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Vector Hyllis: Worst Romance Ever

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Vector Hyllis: Worst Romance Ever

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05.21.2018 , 09:05 AM | #781
I didn't care for the agent storyline at first but I have grown to really enjoy it. At first I wasn't sure about the borg type romance. Well I shouldn't really compare the two but they are similar with the hive mindset . But I found him very sweet and there is a scene where you can see his real eyes and wow they are so pretty. But I can understand why people would not want to romance him. There are some romances I have no desire to see really in the game that are popular. I have to say my favorite is aric/trooper one. Which I know there are people who either hate it or love it. OH and the other one is the Theron romance, just because that doesn't feel as rushed as the story romances are.
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05.21.2018 , 09:33 AM | #782
Quote: Originally Posted by Swingkittie View Post
Imperial Agent is one of my favorite classes to play. I have a few female agents. Only one romanced Vector. I could not get past those creepy eyes. Even the scene when you apparently sleep with him and your character says, " WHY VECTOR WHAT BEAUTIFUL EYES YOU HAVE!" On my screen he still has bug eyes! I haven't taken any agents through KOTFE/KOTET yet except a free 60 token (male) one. But that wasn't the same as I like to play my character's from level one up. To this day, I never found this romance interesting at all. He is okay as a non-love interest companion. I felt the same about Felix Ilresso. In fact, when I first leveled my Jedi Counselor I hoped either Tharan or Zenith would be romance able. Then Tharan has all these weird hologram love issues and that ended up creeping me out. He reminds me of Krieger (from Archer) lol.
Don't know about Vector, never rolled a female Agent, just males ( one is single, one romanced Raina). But yes, i would have liked to have Tharan Cedrax or Zenith as romances, one for LS, one for DS. Unfortunately, this won't happen, looks like the last romance we get will be Lord Scourge ( there are just rumours, nothing certain yet).
Felix Iresso is not bad,i actually like the guy.

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05.21.2018 , 09:47 AM | #783
Quote: Originally Posted by AdornedBlood View Post
Don't know about Vector, never rolled a female Agent, just males ( one is single, one romanced Raina). But yes, i would have liked to have Tharan Cedrax or Zenith as romances, one for LS, one for DS. Unfortunately, this won't happen, looks like the last romance we get will be Lord Scourge ( there are just rumours, nothing certain yet).
Felix Iresso is not bad,i actually like the guy.
Oh I wouldn't mind Romancing Scourge, only because the other option is just ...... I was hoping Tharan was romanceable but he does have a hologram fetish. I liked the Felix Romance, I wish i had kept the toon that romanced him.
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01.18.2022 , 10:28 AM | #784
Quote: Originally Posted by Reluctance View Post
Girl gamer chiming in - there is literally nothing appealing about this guy. He is an ant. He only ever talks about ants, the hive or finding other hives, and if I leave his armor piercing combat stance on then he stands in the storeroom of my ship pumping out a nasty green pheromone cloud.

Whoever wrote this particular romance - why is the only option for a female Imperial Agent a dehumanized bugman? The flirt options are so ridiculously contrived, he sits there nattering away about his ants and all of a sudden I come out with "HOW ABOUT SOME ALONE TIME WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE" and he's all "that would be nice, also THE HIVE IS CALLING ME I HEAR THE SONG OF THE UNIVERSE!"

The whole point of a good romance subplot is the object of your character's affections is meant to have some likable qualities. This dude is repellent, it's like trying to flirt with a rock. A rock covered in ants. I'm keeping up with the romance sub-plot purely because I keep thinking "There's GOT to be something that saves this from being completely awful...right?" and like a car accident, I just can't quite look away.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying romance sub-plots should be lovey-dovey cuddlefests, but this guy kind of makes me throw up in my mouth a bit.
Afsaki a g nenni essum ri, en g ver bara a segja rennt:

1. Vector Hyllis er n, einstk, hugaver og frbr rmantk.
2. Ef ert ofmetinn gar leikpersna segir etta sitt mark um persnuleika inn.
3. g er svo ngur me a hafir ekki veri san 2020. g vil frekar hafa essi spjallbor eins laus vi smit og mgulegt er. Mnar bestu akkir til eirra sem rak ig han.
4. g er lka stelpa (hef fengi ennan reikning), en g s rauninni ekki rf a benda etta. Hverjum er ekki sama? Hva getur maur gert vi essar upplsingar? g er mevitu um a rkfri er tnd hj flki eins og r, en ..

