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Marauder Feedback Thread

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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10.19.2021 , 02:02 AM | #31
Hello there,
I played Annihilation Marauder on PTS.
I kind of like the new abilities window, you can really change fast between different options in the ability tree and it is far less annoying than on live, where you have to reset first to change anything. However on pts while changing abilitiies, said abilities donīt go on the same spot on your ability bar and you have to move these around manually - but maybe this is going to change later with loadouts.

The rotation (at least if choosing furious power) kind of feels the same as on live, exepct the fact that no tacticals are working so no refreshing of rupture with vicious slash. But if spiteful saber will stay in 7.0 the rotation will bei the same. Donīt know how exactly the rotation will change if you choose Draining Centre or Force Lash for example - remains to be seen and figuered out.

Otherwise with the ability choices on pts Marauder feels pretty gutted:
Depspite the choice on level 20 between snaring slash, overwhelming slashes und Predation being ok (at last for me since i donīt play PVP) the fact that predation requires Fury and only grants a 50% speed buff is definetly not. One will never choose Predation over Beserk, so in fact you can not use Predation at all. But for me Predation is one of the abilities that makes a marauder a marauder!!!
Another difficult choice is on level 35: Choosing between interloper and defensive roll. As this may be boss dependent on what to choose it may be acceptable.
Now for the impossible choice on level 70: Force caomuflage, undying rage and mad dash...
Guess would always take force camouflage because of threat drop, but mad dash since its introduction functions so well as a gap closer once again adding a thing tthat is absolutly defining for being a marauder, which is speed + dps.
May bei remotley ok to not have undying rage, but there are so many things missing now to avoid damage: no more force choke, no more awe, no more obfuscate, no more self cleanse...and that for a class which has also no off-heals at hand.
Using all these different dcds on live is part of the fun. I raid on a regular basis (at the moment DXUN VM) - Canīt really imagine doing this with all of the restrictions that are currently on pts...

Canīt say if the overall dps on annihilation marauder is still viable, have not tested this.

FYI: the class buff Unnatural might on pts is missing. Guess thats not intended.

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10.21.2021 , 09:30 AM | #32
Please, remove interrupt! Mara with interrupt is overpowered!

Well, no obfuscate, no hard stun, no mezz, but still mindless Force scream in rotation. And absolutly useless Sweeping Slash.
If you want to remove some skills to make class easy: merge Saber Ward and Cloak of Pain, remove Battering Assault (and burst Rage generation on Assault), remove Force Scream, remove Sweeping Slash, remove Furious Strike. But we really need Force Choke, Intimidating Roar and Obfuscate.

Only making "choice" between Undying Rage and Force Camouflage completely nerf marauder, but now you making class is just trash.

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10.25.2021 , 03:37 AM | #33
You have destroyed Marauder with these changes, actually destroyed it, good job, all the serious mara mains will probably just unsub, why would they stay?

CoraxTechnica's Avatar

10.26.2021 , 09:03 AM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by HuntyUK View Post
You have destroyed Marauder with these changes, actually destroyed it, good job, all the serious mara mains will probably just unsub, why would they stay?
I have mained a Mara since day 1.
I will stop playing it for this expansion if this is how it's going to be.
Absolute garbage.
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10.26.2021 , 07:03 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by CoraxTechnica View Post
I have mained a Mara since day 1.
I will stop playing it for this expansion if this is how it's going to be.
Absolute garbage.
I'm fairly split between guardian and sentinel as my "mains". But I've also been here since day #1 and yeah, these arbitrary nerfs are more than likely game killers for me, too.

The-Kaitou-Kid's Avatar

10.29.2021 , 01:23 PM | #36
So, just wanting to update here based on the known issues/changelog thread and my own observations in game:

Force Camo is now baseline at level 30 and matches the version Sentinels had
Force Choke is in the tree now at level 70
Predation seems fixed? It's hard to say because the tooltip still says that it requires 30 stacks of Fury and converts them, etc, but it seems to actually be functioning like Sentinel's Transcendence now (so it's on a 30s cooldown with no Fury requirement). I think the movement speed is the same between the two of them as well, but I'm not 100% certain on that.

