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Females never given flirt options?

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Females never given flirt options?

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02.11.2016 , 04:06 PM | #421
Quote: Originally Posted by cool-dude View Post
Girl gamer's complain about not having enough flirt options for their female toons, and I think there are too many flirt options for male toon's. With the sheer number of flirt options for male toons, one might think Bioware believes men are pretty much dogs that want to ****everything.
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02.11.2016 , 04:32 PM | #422
Quote: Originally Posted by Cindlehr View Post
Agreed. The only female character (I'm female and play female characters) who have been able to flirt really is Agent at 4 people? Then again, most of those 3 are for control. The chiss guy though, I like him a lot. I would have LOVED to have him as an actual romance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cindlehr View Post
1 guy when you first start who pretends to know you
1 guy I think you bribe? Only in game scene showing you next to someone (clothed but still)
Hot Chiss Guy who's name I can never remember
Hunter (at least until the end)
This one is kind of interesting though, because it kind of hints that she's some kind of schizophrenic. She talks about Hunter (the male side) as a different person, and she says that "he" was very much in love with the IA. So that was kind of interesting.

Quote: Originally Posted by Cindlehr View Post
The IA does have a lot of encounters though, including some I don't remember. There is the Voss guy though to add to that list.

Sith boytoy
Yeah, this was kind of disappointing. I would have liked to run into him in the future.

Quote: Originally Posted by Cindlehr View Post
Enemy guy with tattoo
Skavek. Yeah, you sleep with him. You sleep with a LOT of people as smuggler, like the Agent.

Quote: Originally Posted by Cindlehr View Post
don't remember having any
She can have a one night stand with Tharan Cedrax, her companion, but he breaks it off with her because of his holo-girlfriend, Holiday.

Quote: Originally Posted by Cindlehr View Post
Bounty Hunter-
I think there was one somewhere?
On Alderaan, you can instill a guy as a baron of some family, and he offers to marry you as a reward, so you get the cool title of "Duchess". He tells you that it's a marriage only in name of course. He doesn't want to have to marry anyone else, so you're a good excuse to not be able to do that.

You can have Pierce as a lover on the side, but he's not a serious romance. It's like a friends with benefits type thing.

The Republic Trooper can flirt with Jonas Balkar, but nothing comes of that. And I don't think there's any available for the Jedi Knight outside of Doc.

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02.12.2016 , 01:47 PM | #423
What about female bounty hunter? Yes, i know, no one likes Torian,except me. The other options are.. the bastard son of a jedi master or a deluded Zakuulan butt kissing Valkorion who's actually Vitiate. Ah, or go lez and romance Lana..
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