(Fyrirgefu aftur Necro etta, en g var reyndar a leita a svipuum ri)

Sorry to necro this thread, but I just gotta say three things:

1. Vector Hyllis is new, unique, interesting, and a great romance.
2. If you are bigotted towards game characters, this speaks volumes about your personality.
3. I'm so glad you've not been on since 2020. I prefer to have these forums as free from infection as possible. My greatest thanks to whomever chased you away from here.
4. Also, I'm a girl as well (having been gifted this account), but I don't really see the need to point this out. Who cares? What can one do with this information? I am aware that logic is lost upon people like you, but..

(Sorry again to Necro this, but I was actually looking for a similar thread)

(Also, to say in English, I hope that Bioware makes MORE romance options like Vector Hyllus and Phi-Ton. They add a unique element to games that I crave, since I, like most of the people in this forum, try not to live a life of intolerance to VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS. I can't wait for the marriage proposal scene, and I hope my character gets to have bug-eyed kids with him. Not just to spite the OP, but because I truly believe Vector's romance was one of the greatest)

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01.18.2022 , 10:35 AM | #785
Quote: Originally Posted by Reluctance View Post
Dear everyone,

I am the OP of this thread. I recently decided to revisit this charming little game to see how the story had progressed.

I regret to inform you all that after five and a half long years, Vector - quite unlike cheese, wine and whiskey - has not improved with age. As I finished the romance and thus far he has had exactly nothing further to say on the topic, I took a walk down memory lane via YouTube and can only reconfirm that his flirtation dialogue and the agent's responses drop woodenly into conversations previously exclusive to the extermination aisle of your local hardware store. The only cheer his presence has caused me is amusement at his standing idly behind me as as I flirt shamelessly with both Lana and Theron; I assume because communing with the hivemind is more important than reading the NUMEROUS. SIGNS. of an actively disinterested girlfriend or wife or whatever it is I ended up being. I am looking forward to his eventual departure, hopefully via the X-70B Phantom airlock.

Given the nature of my OP I am somewhat perturbed by how this thread morphed into a shrine dedicated to the very object of my displeasure. I can only say that clouds of formic acid generally do not feature in my idea of a desirable relationship and arguably they should probably not feature collectively in yours.

If my agent could have traded Vector out for Saganu on Hoth I think her life would have improved immeasurably. Alas, Theron will have to do.

Edit: Although actually, Theron's not that great so far either - playing on the Empire side, I've had barely any opportunities to flirt with him and then suddenly my agent is like "HO HO LIKE ME SO MUCH YOU'RE SENDING ME AWAY RIGHT" and he is like "THAT IS ABSOLUTELY THE CASE, WOMAN I BARELY KNOW." I assume it flows better when you're on the Republic side.
And you are the object of many individuals displeasure, Ms. One-Friend.

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01.20.2022 , 07:17 AM | #786
I have done all the romances of the game well the female oriented ones ( I can't seem to play male characters , gamer girl through and through ) . I think originally the devs forgot women actually played mmo's so when the game was brought out and then later ( Theron Shan) they tried to stay true to form ( stupid betrayal , like THAT hadn't already happened, looking at you Quinn) so here is the assessment of male romance comps.
Agent = Bugboy ( Vector) ,
Warrior = Traitor ( Quinn) ,
Inquis = Sociopathic Masochistic Pirate ( Andronikos) ,
Jedi Knight = Doc V. D. ( thank god he is a doctor who can cure himself because what ever he is bringing home from his girlfriends just EWWW) ,
Jedi Consular = touchy Holocron Head ( Iresso ) ,
Smuggler = Cowboy billy bob , lets go to the farm and keep you bare foot and pregnant ( Corso) ,
Trooper = Strict and anal retentive ( jorgan) * although eventually he can not be a bad romance just a so-so one if you are good getting past thinking you are romancing your pet cat. * staring at teddy's litter box*
Bounty Hunter = Great Romance! (Torian Cadera) He is honourable , and sweet in his own mandalorian way. Best and only romance of the old stories

Finally we have Theron Shan , it was great, until they totally screwed up ( see Quinn) and you could see they did a last ditch effort to salvage the situation by the marriage proposal and didn't do any follow through, That will completely piss me off if they leave him as just a back ground character going forward. like other romance comps ( same with Torian, we female character players have only 2 good romance 's give us a break)
Anyways that is my assessment of the situation.