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The Chronicles of Jasuum Fett.

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3500 years BBY (Tatooine)
He woke up on the floor "I really need to get a handle on my dreams. This is the second time this week, someday I might just wake up outside the front door" Jase said. Just then the door opened and his mother Salia burst in. "What are you doing idling around Jase, you have chores to do so get in some clothes and join your father for breakfast." Salia said. Jase is now sixteen standard years old and he loves his mandalorian heritage along with all the stories that he was told by his father of the great war heroes of the past. Jase was hoping to get some practice in today with*his*pistol. *After she left, he got dressed and went off to feed the animals.

Once Jase got the morning drowsiness out of his head he started thinking about his fantasies of going off into the stars and fighting the evils of the universe, anything to distract him. After he fed the Eopie and milked the Bantha, he headed inside for breakfast. Jase's father, Callus Fett was at the table drinking spiced brew and reading the Holo news on his wrist guard in his full body suit of Mandalorian armor. "You should really use the data pad," Salia said. "It doesn't pay to have your suit re-tuned every month to keep the Watchers off our backs." Salia continued, she turned around and jumped. "Oh!" she screamed. "Jase, go join your father. Here are your Flat Cakes. You should really announce yourself. You sneak up on me just as bad as your father." She rebuked. "Hmm" Callus snickered, obviously enjoying an inside joke between him and Salia . "It isn't funny Cal. You really should stop encouraging him. He might get bad ideas." Salia said. Jase responded to get his father off the hook, the last thing he wanted was an angry mother. "Sorry mom I was just too hungry for your flat cakes that I just forgot," Jase said.

"How is the bantha looking Jase?" Callus said. "Not bad Da, her milk is all ready for the market," Jase answered. "Good, How'd you sleep last night?" Callus asked. Jase was about to answer when a thudding came on the door, Callus' hands immediately went right for his A-116 blaster pistol. Then a voice said "they Cal you home" and Callus instantly recognized the voice as Kalub Wren, an old war buddy. "Come on in Kalub! How you doing old buddy?" Callus asked. "My what are you doing all the way out here?" added Salia. "Sorry but I can't talk now. I've got bad news: the watchers are on their way with a squad of Sith troopers," Kalub said. "What!" Callus exclaimed.

"Salia get the boy and yourself ready with your blasters, and get the three speeders ready to drive to Boonta Eve to get help, but do not come back. Me and Kalub will hold them off for as long as we can. If you don't get contacted by us while you're in the city then we're dead and don't bother with the help and take a ship out of here. I love you both so much." Callus said. He teared up as he said the last words, Salia and Jase embraced him with what it felt like to be the last time. After the goodbye they all separated to get ready, This was all too much to process for Jase he went to his room to collect his pistol and a bag of clothes. He left the house and followed his mother to help her in any way and kept tears from his eyes while he realized that he might not ever come back.

Chapter 1

A Home Grown Battle

Callus got his two Cycler sniper rifles out of his barn thinking to himself. This is my home and I will not die until I see my family again. He looked around his barn for anything else and remembered his thermal detonators that he repurposed for farming, by "softening" up the ground for seeding. He called Kalub over to help him with the bag so they could line them along the cliff at the entrance and bury the Watchers when they were right under it. Of course Callus did have other weapons on his person namely rockets, one on his back for big damage, Two on his gauntlets, and two on his knee pads. *Along with his missiles, Callus also had his A-116 pistol that he never took off his person and his two vibro knives that were on his chest and boot.

Kalub looked down at his chrono and said, "They should be getting here any minute we don't have much time so where are we setting up?" Kalub asked. "We're going to be on either side of the cliffs so we can box them in when we blow the charges. By the way, how is your aim with a slugthrower?" Callus asked. "It hasn't changed since that Skirmish with the Iridonians," Kalub answered. "Good because we need as much of an advantage as possible," Callus said. "I know it's not a good time to ask but what did you do to get the Watchers to hate you this much?" Kalub asked. "It was a bad deal. They hired me to go on a questionable mission that was against my code of conduct. I didn't realize it until I was almost done. when they tried to get me to kill an entire house of innocents that were witnesses. I struck out and killed the watchers present. I knew that they would kill the families without me so I had to." Callus answered

