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Same gender relationships clarifications?

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Same gender relationships clarifications?

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01.17.2012 , 10:16 AM | #1
And I do not mean the same copy paste message that gets thrown onto every topic that discusses this, I mean no offense to the admins but a bit of clarification would be nice.

Things to clarify:

1 - A rough eta on same sex relationships (flirting ect) Were not after a nailed down etched in stone, be all end all date, Just a rough idea. A week/Month maybe 3 ect ?

2 - Those that happen to pick the "wrong" gender at creation are currently missing out with regards to there story arc, In my example Female sentinel missing out with Kira. There are 2 ways I see to fix this.

2a - Re-write those sections to include the same options for both genders and allow players already past to "Redo" there conversations. (Bit difficult and a lot of reworking)

2b - Create equivalent content for same gender romance at level 50 (or once the CURRENT story arc is finished) So by the end of it EVERYONE has had the same options REGARDLESS of the gender they chose.

3 - This is more of a given I think, but will there be more customization options for your companions. For example something to just change your companions hair color or skin tone. (I say its a given because its something so obvious that can be expanded upon and require very little work)

These are the questions to the Developers.

My question to the forum baring in mind we already know more companions are coming with these options enabled already.

Witch do you prefer option 2a or option 2b ?

Ps - Due to threads being closed due to flame wars ect, please keep it civil and just ignore/report those that attempt to start one, And please stay on topic. I will update a count of witch is preferred every 2 days or so. (WTB poll option)

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01.17.2012 , 10:20 AM | #2
------Reserved for poll results

Witch is preferred option 2a or 2b in the above post.


Option 2a - 24

Option 2b - 7

Option 3 - 1
It has come to my attention that there appears to be a THIRD option so I am Including it here rather than the main post.

OPTION 3 (Its all becomes clear please read)

FIRST - At the character creation screen, just after you select your gender you get to pick your ROMANCE PREFERENCE.

Straight - Male > Female or Male > Female, romance options (You can ONLY romance the opposite sex)

Bi - Male > Male, Female > Female, Male > Female, Female > Male, (You can romance ANYONE that is romancable)

Homosexual/Lesbian - Male > Male, Female > Female. (Only those of the same sex)

Asexual (I think thats the right word) - No Romance options ever appear.

SECONDLY - Make EVERY single romancable companion BISEXUAL, This is crucial for this to work and you will see why in a moment.

THIRDLY - When the romance options normally appear the game does a quick check to see the characters preference and acts accordingly.

FORTH and FINAL - Reset EVERY ONES companion quests to the beginning, Not only would this put EVERYONE on the same page, But also allow those that wish to to record (using fraps or whatever) there own little companion story if they wish.

Unless I am very much mistaken Very little or even No dialog actually need to change, (Unless there is specific gender references any of the conversations. (ie one calling the other boy/guy or girl/woman. And even if there is it would take all of what 2 min to record an appropriate line.

This allows....

Those that do not wish to "See" the options able to toggle them off at creation, Or heck they can get rid of the romances altogether if they so desire.

------------Witch ones---------------

It has come to my attention that there are some people that belive only certain ones should be Bi/gay so simple question witch ones. (Ill try to keep up with you lot :P)

Kira Carsen
LT Iresso
Theran Cedrex
Nadia Grell
Andronikus Revel
Ashara Zavros
Jaesa Willsaam
Malavi Quinn
LT Pierce
Aric Jorgan
Elara Dorne
Corso Riggs
Alcavi Spaar
Torian Caldera
Kaliyo Djannis
Vector Hyllis
Ensign Raia Temple

Take from, If I missed one let me know.

Vote away.

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02.22.2012 , 01:41 PM | #3
Greetings folks!

Please remember, this thread is for discussing same-gender romances in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Please keep discussions game related! Discussions regarding real life politics, morality and religion do not belong in this thread or anywhere else on the forums. All replies must be on-topic, constructive and respectful or they will be removed.

Our official statement:

Quote: Originally Posted by StephenReid
Official statement follows:
Due to the design constraints of a fully voiced MMO of this scale and size, many choices had to be made as to the launch and post-launch feature set. Same gender romances with companion characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic will be a post-launch feature. Because The Old Republic is an MMO, the game will live on through content expansions which allow us to include content and features that could not be included at launch, including the addition of more companion characters who will have additional romance options.
As a gentle reminder to everyone, please remember the following:
  • Insults - Please do not resort to or use them in any way in your posts. Posts should be productive, not destructive.
  • Trolling - Please do not post messages that are purposefully designed to provoke, antagonize, or otherwise elicit a negative emotional response.
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The previous version, which reached the 1,000 post threshold, may be found here.

For anyone who wishes to discuss [Flirt] options, please do know that we also have a thread for that discussion in the Suggestion Box.

Thank you!

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02.22.2012 , 01:46 PM | #4
Hooray for a new thread! We got to 104 pages in the last one, it'll be interesting to see how far we'll get in this one.

And I think I agree, I think Watcher Two would make a good companion. I'd dig having Lord Praven, too. Maybe not for a DK companion, thugh - they already have a Sith Pureblood boy to run about with.

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02.22.2012 , 01:53 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Kioma View Post
Hooray for a new thread! We got to 104 pages in the last one, it'll be interesting to see how far we'll get in this one.

