View Post
Near the end of the fight, someone else joined, but we then spent the next five minutes trying to figure out how to get them to us, including asking them zoning in and out of the instance - turns out the entryway to Ortuno's room doesn't reopen once he's defeated, likely a bug. In the end, that other person had to leave.
Isn't there a cutscene before the final boss? In general if you zone out and then zone in while the cutscene is running (obviously group doesn't spacebar while doing that) it should port you right into the cutscene (hence where the cutscene takes place) rather than the beginning of the instance

(that also works when speedrunning talon with only 1 stealth or for kaon if the npc is invisible for you)

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08.19.2020 , 11:06 AM | #9962
I had an interesting VM Hammer Station run a few days ago.
Me as level 75 Gunslinger, a 75 Dps, a 40 something tank, and level 21 healer.

The interesting things:
- classic trinity in veteran mode.
- NO LoS throughout the whole run, except once (2nd large group before elevator) when I pulled**.
- lots of extra pulls, due to inexperience I think.
- people died a few times, but overall it went fine. Healer was only level 22 by the end but did well enough

** I've had FP runs where people LoS'd single targets! 🤔
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08.21.2020 , 03:57 PM | #9963
I have had three weirdos over the past two days:

The first seemed chill. Running Cademimu, he was asking if the group knew the fights and strats for the FP; kudos for checking. Some extra mobs got aggroed at one point by mistake and he got killed, which seemed to irk him; he said he couldn't afford the repair bills. He's level 75. I don't buy it, but I decide to be nice and give 50K credits to shut him up. After we beat Ortol, suddenly asks group if they are from America and goes off about "how I hope Trump ****s you over." >.> Riiiiight. That was classy...

Second on Objective: Meridian. We arrive at first bosses and wipe. Run back and have a fairly lengthy discussion on who does what. Looks like this'll work. Start fight. 20 seconds in, tank quits after raging about apparently losing aggro. ***.jpeg
Two others quit in rapid succession and I'm left wondering what the hell happened.

Third just today: Red Reaper MM. Get to first corridor, the tank heads to the middle of it and pulls mobs which, of course, melt him. We wipe, unfortunately, then he calls us "freaks" and quits. HE aggroed the mobs. Uhhh... right. Then we successfully get past that hallway and I admit to making a mistake that cost us nothing and people probably didn't even notice: I didn't notice some mezzed mobs and hit them, breaking soft stun. I immediately recast my own soft stun to fix it, but the healer quits after this admission. I don't know if it was because of that or they didn't want to wait for a new tank, but I thought it was petulant to do so. We (2 DPS) finish the FP with comps. (I realize Reaper probably isn't that difficult but it was harder than it needed to be.)

My rhetorical question: why do people have to get so pissy when things don't go to plan? *sigh*

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08.22.2020 , 09:18 AM | #9964
Quote: Originally Posted by Automnal View Post
My rhetorical question: why do people have to get so pissy when things don't go to plan? *sigh*
Because they have anger management issues.
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08.23.2020 , 07:34 AM | #9965
Quote: Originally Posted by FlameYOL View Post
Because they have anger management issues.
I'd say it's more like they've conditioned their own expectations. Mindlessly running the exact same content in the exact same way for the exact same reward over and over has resulted in them being utterly incapable of handling anything outside their narrow look-up table.

Hammer Spammer mentality at work

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08.23.2020 , 02:14 PM | #9966
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyGreggy View Post
I'd say it's more like they've conditioned their own expectations. Mindlessly running the exact same content in the exact same way for the exact same reward over and over has resulted in them being utterly incapable of handling anything outside their narrow look-up table.

Hammer Spammer mentality at work
Or just expectation management overall. Personally, I get irked easily when people who supposedly should be able to do the content by the muscle memory are nowhere near that.
Also, elitism is toxic but it grows naturally when people grow in skills and some things become trivial to them but not the new players. Like, how does it not come naturally to our stealther they're supposed to cc mobs or that people don't knock back packs or... You get the idea.

And also also, just remove HS from the queue at this point t_t. I just eat the penalty at this point, not worth wasting time on it :/
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08.26.2020 , 10:39 PM | #9967
Quote: Originally Posted by FlameYOL View Post
Because they have anger management issues.
I think it is "yourtube" vision, if something takes more then 15 mins they cannot focus and quit. Not even raged. Just not fun any more 15 mins later, need some new.
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08.28.2020 , 03:37 AM | #9968
Cadimemu, testing out my concealment op before I take her into some ops next week. One other op, and two maras. Other op is 71, I’m 75, one mara is 75, other is 69 – should be fine yeah? Lol.