Jase looked at his mother as they rode to Boonta Eve and wondered if he should ask her what's going to happen and, will they see father again, in the hope of easing his curiosity and all the other emotions that were stabbing at him but he thought again and he couldn't push himself to do it seeing that she was hurting just as much as he was or maybe more. He took his mind off the subject by focusing on the canyon coming up indicating that they were approaching the Jundland Wastes. He saw a strange red light that was coming from the side of a canyon, but before he could say anything Salia swerved the speeder to the side when a small explosion burst right next to them. "Are you okay Jase?" Salia asked. Too frightened by the explosion he only nodded his head. Salia started driving faster now if he didn't hold on tight he would have fallen off. "Jase grab the handles and don't stop for anything i'm going to take care of the Watchers". he grabbed the handles as she let go and unclipped her dual B-20s from her holsters.

There were many more blaster shots coming from the ridge as they got closer to the assailant. Salia was nervous but confident in her shooting ability and she had to be faithful in her son's driving ability. She saw the shooter up on the ridge, aimed, and fired and she knew it would hit it's mark before it did. The body fell over the ledge with a thunk as they drove right on by. Jasuum looked back at his mother and she gave him a reassuring look and said "it's going to be alright we're safe now" as they flew through the canyon. Salia took over the speeder controls and looked at the fuel gauge and grunted as she saw how low it was, but it was just enough to get to the outskirts of Boonta Eve. As they drove through the canyon, they both noticed a different tone sounding around them. At first they thought it was just their speeder acting up, but the pitch was higher and it was getting louder or closer when they caught a glimpse of three speeders trailing them.

Chapter 2

A Home Grown Battle Part 2

Callus watched the horizon where the suns were setting, waiting for the Watchers to show up. He looked down to double check his equipment and make sure his mags were full. Kalub's voice rang out on his HUD saying "They're here about a klick north, you got that detonator ready?" "It is vode, when I give the signal I'm blowing it, when that happens lay down fire," Callus answered. just a few seconds now. The adrenaline was really pumping. I hate waiting "oya!" BOOM the cliff came down right on top of four of them, there were still twelve of them left and it didn't seem like they buried the sith troopers, that was a problem. Immediately after the explosion Kalub opened fire and took out two Watchers with his Cycler rifle, it was going to be three but the third jumped for cover barely dodging the slugthrower projectile while the rest did the same. Callus noticed that the squad of sith troopers had a fifth man with them, a bigger man with a red blade in his hands. This is going to be more difficult than I would have thought.

The sith pointed at the location of Callus, and the troopers Immediately opened fire on his spot, while the watchers were firing at Kalub's general direction not knowing his position and failing terribly at finding it. Callus was firing at the Sith with his own cycler as he noticed one of the troopers disappeared and all his shots seemed to move away from the Sith at the last second. Then the Sith threw his lightsaber and sliced right thru Callus' cover and came right back to him, he decided it would be best to move. he started for a point on the side of the enemy position when a vibro knife came flying out of nowhere and grazed his beskar chest plate then the missing trooper came out of stealth and shot, but it still didn't make a dent. Now that Callus had a visible target he opened fire with his A-116 blaster but it only did the same effect as the troopers rifle did to him. Callus holstered his pistol and pulled out his chest vibro knife in one fluent motion and charged the trooper who dropped his rifle and threw up his fists since he already threw away the vibro knife. He dodged the first thrust from Callus then he punched Callus' throat avoiding the armor plates and helmet. It knocked the wind out of him but *he was quick enough to thrust his knife into the soldier's chest instantly making him go limp from the pain, and die.

Kalub saw the Sith throw his lightsaber at Callus and worried for a sec then saw Callus move from his position along the ridge. He remembered his personal ordnance and he chucked a thermal detonator at the Watchers that just found his position. It killed one of them who's head was a little too exposed but the others didn't copy their friend's mistake. he then chucked a gas grenade to smoke them out which worked and gave him a second to fire a shot right through the chest of another Watcher making it seven on two which were better odds. Callus fired as the three other troopers and the Sith charged up the rocky slope like it was nothing and his shot kept deflecting off their armor so he did the next best thing, and whipped around to fire his two wrist missiles which successfully blew two soldiers away. The last trooper jumped behind a boulder as Callus locked gazes with the Sith still charging at him barely four meters away thrusting his lightsaber at him. He came so fast, Callus barely dodged the first strike and had the second graze off his armor plate.

