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The Next PTS Patch and Future Changes

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The Next PTS Patch and Future Changes
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09.06.2019 , 01:38 PM | #21
The issue now is that since absolutely required elements are not there until a future patch, it has killed pretty much any reason to go onto PTS today. All we're able to test today is a somewhat adjusted version of a highly undesirable mess.

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09.06.2019 , 01:39 PM | #22
Sounds really promising, now just need server to come up so i can try it

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09.06.2019 , 01:42 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by vicadin View Post
thanks Musco.

Can we get some clarity as to "personal loot" vs "group loot"? From the few times you've mentioned it, it sounds like if our group kills an FP or Ops non-final boss, that the loot will be "personal loot".

Does that mean I don't have to roll on it and it automatically goes into my vault? Or does that mean everyone can still roll on that item? Does that mean everyone in the group gets "personal loot" per boss or will only one person in the group get "personal loot" per boss?

From what I saw in VM Hammer Station and SM Karagga's Palace, nothing has changed and that everyone could still roll on all the loot for all the bosses.

- vicadin

From earlier posts from Musco and what the intent is, you will always have your personal loot on all bosses in flashpoints and operations. There will be group loot that everyone can need/greed for on final bosses in flashpoints. I think it'll be for each boss in an operation, but I can't remember if I read that or if the standards of every boss drops group loot in 5.0 and earlier is affecting my memory.

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09.06.2019 , 01:59 PM | #24
Thanks for listening to our concerns. Eagerly waiting how this turns out *fingers crossed*.

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09.06.2019 , 02:08 PM | #25
Thank you for listening to our concerns and at least partially addressing them. Even with these changes I am not looking forward to the new gearing method at all and expect it to be a much worse system than we've seen previously (for my goals -- get good enough gear to get back to raiding asap), but the changes announced were a massive step in the right direction. Even if some of the changes aren't implemented yet, it's very nice to know that they're coming. I'll definitely provide more feedback once I've played with the changes some/once they are implemented, but expect that this will help make gearing in 6.0 a lot more tolerable, which might be the best that can be hoped for given that shoving rng into as many things as possible seems to be a design directive.

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09.06.2019 , 02:11 PM | #26
I really like those changes.
Some rng is always good in game, but it is best if the most crucial things like max item level and set gear can be obtained directly, even if it costs a lot, so this way everyone can in reasonable time have gear needed to participate in opses, FPs or warzones without hindering their team.
I expect that rng on amplifiers will be what will keep min-maxers engaged for many, many months, experimenting and searching for best combinations with various sets and tacticals, while players that dont really need those will just grab whatever gets in their pockets.
And it is fine, this way everyone can get the more important things (set and higher item rating, as those give most important stats) in fast fashion and then can keep playing with the mods and amplifiers to get a tiny more boost for a hefty price - and those that cannot afford it (be it newer players or those with limited time) will not be left too much behind.
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09.06.2019 , 02:22 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
There is another PTS patch coming today that will make some additional changes to Spoils of War. Letís talk about everything that is changing and why; I will also call out the portions that are in todayís patch vs what is coming later.
Thanks for your detailed update and willingness to address player concerns.

In addition, please mention when you can, for some future patch, when a given patch will fix the progression of Dxun so the raid can be fully tested. I want to run it again, but since we can't get past the eternally locked door after boss 4, nothing further can be done. I realize you're busy dealing with the gearing shenanigans right now, but please at least let us know when one of the patches will be addressing this issue.

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09.06.2019 , 02:34 PM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks,

There is another PTS patch coming today that will make some additional changes to Spoils of War. Letís talk about everything that is changing and why; I will also call out the portions that are in todayís patch vs what is coming later.

TLDR - Gear will now drop only for your current Discipline, random vendor will now always give upgrades (with proper targeting), and we are adding supplementary vendors that sell set bonus shells and tacticals for tech fragments.

Gear for My Main Only
As stated in my previous post we wanted to ensure that players had some capacity to gear off-stats or alts while playing. Your feedback has made it clear that getting gear drops that arenít meant for your current character is frustrating, so we are changing it. But, we also want to give you the choice to get alternate gear as well. Here is what is changing on this front:
  • All personal loot will now look only at your Discipline.
  • All group loot only looks at base/Advanced Classes.
    • This is in todayís patch.
  • We are going to implement a toggle on your character portrait which will allow you to select what Discipline you want that gear to drop for.
    • Ex: Youíre playing on your Operative as Concealment, but you really want to focus on getting Medicine. You can switch your toggle to Medicine and you will receive that Disciplineís gear instead of Concealment.
    • This will be in a future PTS patch.

