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Professional decorator

SawyerCrockett's Avatar

04.20.2021 , 11:53 AM | #1
I'm an experienced decorator on Star Forge. If you are looking for just the right look for your stronghold look no further.
I can design a stronghold to go with any theme or esthetic you wish.
You can check out my work at these strongholds on Star Forge.
Rogan Kentorro's Temple of Light. Yavin 4
Brodin Findor's Jedi Academy. Tatooine
Abercrombie and Sith's Flagship, Harrower-class Imperial Dreadnaught.
The Minutemen, Headquarters, Coruscant.

Contact, Nelluka (republic) or Akunniz (Empire).

Pricing as follows in in-game credits.
$200,000,000. Guild Flag ship.
$150,000,000. for large strongholds.
$75,000,000. for medium strongholds.
$45,000,000. for small strongholds.
Prices can be negotiable, if combined with gear, decorations or weapons.
I look forward to hearing from y'all about what you want done with your strongholds.
Follow the link for cool SWTOR stuff.

Drew_Braxton's Avatar

04.21.2021 , 08:37 PM | #2
I definitely recommend this decorator. Did a great job with a flagship. Was timely, creative, and very easy to work with. A+.
Braaxton (pub) / Noomo (Imp)