Callus fired up his jetpack before a third strike came from the Sith, and ignited his flamethrower forcing the Sith to jump back before he was incinerated. The Sith then threw his hand out and started dragging Callus to him "if you want me then here I am" Callus said launching his knee pad missiles at the Sith lord when his knees were eye level, blowing him back several meters, forcing the Sith to let go of his force grip sending Callus flying upwards through the air. Callus readjusted his jetpack to land safely on the ridge. He noticed that the Sith wasn't in pieces. He looked over and saw Kalub taking fire, he looked back at the unconscious Sith and decided to take care of the other trooper and the Watchers. Kalub was sick of this fight and it was time to end it, he put down his rangefinder and fired his back missile at the remaining Watchers. After trying to locate his friend, Kalub ignited his jetpack and flew over to his last known area to find him.

Callus was crouching under an enclave in the cliffs, sneaking around scanning the outside area to find the sith trooper before he found him then he heard the familiar jetpack hum that belonged to Kalub. Now he had to worry about the cloaked sith trooper killing Kalub as well as himself, but he couldn't risk alerting the sith agent to his own position, and radio contact was jammed for some reason so he had to make an educated guess for the agent's location. Kalub landed at the scene he looked around for Callus and there was no dead body so Callus wasn't dead so he must have been sneaking "I hate it when he does this" Kalub said to himself but what he didn't understand was why he was hiding it seemed like they were all dead. Suddenly he heard a mild grunt, it came from the scorched Sith who miraculously survived the missile, he was trying to get to his feet when Kalub pulled his blaster and was prepared to shoot when he heard a low tone buzz and then a blaster shot, he looked over and a Sith trooper that was barely a meter behind him with a hole in his chest, fell dead. "Hey Kalub, we missed one" Callus said, standing a couple meters behind him.

Chapter 3

Here, Then Gone

"Jase, take my pistols while I get us out of here" Salia said shouting over the humming speeders. Jase did so as they switched places and started firing. he wished he had more practice with two pistols rather than one, it was a very different experience, of course nothing could prepare him for blasting at three speeders while riding one one, in a canyon, going 350 km/h. he was starting to get a hang of this when one crack shot of pure luck grazed the speeder's fuel cell causing it to leak. "Shab!" Jase exclaimed barely audible over the speeders. "What's going on back there" Salia yelled "we got grazed on the fuel cell we might go up in flames if we get hit again" Jase said in response. Trying to focus on blasting their tails, Jase didn't hear the next thing his mother said. Finally he nailed one of the trailing speeder's front vents, sending it crashing into a ball of fire and into the side of the cliff.

Salia swerved the speeder around a tight bend sending another Watcher bike into the cliffs, and almost forcing Jase out of his seat. Now there was only one left, the pursuer knew he had to be careful but still be a problem to who he was chasing. This and the leaking fuel was not a good situation to be in. This got Jase wondering how the Watchers knew they were coming this way, the only possible explanation was if the Watchers were covering every way out of the valley heading to the city. There was a lot of blaster fire coming from the last Watcher. Jase jerked his head as a blaster shot whizzed past his head going toward the enemy speeder. There was another shooter in front of them taking aim again when Salia yelled "get down!" This time the shot just missed the leaking fuel cell. They knew the next shot wouldn't miss. Salia grabbed one of her guns from Jase's hand. She said to him "I love you son, be strong." She then threw him off the speeder, then the Sniper fired his final round into the fuel cell, it blew up the speeder with a loud and big explosion causing the speeder behind her to be consumed in the fiery explosion.

Jasuum got up, all covered in dust and bruises, he saw the terrible carnage that consumed his mother. He didn't have time to weep when he heard whooping sounds that belonged to Tuskin Raiders. Knowing they would be coming to the devastated site he had to move and there was also the sniper to worry about that was hiding somewhere in the area. he quickly ran to a burning pile and grabbed a small pouch of credits that were warm and charred a little bit but otherwise fine, then took off running in some direction to the east knowing he'd have to dodge the sniper and sand people and then cut north towards Boonta Eve. Jasuum didn't know what to do now he could still get help but the authorities would probably think he was a stray or a pickpocket so he couldn't get help. or he could go back to the farm and try to find his father but the Watchers might be patrolling the area and they would most likely shoot him on-sight, so the best thing to do was get to Boonta Eve and wait a couple days for his father and then try to make his way off Tatooine because there would be nothing for him if his father didn't survive. But first he had to get out of these maze-like canyons and gulches.

