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Mandalorian s2e8 NO SPOILERS

TL_Roff's Avatar

12.18.2020 , 04:02 AM | #1
I won't spoil it, but oh man! SO much to happen.. Hat off to Feloni et al. Will have to wait until NEXT december for season 3, and we're going to see some stuff between now and then..

I think we need a Star Wars The New Republic MMO now!

(Can I keep all the Mando armors I've bought?)

Been watching reaction vids and it's quite the reaction..

And hey folks Disney Plus is cheap.. you can watch ALL of the Star Wars stuff there... go do it!

Molletre's Avatar

12.18.2020 , 09:47 AM | #2
I agree. I think its no spoiler that some tears will be shed in the end. That was obvious, but man....I was devastated after it. Mando is such a wonderful but also sad, sad character. The few moments you can see his face, there´s so much sadness in his eyes. But also determination for the one purpose he finally found for his life.
Just wonderful acting by Pedro.

About the biggest jaw droppers in the final episode...well Twitter exploded so everybody knows it (and hoped for it). But I wont spoil. They did fine here and showed respect to the canon as much as they could.

I just want to say, this was and is one of the best use of the franchise since the original movies. Rogue One already showed how it could be done. Stay true to the canon, keep it clean, short, dont blow it up with nonsense (just to sell action figures) and ffs dont fiddle around with much loved characters, those stories are already told. Thats why Rogue One or Mando is loved by so many, and thats why Solo or the recent SW Movies failed.

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12.18.2020 , 10:25 AM | #3
I personally hated it. :\
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12.18.2020 , 03:56 PM | #4 was certainly a jawdropper.

I did not expect THAT.
Just imagine WHAT does it mean to the whole SW Universe - given the end of RoS and Yoda species life-span, they now can create literally GALAXIES of stories based on this.

And I doubt there will be a 3rd season of Mandalorian per se.
At least not with him as a main character, after the very, very, VERY last scene.
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