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I started getting gold 306 drops from FPs

Grendel_Echo's Avatar

10.16.2021 , 12:31 PM | #1
Is it normal that gold adaptive armor parts and weapons with 304-306 mods drop from random Veteran Flashpoints?
I didn't play Flashpoints for a long time and recently made a few as lvl75 healer in a blue "280" gears.
For a long time I could not find a way to get the gold mods, as all my lvl75 toons to this day run in max "282" random gears or mods and I never completed the "new" game chapters.
Is there any schematic in those gold drops from Flashpoints or it's completely random drop? In last run I got 1 lightsaber 306 modded and 2 pants 304 modded. I started to think it's the best way to dress my characters in gold...
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10.16.2021 , 03:47 PM | #2
It didn't used to be normal, but since bioware got rid of the need/greed/pass system on gear in fp it's relatively common. I had my seldom used malgus alts jump from sub 275 gear irating to plus 290 in about 5 flashpoints right ater the change to the loot system.

Personal gear drops in vet/master flashpoints are supposed to be based on your own gear level (at your item rating, or plus or minus 4 levels of your overall item rating).

From what I can tell then what's happening is that you're running with maxed gear players, and the 'new and improved loot system' is giving you their drops instead of yours. So low tier geared players luck out and get some golds when they run with max players, while the maxed players get some blue/green/purple gear instead of golds.
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Grendel_Echo's Avatar

10.17.2021 , 04:18 AM | #3
That's very interesting, thank you for sharing this knowledge .
So it's time to do more runs before this gets fixed by bioware, just need some luck in grouping with properly geared players .
32 characters: 17 imperials & 15 republic.