And I think I agree, I think Watcher Two would make a good companion. I'd dig having Lord Praven, too. Maybe not for a DK companion, thugh - they already have a Sith Pureblood boy to run about with.
What I wouldn't give to recruit Hunter with my Agent in the end. Watcher Two would be fun, but she is your boss.

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02.22.2012 , 01:56 PM | #6
Lord Praven was awesome; just met him for the first time last night, and I have to agree, that would make a great romance for the Knight. The tension between their backgrounds, learning to look past the 'this is my sworn enemy' thing and trust one another/find common ground... you could do a lot with that. Even if not, he should still be a companion!

eta: though let me just remind us all to watch out for spoilers; I'm only at Tatooine on my Knight/Agent, personally, and while I know some of what happens later on... well, I just got spoiled on the Inquisitor quest, and I'd hate for anyone else to have that happen

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02.22.2012 , 01:59 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Uluain
I thought the Cathar master one brings the flesh-eater baby to on Tython looked (and sounded) really cool.
I thought he sounded like he was going to eat the baby, personally.

"Hmmm, a flesh-raider nom nom."

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02.22.2012 , 02:02 PM | #8
Sweet, new digs!

So I've been thinking about the kind of characters I want. My favorite (and head canon) DA2 romance was and always will be male mage Hawke and Fenris. There is something about love and affection overcoming politics, personality and prejudice to such an extent. It's just incredibly rewarding for me to throw two opposite people at each other and see what happens.

For my Smuggler, there's pretty much only one. Corso or no one. If it turns out we don't get him I'll just leave that character in his slightly unhappy universe. Nothing good can come of it without the sweet love of a farmboy.

I think my Consulars would be fine with anyone along the Zenith/Qyzen line - hard people who have no use for Jedi crap but fall for the reluctant hero anyway. Banter and clashing philosophies and everyone ready to sacrifice for the greater good. Epic!

Trooper, hell, I think my adorable little Cpt. America is already pretty smitten with the kitten. But anyone sort of gruff and with a mountain of trust issues. A galactic vagabond may work well, someone with a sharp, sarcastic tongue to temper some of my Trooper's idealism.

I have to admit though, most of the characters I have already have the perfect love interest - the current companions work pretty well for me in that regard, now I just need them to be actually available

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02.22.2012 , 02:22 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Suaine View Post

I have to admit though, most of the characters I have already have the perfect love interest - the current companions work pretty well for me in that regard, now I just need them to be actually available
Same here, all the companions I've already met so far are perfect for each character i'm playing, although how my agent will ever choose between Kaliyo, Temple and Watcher Two is anybody's guess, talk about kid in a sweet shop hehe

That's not to say I wouldn't be interested in future companions. One of Bioware's strengths is in the chracters it creates. Playing Origins I couldn't imagine anyone better than Leliana, then along came Isabela and Merrill.

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02.22.2012 , 02:27 PM | #10
I received a reply to an email I sent to which apparently was sent on to Customer Service for a response.

First off, it was decidedly not a canned answer (I did receive an answer at the same time which was canned, in game as if in reply to a ticket, from someone else entirely who pointed me at the Suggestion Box forum, but I digress). The CS Rep who replied by email was at pains to reassure me that same-gender content is still very much on-track for future implementation and apologized that she could not be any more specific.

Here is an excerpt of that email. The bold font is my own emphasis of points I think worth noting especially:

We do appreciate your concerns and value you your suggestions on this topic, and we want to assure you that these concerns are actively being looked into because it is something we will be incorporating into the game.

We encourage you to continue post in the Q&A thread, however, as the Community team may be able to provide you with further information from the developers on the subject. Although not all questions will be answered directly in the Q&A blog, hot issues such as these are still at the attention of developers.

We sincerely thank you for your support and passion for this game and BioWare. There is a lot to look forward to in the next update, and same gender romance is a future aspect of the game that our developers are currently working on.
This isn't stock writing. It is good customer service writing, certainly, but it is also substantive.

One, she told me flat out that the topic of same-gender content is not something waiting for someone to notice it. It is being explored right now. We may reasonably suppose that regardless of what they are not willing to say, they are reading what we have to say.

Secondly, again while she cannot promise a reply this or any other week, I was encouraged to continue to ask in the Q&A thread. My email went out last Friday, after we had two Q&A replies without any answer. But the reply came today, the day after they had finished up this week's Q&A thread for consideration.

So no - they are not asking us not to ask, even if some community members here have seemed a little upset at our persistence.

Thirdly, even if they aren't answering this week, having spoken up has demonstrated plainly that this content has a lot of player interest. It's good to know that we do in fact have their attention.

And while she couldn't promise we will see an answer in the Q&A blog, neither did she say it isn't going to happen. In fact, she said that it's something they may answer.

Finally, for the second time (I forget who mentioned it before, maybe jediknightcub) an email from CS has stated in so many words that same gender content is currently in development. So it isn't something that is on the back-burner waiting for a slow stretch in the studio. Same-gender content is being worked on now.

Good news, I think, even if we don't hear anything more this Friday. It has not been abandoned, it is currently in the works, and yes they certainly have noticed that it is something that matters to a fair number of players.

and EDIT to reply to a post above:

Quote: Originally Posted by Tsumedai View Post
I thought he sounded like he was going to eat the baby, personally.

"Hmmm, a flesh-raider nom nom."

Yes, I can totally see that.

But I meant relative to, oh, the aliens who either just sound human or else speak Huttese, I like the Cathar voicing.