So, from this I'm guessing the interpretation is that the build on Sentinels was mostly correct (although I'll be testing the useless/bad passives that were improved on Marauders to see if they were fixed on Sents) and that they are still intended to be mirrors. Would have been nice if Bioware could have confirmed that at any point in the last 3 weeks but I guess that's too much to ask.
"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

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10.30.2021 , 11:40 AM | #37
Force Choke should switch places with Blood Ward in the ability tree.
It just makes no sense thematically to choose between a stun and 2 defensive cooldowns on one hand and then choose between AOE damage increase, an improved defensive cooldown or lowering the CD of an offensive skill.

Other than that:

The bad:

Force Lash is still an entirely pointless ability. It's just a worse Vicious Slash and has zero synergy with anything in your talent tree, even going so far as to decrease your proc from bleed effects as you have fewer of them on the target.
3rd level 43 choice still has no tooltip but the Sentinel version says it applies Trauma from cauterize and refunds rage when used during Zen / Berserk. That's just awful.
level 47 third choice makes no sense. You get 6 stacks of Zen /Berserk with 3 dots and you gain the equivalent of a VS as bonus damage for melee attacks while it is active. That's 2 GCDs at most on a single target. That's just not worth it.
Channel Fury still doesn't build Fury stacks which is just sad.

The good:

you actually listened to common sense and reinstated Force Camouflage as a baseline ability with a cleanse.

The-Kaitou-Kid's Avatar

11.03.2021 , 02:15 PM | #38
So just as a heads up to Combat/Carnage players out there: Tactical vendors have been updated and some tacticals have been removed/changed. Fanged God Form is no longer available.
"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

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11.12.2021 , 09:57 PM | #39
Hey Team!

Thank you again for taking the time to look through all of these posts and help make this game better and better! In the spoiler tags is my feedback for Marauder with some addendums to previous posts I have made on this Combat Style. The combat style I focus on is Annihilation Marauder.

The TLDR version of what is below is that this fighting style needs to feel that the Self-heals are viable in game. My Marauder dies very quickly and easily to regular PvE monsters. I barely do enough damage or self-healing during that timeframe. While playing this class, I see the self-heals tick more fervently in PvE and PvP. However, the actual quantity or amount is still not enough sustain to make this class feel like a viable choice in PvP or PvE. The DoT build of annihilation should feel like it can stay in a long fight. This is NOT a hit and run combat style. Some people have been mentioning this in the forums, but I think that the 2.0 build of the Annihilation Sith Marauder was one of the best builds ever for this combat style. I would check that as a jumping off point to help this class really shine. Please open the spoiler tab for more details on what I mean and which abilities are necessary.

Thank you so much for your time and assistance! Thank you for reading!

May the Force be with You!


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11.13.2021 , 10:46 AM | #40
The latest marauder changes fixed all big issues and the marauder feels really good again with keeping important baseline dcd's with self cleanse and also keeping a fast gap closing playstyle which is the most essential thing for marauders. Or in short: the marauder will not become a clumsy powertech with two lightsabers any more. Since then I also talked with many many people about it and most were as happy as i was. So thank you for listening!

For Annihilation the combat decisions at level 47 and below are also really good designed and it lets us not lose too many passives/abilities and gain really useful ones which really enhance the combat experience. But there is still one decision left I have a good idea for. So when we look at the level 43 decisions there is one choice for aoe (Blood Wave) one choice that doesn't make sense for raiders (Force Fracture) because it will be a dps decrease but the 10m range of this new ability gives casual players probably a good choice and (Rupturing Rage) rage regenerate. I have nothing against Blood Wave for aoe and Force Fracture for casual players but Rupturing Rage could be designed better. Besides the trauma debuff which isn't really useful it gives a marauder rage when rupture is used while Berserk is active. It isn't bad but it isn't really that practical either. So my suggestion is to change Rupturing Rage from Rupture refunds rage when used while Berserk is active into Rupture refunds one rage when consuming a stack of Berserk. That would match the rotation a bit better and it would help having more continuous rage gain per berserk cycle. And the intentional benefit (refunding rage) stays but it will just practically work better for every marauder.

An additional note: Draining Center at the level 27 decision is still buggy. the first part works with generating 10 fury (not exactly because somehow on pts it generates 11 instead of 10 fury). But Force rend dealing 4 times its damage when consuming berserk just works for the first tick of force rend and not at all when berserk is used after force rend is applied. I know that you guys are aware of that but I want to tell you that the last 2 updates didn't fix it. Thank you!

(BTW: Legendary Items are great and useful)
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