The Sith got up very weary after the explosion and saw the Mandalorians standing over his last Trooper that was with him. He looked for his lightsaber that was gone. He knew it wasn't worth staying here so he conjured as much force as he could and pushed the two Mandos to the ground and ran off towards his speeder. He looked at his wrist holo communicator and saw it flashing, which meant reinforcements were here. Callus flew back unexpectedly and slammed into the ground with a thump. He got up as quickly as he could when he saw the Sith running for his speeder. Callus shot his wrist grapple at the Sith who was unarmed then fired his blaster at him hoping to end the fight right here, until the Sith forced the shot in a different direction. A troop transport landed on the top of the cliff saving the Sith for a couple more seconds. Then one man walked out in the dim light of the ship and fired a missile at Callus, exploding with impact on his chest sending him flying backwards until he slammed into a large boulder till he lay motionless. Then a second missile came shooting at Kalub, he quickly dodged the projectile and recognized the familiar shape of Beskar'gam in the dim light.

The Sith freed himself from the broken whipcord and searched without effort for his lightsaber. The Sith grabbed it and ignited the blade, He turned to Kalub and charged. Kalub couldn't react fast enough for the Sith who slashed at his lower torso where there was a lack of armor which crippled him then the Sith sent his saber through Kalub's chest, Kalub looked at his wound in shock, and was glad he at least died with honor. Callus looked up, weak and weary seeing his friend's body void of life laying on the ground tens of meters away from him with another mandalorian standing above him next to the Sith.

Chapter 4

A Walk on the Dunes

Jase woke up from the sleepless night, knocking his head into the roof of the rocky crevice where he was sleeping. He didn't know how long he slept in, but the twin suns beat down on him causing him to retract back into the shade. He guessed that there would be sand people along the ridges scouring the wreckage of last night, his blaster was low on ammo. He headed out to reach the Dune Sea for a long and sunny walk. As Jasuum walked through the canyon he stayed in the shade to avoid detection and to stay out of the burning rays of the twin suns. Jase shuddered as he heard the wailing shouts of the Sand people close by, he turned the corner and almost revealed himself to a group of five Tuskin Raiders, two of them carrying gaffi sticks and the other three with Cycler rifles. There were two Banthas behind them as well. Jasuum didn't move a muscle, maybe out of fear or out of skill knowing that if he moved he would be spotted.

Jase was about to pull his blaster pistol which was actually an old A-205 charged needler, hesitation grabbed him when he rethought his plan and realized it wasn't a good one, but he couldn't just sit here until he was spotted he had to come up with something better than all guns blazing, but there was no time. Suddenly something stirred on the other side of the camp. All the Tuskin raiders looked up in alertness, and Jasuum took the opportunity to slowly move across the gap to the more secure outcrop that kept the trail going through the seemingly endless twists and turns. Jasuum started having more and more room to walk around as he walked farther and farther through the cliffs. The suns were at high-noon which is when it would be the hottest part of the day. Jase didn't have any real food, only two ration packs that didn't possess any taste, he had his third pack this morning after he woke up, regretting it and wishing he saved it for now.

Jase shoved his way through a small hole in the canyon wall that led out to the Dune Sea. Once he got through, there was no telling which direction he was going so he just started off in the opposite direction of the hills he was in. He walked and he walked, his feet started to feel the blisters that were fully welled up in his shoes. He was walking at a slow pace to keep his energy high enough to make the trip to Boonta Eve. After a few hours he was dragging his feet on the burning sand, holding his vest over his head as protection from the wind that grew louder in the emptiness of the desert. Jase scanned the horizon hoping to see a sign of civilization but was sadly disappointed. His mother's death was still fresh in his memory as all he could still see was every detail that led to her death from when she saved his life to being reduced to ashes in a few seconds, and at that moment he swore revenge on whoever killed his mother and who tried to kill him. They would regret that day for as long as they lived.

