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[Treasure Hunting] Lockbox 130 / Grade 11 - buggy?

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[Treasure Hunting] Lockbox 130 / Grade 11 - buggy?

Kilgrem's Avatar

07.05.2022 , 10:24 AM | #1
Before 7.0 the 'biggest' lockboxes produced items you could turn into 'crafting-useful' Jawa scrap/junk.

Now however they produce a bag which seems to have currency-related items inside for level 80 - but if your character who was opening the lockbox is not level 80 itself, all these items form the bag are all lost!(?)

That's really the intended behaviour!? - If so, why not assign a level 80 requirement to the lockbox itself?

As far as discovered, these currency items we are intended to get often/only(?) allow to buy items/gear with a level 80 requirement, but this cannot be the reason why not to move the currency items from the bag (found in the lockbox) on/into your currency tab (so you can use your saving later when your character is level 80).

VegaMist's Avatar

08.05.2022 , 04:23 PM | #2
With 7.1 update, level 80 characters no longer get currency bags which was THE MOST useful part of these missions. Who thought addressing a single complain by screwing up everyone else was a good idea?