Random Tech Fragment Vendor and Vertical Progression
The random Tech Fragment vendorís intention was to be a supplementary way to get gear that would help protect you from a streak of bad luck. Since this vendor is also random it is leading to frustration where you use the vendor seeking an upgrade, and instead it is either for the wrong spec or too low of an item rating. Weíve addressed the gearing issue above, so letís discuss receiving a lower rated item: Here is what is changing:
  • Any item purchased from this vendor will now always be of a higher item rating than your characterís currently equipped item rating (this is not by slot, but the average displayed on your character sheet).
  • This means the best use of this vendor is to spend fragments on whichever item slot has your current lowest item rating gear. This would effectively guarantee an item rating increase for that slot (unless it is at max item rating, of course). For example: if your currently-equipped boots are item rating 270 and your characterís average item rating is 274, and you buy new boots from this vendor, those new boots are going to be above item rating 274.

Just to reiterate, the Ďrandomí vendor is intended to be a mechanism to help address ďverticalĒ progression (meaning your path from the start of level 75 to max item rating). To address concerns about horizontal progression, such as getting the exact sets or tacticals you want, read on...

Working Towards Specific Drops, Not Random
Although the underlying system of Spoils of War is there, it is clear that there needs to be a mechanism to work towards getting the exact item(s) you want. Our intention is that this type of system would need to be supplementary, but the current solutions we have in place are not enough.

I want to add some clarity to a system that is already in place to assist with this. Each content type will drop specific gear types, depending on difficulty. Example: the final boss of Master Mode Flashpoints have a 100% chance to drop from a pool of mostly tactical items and some set bonuses for the group. They donít only drop in Flashpoints, but if you are targeting a specific type of drop, you can hone in on it by running specific content. To be clear, Daily Areas, Conquest, Flashpoint, Operations, Reputation Vendors, Crafting, and PvP all will have these focused loot drops. Now, we may need to focus this more so that you have more control over drops, so please keep the feedback coming on that front. Also as a reminder, these are just bonus drops in addition to all of the personal loot you will get which can also contain any set and tactical item.

Letís talk about what is coming next. We are going to add vendors to the game that will sell all set items and tacticals for Tech Fragments. This is not meant to be a primary source of acquiring the gear but it will ensure you can get exactly what you want over time. Since this is meant to be supplementary, expect higher pricing on it.

Kai Zykken will remain in-game as a vendor with his current functionality. His purpose will now be to have a random selection of items that will be at a reduced price from what is on the standard vendors. This still gives you a compelling reason to check his wares every week as you might be able to get exactly what you want, but at a reduced rate from what you would normally pay.

Since these vendors were not available in the initial implementation of the vendors and Tech Fragments, expect when they are implemented in a future PTS patch there will likely be a shakeup in Tech Fragments acquisition / costs. Again, this is not in todayís patch.

Thanks all! As always, this is not a comprehensive list of everything we are tracking and working on, so look for additional information as PTS progresses and keep your feedback coming!


For future updates just remember one simple thing - if a player plays on a spec he logged into it means HE WANTS TO GET GEAR ON THAT SPECIFIC ADVANCED CLASS he logged into. When player wants to gear up other spec or class - he relogs/changes spec on what he wants. Easy as that. No one likes to get random gear on characters player doesn't want to play.

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09.06.2019 , 02:42 PM | #29
Very nice changes!! Looking forward to future updates
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09.06.2019 , 02:55 PM | #30
Thank you for addressing many of our concerns with these fixes and going a step in the right direction! Adding the vendors, in particular, is greatly appreciated!

However, there was no mention about MODDABLE gear. Specifically, guaranteeing that moddable gear drops from endgame content, specifically Operations and PvP, at all levels of difficulty. I'd argue that this an absolute necessity for endgame/hardcore players so they can properly customise their stats as they progress through this gearing system.

Now with the addition of new tech fragment vendors, I believe that the tech fragment cap needs to be removed or significantly increased. Along those lines, the cost of Takanna's gearboxes should be reduced to coincide with the addition of the new set bonus vendors as well.

Also with the addition of these set bonus vendors, we need a more reliable way of getting modifications (that isn't reliant on the insanely expensive crafting system--or just make crafting cheaper).

While questions still remain as to how this horrible gearing system got implemented in the first place, I am glad to see we are getting some much-needed changes to this system. Keep this up and 6.0 will be amazing!
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