Jasuum couldn't bear the heat any longer. His mind was a maze of mixed thought and he had no water with him. The water that he did have blew up with the speeder so he walked on wishing he had just a few drops to quench his thirst and his swollen throat. He did have one ration pack left but it would offer him no satisfaction for his burning swollen throat.This is the end he thought as he dropped on the burning sand falling on his back not able to take another step or carry himself one more foot. At least the desert wasn't totally merciless since the suns were at a thirty-five degree angle to the horizon they weren't pounding down on his face. He looked up at the beautiful blue sky so peacefully and ominous that he closed his eyes and prepared for his own death.

A shadow interrupted his peaceful death with a loud rumbling sound attached to it. Then a clunking noise banged on the sand, too tired to look up or open his eyes Jase waited for four shadows to surround him. They stood over him a few seconds then picked him up speaking a strange dialect that he couldn't trouble his mind to. They set him down on a rough metal floor. Jase felt something trickle on his dry cracked lips, it started slow but soon he could feel it going down his throat. His eyes were still crusted over until he felt the water trickle on them cleaning the eye lids as they rolled down his eyes onto his temples. Jase opened his eyes to the orange glowing ones that belonged to the Jawas that were standing over him nursing him back to health. The Sandcrawler that he was in started to move again, too anxious for more water he couldn't trouble himself with the direction that he was headed for.

Chapter 5

A Price for Passage

When Jase was nursed back to health, the Jawas brought him to the bridge of the sand-crawler and introduced him to the chief of the clan which is what he translated it to at least it could have meant captain, driver, or some sort of leader, possibly all the above. "M'um m'aloo ayafa tando eyeta ibana" the chief said "I'm sorry but i don't understand" Jase replied. The chief put his hand to his head and started shaking it. he then pointed to another Jawa and said "Ashuna shumeneez un atoonyoba." Jase watched as the other Jawa ran off, then Jase understood when the Jawa came back with a droid head.

The Jawas rigged the droid head to the driving console for power, then they connected a microphone to the head and started speaking out of it. the droid or rather the Jawa said "good evening I'm sorry for the misunderstanding now where were you headed that you almost died in the desert?" " I was trying to get to Boonta Eve so i could get off of this" he hesitated about to say something negative about the Jawa's home world then continued saying "Tatooine." The Jawa looked over to his clansmen then back to Jase and said "We will help you get to Boonta Eve and even pay for your trip if you help us steal from a fearsome Bonegnawer in the Jundland wastes' '. "You want me to poach from one of the deadliest creatures on Tatooine?", Jase replied. The chief responded saying "Ibana." Jase was troubled because this was the best way to get off Tatooine but it might very well get him killed. "Okay i'll do it but i need three more blaster cartridges and some more supplies now what am i trying to get?" The Chief replied "The egg that is in the nest. You will need a special bag and glove to handle it and we will supply the ammunition and climbing gloves." Jase couldn't turn back now so he had no choice but to go forward with it.

Jase set the cartridges in a belt around his chest as the sand-crawler rolled up to the outside of the Jundland Wastes. The Jawa chief said through the translator droid's head "we can go no farther because the Sand-crawler is too big, this is where you must do the rest, here are the coordinates for the nests location, now goodbye." Jase had a sickening feeling in his stomach as he thought about the Jawa's last words. He set off through the Jundland Wastes to the nest. When he reached the coordinates it was a stone cliff that went straight up he scanned the sky looking for the mother he spotted her at the nest feeding one of the hatchlings which meant that he might possibly miss the chance to grab the egg if they hatch within the next fifteen minutes. Jase couldn't risk being spotted so he thought up a plan the Bonegnawer is most likely territorial he had to wait for it to fly away and also because they hunt small humanoids and other small creatures which is probably why the jawas couldn't do this themselves. Jase circled around the cliff but only got halfway because it broke off into more ridges.

Jase started climbing a ridge that was connected to the one that housed the nest; the suns were almost done setting when he got halfway up the ridge. Since the light from the sun was on the other side of the ridge he wasn't being blinded and he was in the shadow of the steep slopes. The mother was circling in a two kilometre radius scanning the ground for prey. When Jase was level with the nest he started off slowly going sideways, careful not to make any rushed decisions knowing it could send him falling to the ground and not going at a fast speed because the mother would see any sudden movements close to the nest. When Jase got to the nest he watched as the mother dived down on an unsuspecting animal, since she had food she would be heading back to the nest soon so he had to work fast. Jase got his handling glove out of his satchel and removed his climbing glove with his teeth just barely holding on with his other hand attached to the cliff side and one foot in an indent on the flat cliff.

