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Dont avoid guides because of spoilers or how I ruined my romance story

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Dont avoid guides because of spoilers or how I ruined my romance story

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04.27.2021 , 11:25 AM | #1
Hi everyone.
My main character exist from 2014 and I enjoyed every minute of it.
When I create my first character I already new it will be a Sith warrior. And his story (with light side choices) is my favorite)
Unfortunately I try to avoid story guides and ruined my romantic line with Lana Beniko companion. There is no reset option and no chance to re-replay. Support team suggest a "brilliant" solution - create new character and play again Realizing that all time and resources that I put in my character (gear, mounts, unlock perks, schematics ... don`t even want to think about else) are mean nothing don`t make this situation easier)))

Now I will join "Lana Beniko bug" community. It ridiculous how many players struggle with same problem. Just try to search posts by "Lana Beniko" query.

So, don`t be like me) Read story guides and enjoy )

I will put here fragment of Lana Beniko Romance Guide by swtorista

MOST IMPORTANT CUTSCENE! After the main part of the Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 9 takes place, the player will be in the Odessan cantina with many other characters including Koth, Senya, Theron and Lana. The player will walk over to talk to Lana and Theron. Two dialogue options will appear 0 the first is “I need to see one of you.” and the second is “[Flirt] I need to see one of you.” Players often mistake this as the ability to flirt with Theron – instead, this is the most important cutscene to continue your romance with Lana Beniko. This option will actually the option to continue your romance with all three of them – Koth, Theron, or Lana, but the game will not give you a choice of which one. During this cutscene with Lana, when she starts talking about destiny, the player can choose “[FLIRT] It isn’t important.” This will officially lock in your romance with Lana Beniko, and a box will pop up that says “This choice will begin a romance with Lana Beniko. Are you sure you want to proceed?” click Continue.
You may have need to flirt with Lana Beniko at least once before this point to trigger the romance option but I am not 100% sure about that. If you did not successfully trigger a romance with Lana Beniko before this point, instead of those options popping up, your chracter will say they were hoping to talk, and the dialogue wheel will have three options of “Koth.” “Lana.” or “Theron.” and the player will talk to them without any romance options – this is also what shows up when you replay the chapter (the romance does not show up in the replay).

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05.03.2021 , 11:53 PM | #2
I've done all the story arcs on like 20 different toons and I've never experienced this bug before. I know alot of folks talk about it happening to them but seriously never happened to me on any of my toons.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

05.04.2021 , 01:01 AM | #3
OP: what you're describing isn't actually a bug. It is, apparently, *meant* to be like that.

There *are* bugs about romancing Lana or Koth(1)(2) in that part of the story, but if the game offered you the 2. [FLIRT] option, you weren't affected by them.

And no, if you don't flirt with anyone *in*KotFE* before that scene, you don't get the flirt option at that point.

(1) All those flirts you were offered with Koth are real, and allow you to lock a romance with him.

(2) Because the first in-KotFE flirt with Theron is actually *in* Chapter IX, the bugs don't seem capable of affecting his romance, and naturally, mistaking option 2 as meaning "I'd like to speak with one of you, right after I flirt with Theron" does no harm to the romance, since you *want* to flirt with Theron in such a case.
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