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Fighting Revan Minor Bug

Hadsil's Avatar

05.15.2021 , 05:31 PM | #1
Maybe others noticed, but it's new to me. I have a few characters playing the story. I noticed the first time Revan sends everyone to the pillars spinning I can't find Theron. I didn't have this problem a couple of years ago. It's now happened twice with two characters. I can rescue everyone else with the globes. The first time I had to wait it out until the game releases Theron on its own. The second time I found Theron. He is not at a stone pillar but spinning several meters behind one, in this case near the entrance to the arena. Taking the appropriate color globe to where Theron is doesn't work, but taking it to the proper stone pillar he should have been releases him normally. This bug does not happen the second time everyone is thrown to the pillars.

Pricia's Avatar

05.25.2021 , 11:59 AM | #2
It's happened to me twice. Both times I had to basically alt+F4 and come back, and it kept going, I didn't have the tag for Revan but it didn't cause any issue.

... I didn't realize that just going to the pillar worked. Thanks for the tip if by some miracle I decide to do it again.

And yes it was Theron both times too...

Wrijul's Avatar

08.01.2021 , 12:46 PM | #3
I'm just curious. Did the difficulty level increase recently? I've fought Revan many times with multiple characters and in the storyline never had a problem defeating him. Now, I've played 3 times in a row and keep getting killed either right after the first time he sends everyone to the pillars, or the 2nd time. Regardless of having extra healths to click on, or finding theron to help recharge, the other characters start getting killed off by the 2nd time they are sent to the pillars, and then I'm dead within seconds of that.

I would understand if I were playing veteran or master mode, but I'm only playing the storyline.

Hadsil's Avatar

08.02.2021 , 10:13 PM | #4
Make sure your Companion is on Heal and pretend Satele Shan is a kolto tank. You just need to be near her. It helps to free her first from the pillars.