Straight off the 75 mara stealths past the first two groups, op follows him, leaving me, who did not realized they ditched, and the little mara (who doesn’t have stealth yet) to take the first group. Death. Realized after we were dead the other two had straight up left. Basically, this is the pattern through the whole thing until I quit out. I start trying to follow but I’m not just gonna leave the smaller mara to eat all the mob damage just because they’re not decent enough to clear. As if it wasn’t bad enough, guess what – no scavenging in the party. Yay.

They actually fight this time, but it takes two tries (no heals with the two droids is hell), and then we have the 75 mara, who decides to start clearing, and the other op, who straight up gave up, stealthed past all the mobs to the boss, and starts soloing it while we’re trying to get past the trash. After about my third death and watching all the trash that the op sent our way chase the baby mara, I was done. I just closed the game.

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08.28.2020 , 10:45 AM | #9969
Admittedly in this case I was probably acting a bit weird too.
Veteran Korriban Incursion together with two of my guild, I as tank 75, healer 75 and a dps somewhere in the 50s with the intentions to level. We got a random 75 dps player added and went throwing out lightnings and stuff at the invaders of the sacred Sith world.
We three were in voice chat but nonetheless greeted in game, not getting anything back from stranger number 4. Not unusual but well, that's the GF factor. Since the low level wanted to level we decided not to skip everything possible even though there were two stealth classes present, but just nuked everything on the direct way to and in between the bosses, stuff died fast enough anyway.

The first extra group pulled before the first boss, the one right in the middle there didn't draw any reaction yet, towards the second there isn't really one extra since we didn't to go out of our way and went like *pull everything there is*. Afterwards though, the group after the klorslugs earned a ? in chat which at least proved the player had the chat open/knew how to use it, and to which I really couldn't help myself to answer with ! in hope to maybe get a bit more than that just a punctuation mark.
The next group at the academy entrance being pulled too got the next ? and another !. Inside in front of the pylon, another ? another ! Clearing the 4 rooms next and went to the elevator while I politely typed something about it being possible to skip stuff doesn't mean stuff has to be skipped especially with a lower level in the group. No answer to that either, so the first group right after the elevator then was killed next, earning yet another ? despite the explanation, then the last as well as the boss. All three of us typed our usual thanks for the group and bye byes, again getting no word, punctuation mark or anything from number 4.

Now, nobody has to be talkative in FPs, but for me if you do communicate use actual words, the other players aren't mere bots to earn you your rewards and can at least expect that much.

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08.28.2020 , 08:28 PM | #9970
I have to vent about this one.

I should have known something would happen. Stage: Vet KDY. Cast: me (75 Sen Watchman), 3 lowbies (highest is approx. 38 Commando; one is tank but only in the 20s, so not really effective).

Opening convo with Aygo, the commando posts to chat "space barrrrrr." Oh boy. I hate this already. Proceed to clear everything, no issues. Thankfully we get the shield generator and hangar boarder repulsion modules. If we had gotten the fighter assembly, I'm sure this dingbat would have ****ed it up. The most unfortunate module: we get Modo as the boss. Oh boy. We have no real tank, so I end up pulling aggro most of the time. I'm the only one that seems to be able to handle it anyway. First attempt, I get nuked because 5 red circles spawn under me. I'll take the blame for this one.
Second attempt, the "tank" dies quickly, probably because he's unfamiliar with the fight. The commando see this and chastises the guy about moving in a condescending manner, then says he's stopped doing anything. Just dies and while the two of us remaining get Modo down to half health, the pissant says "that's fine just waste time [instead of wiping]." We wipe, and I can't help myself. I reply "The only one wasting time here is you by *********** quitting." Then "3 is better than 2." He retorts "4 is better than 3." Congratulations, you are completely correct, but have just proven to be an argumentative ******e!

2 more attempts, one of which I probably could have pulled off if I wasn't the last one and Modo's once-per-second stuns and chokes hadn't prevented me from clicking kolto, then the ****** quits. YAY. Pull a replacement, 74 DPS Guardian, IIRC. Finally get it done, even though this one makes a snide comment at one of the lowbies as well.

WHY? WHY? I don't want to sound elitist, but you're a *********** lowbie! Just by being the level you are, you are probably only half as effective as anyone at 60+! Don't be a jerk when you are in the same boat as two of your teammates or else don't queue group content!