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Cobra Kái (empire guild recruiting)

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Cobra Kái (empire guild recruiting)

ethanredmace's Avatar

09.26.2021 , 12:21 PM | #1
Hi, everyone! How are you? I don't own the rights to the Cobra Kai TV show on Netflix, and this is fair use. Cobra Kai is a relatively new guild with a 12 percent XP boost, 12 percent reputation boost, and 4.40 percent renown boost. Soon, we will have 15 percent for all of our members! We have an XP and crafting perk so far as well. We also have an uncompleted flagship, a guild bank, and guild repairs. We also need more active members and we are looking for active officers Also, we are casual and ask no requirements from our members. We were number 10 on the Illum conquest board a couple of days ago! We have 140 or so members, but most of them aren't all online at one time. I'd appreciate it if someone would like to help me run this guild since I am newish to running guilds, and I intend to make this guild one of the biggest guilds in the game. Thanks for considering it!