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Ability pruning will lead to subscribers pruning

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Ability pruning will lead to subscribers pruning

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08.29.2021 , 01:40 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by ZionHalcyon View Post

And it's the same people making the same posts.

And they then ignore the people who come forward to disagree
Where the hell is my thumbs up function....
Lord Vader, grant me the strength to destroy the things I cannot change,
the raw power to change the things I can,
and the blind rage not to care about the difference.

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08.30.2021 , 08:01 AM | #72
Quote: Originally Posted by Elssha View Post
Strange... seeing as a screenshot of my PLD from ShB has over 30 in-combat moves, NOT counting stim/adrenal/med pack equivalents OR out-of-combat things like mounts, quick travel, or even the rocket-boost equivalent, which IIRC is usable in combat (it's been a while).

I also remember people discussing how much more fun they had on AST before the cards were dumbed down to 2 variations with different names instead of a bunch of cards... and I only played the game casually.
To be fair, AST complaints weren't that they dumbed the system down (though it was definitely more fun before); they changed it from offering utility to offering RDPS 2/4% or MDPS 2/4% damage (instead of Mana Regen, or TP Regen (Gone), or Damage etc and then being able to Double Duration/Potency/AoE it); it was a lot more than just 'cutting it down' - it changed the complete ability purpose. It's not pruning, it was a complete change of a core part of the job for people.