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Galactic Seasons - S1 Check In

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Galactic Seasons - S1 Check In
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08.01.2021 , 10:19 PM | #91
I have a question about seasonal companion and his influence level. I have read that if you finish out a season, there should be enough gifts to get him to rank 50. unfortunately mind is stuck at lvl 48 and as best I can figure out, I may have accidentally used one of the gifts on an alt. which... ok... fine, my bad. so I think to myself... I'll just buy his gifts with seasonal tokens and finish out his influence that way, to allow me to buy his gifts for cash for alts and stuff like that. except.. I cannot seem to be able to do that? the message I get when mousing over gifts is "you do not meet requirements to purchase this item" and when I check regular companion vendors they do not have any gifts available for him either.

was this intentional? am I stuck leveling his influence very, VERY slowly via crew skill missions, just to get it from 48 to 50?

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08.05.2021 , 12:22 AM | #92
Quote: Originally Posted by Goreshaga View Post
100% agree with this.
Ops, vet Fps and PvP are a bit too much for my internet and far too taxing for my hand. And GSF gives me headache.

Without possibilities to pick and choose which SOLO activities to do, i'll clearly not bother with S2.
And the best way would be to have a list of acticities to choose from, do 2 of them for the daily and 2 for the weekly and then the rest becomes unavailable untill the next daily/weekly reset.

Another thing also would be a bit more differences between F2P and Pref, something like 2 points / daily PO for F2P, 3 for Pref and 4 for subs, and 8 points / weekly PO for F2P, 10 for Pref and 12 for subs.
Of all the things that galactic seasons makes you do, the only thing that really bothers me and gets on my nerves is Operations. Hardly anyone wants to run those when im online and the group finder takes forever with people constantly cancelling the que. Of ALL the things I just wish they removed Operations from galactic seasons or make them solo-able. It honestly feels like more of a punishment for being a subscriber than a reward.

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08.07.2021 , 04:03 PM | #93
I think the general idea of Galactic Seasons could be a good one but as a regular subscriber i have found GS1 to be a nightmare, with a few weeks left before it ends i still find myself quite a few hundred points behind to reach the desired 800 for completion and this is with me having logged in every single day since April 27th trying to do GS.

I am not a PVP person, i loathe it so unranked warzones i will never do and GSF like a few others hurts my eyes and im not a fan anyway of the on the rails style it has. Ziost dailies i can never complete, a few long term bugs in a daily or two at Ziost that ive never overcome, despite reading guides. Iokath dailies...well, ive tried doing Iokath but its a great big confusing mess for me. Issue for me has been, even with using the reset function, the 4 choices that i have mentioned, Warzone, GSF, Ziost and Iokath has been my choices for around nearly 40% of the total so a fair few days have come when ive not been able to get any points at all so im lagging behind where i could be at.

Catch up?.. In game money i earn nearly all goes on recalib the Amplifiers in 306 gear and i will not use my hard earned cartel coins on catch up. I really do hope GS2 has a bit more choice or freedom for a solo type player who is PVE.

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08.29.2021 , 08:12 PM | #94
Novel concept. Implementation is horrible. Sorry, not worth burning out a system rehashing old content ad naseum. You can't even get a GPU at MSRP (and haven't been able to for a long time). I am a sub, none of the rewards are worth it. The tasks are boring, quite a few take too long, there are various bugs, getting certain ones done is near impossible, etc.

Apparently this is what we get for subbing. Huge pile of bantha waste. Rather see content. But ever since Onslaught it has been made clear whatever is going to be made, is going to be sub par, minimal effort.
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08.30.2021 , 01:29 AM | #95
There are a few things i do not like about the Galactic Seasons :
1. the daily/weekly PO - for some reason i get only Starfighter or Warzone, even after reroll. sorry, but pvp is not my cup of tea, at least not in this game, so i would very much like the option to have more choices, for example " Complete 3 warzones or 3 heroics on * insert planet name here*
2. the companion : sorry, but Altuur is not exactly what i would call someone worth doing all the quests for. i know, some people wanted a Kubaz companion, good for them, but i don't. why not make Major Anri or Rass Ordo the next Season companions? besides, we already have enough barely humanoid companions, don't forget about the batch from Star Fortress..
3. the companion gifts : why on.. Nar Shaddaa would anyone bother grind so much just to level a companion to rank 50 when you can just buy the gifts or craft a compendium for the class/Alliance/reward companions and that's all?
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08.31.2021 , 09:37 PM | #96
Quote: Originally Posted by DavidStaats View Post
To help make this a more predictable schedule, we will be simplifying and unifying the rotating cadence with Game Update 6.3.1 such that all rotations will occur once every week at 12:00AM GMT. This will line up more appropriately with Kaiís current rotation cadence, and we hope will help make her inventory more predictable.
On what day of the week does the rotation occurs ?

Yesterday (Monday), Shae Vizla and everything usually available during that rotation shows up with Jaleit Nall.
After conquest reset (Tuesday), I still see Shae Vizla at this vendor.