He slipped on his handling glove for the egg, and reached for the nearest one while hatchlings cried as they expected food from his hand. Jase could not reach the egg. He had to get more leverage; he tried pushing off his one sturdy foot until he overstretched his luck and slipped. With both legs dangling utterly useless he was holding on by his climbing glove and his cushioned glove holding onto the nest. He pulled himself up with all his strength putting his upper torso on the nest for support. He gave a quick sigh, then grabbed the closest egg to him with caution then placed it carefully in the air conditioned and cushioned satchel at his side. Suddenly the mother came swooping down at an incredible speed.

Jase climbed down as fast as he could finding the little blemishes in the cliff to put his feet in, but he didn't have enough time to put the other climbing glove back on so he was partially sliding down the slope when the Mother sat down on the nest she jumped down after Jase with her Talons out gliding down the slope the bird missed her first dive just missing Jase by a heir then swooping back around for another pass Jase got to the ground and ran for his life. the bird was not giving up so Jase pulled his blaster and started shooting. The bird lunged at him and her talon scratched his arm causing it to bleed out. She swooped around preparing for another lunge when Jase whipped around and shot her in the wing causing her to cry out then she turned around and flew off to her babies knowing she lost this fight.

Chapter 6

New Found Allies

Jase was almost at the entrance of the gorge where he first came in to find the egg, and also where the sand-crawler was waiting for him. His arm was still bleeding from the scratch, and he didn't have a med pack with him. He knew the Jawas would take care of him when he got back but it still hurt like a knife across his arm. It was dark now when I checked the egg a fourth time to make sure it wasn't cracked. He was getting paranoid, but of course it didn't help *that he was a sitting duck in a gorge with a valuable egg, and also bleeding out. A piercing howl came from behind him, he jumped and looked around noticing an Anooba in the moonlight. The dog howled twice more before he ran in the opposite direction. The Adrenaline was out of his system now so his wound was three times worse, and his foot was jammed by a rock when he slid down the cliff he just now realized that he was in worse shape than he thought.

Jase limped around the last bend when he saw the lights coming from the sand-crawler. He gave a sigh of relief as the Jawas ran to him and embraced him. He slid the Satchel off his shoulder and handed it carefully to one of the Jawas. He just started to collapse when four Jawas caught him and carried him to the sand-crawler. Jase had short glimpses of the Jawas cleaning him up and then finally resting on a cot where he had a dream filled night of the past few days....

Jase got up with a start when he felt the cold metal floor on his back. The door opened when he looked up and saw the little Jawa standing next to him then saying "Eyeta okka". Jase was still rather clueless when it came to Jawaese. Jase didn't know how to respond so he got to his feet and shook off the morning drowsiness, he could feel the movement of the sand-crawler under his feet stop abruptly. So he headed out the maze-like inside of the sand-crawler until he reached the garage area of the vehicle and waited for the big door to drop all the way down revealing Boonta Eve in all it's scum and villainy.

The blazing suns were heating up the interior of the sand-crawler fairly quickly, If they left it open too long it would get boiling hot. All of a sudden the whole Jawa clan ran out the door. Jase found the Jawa chief directing the others to take out the droids that were cluttered everywhere. When the chief left the sand-crawler into the burning heat, Jase followed him out, when he reached him he said "Thank you for taking me here but what did you do with the egg?" "We froze it in Carbonite, so when we get a buyer and unfreeze the bird and it hatches the bird will form a bond with the buyer. Of course this purchase will cost a lot of credits." The chief responded after putting on his translator mask. "Is there anything else we can do for you? we could get you a bargain for passage off Tatooine if you like?" Jase considered it and decided it was the best way to keep all his credits in his pocket. "Thanks I will take up that offer, but when can you get a pilot?" Jase asked. "We'll find out" the chief answered, ending the conversation so he could get to more important business.

Jase went to the local cantina to spread the news that the Jawas were in town and selling. When he entered, the bartender yelled at him Jase couldn't tell what he said because he spoke in disfigured words, but when he advanced farther in, a big man with a rifle on his back picked him up and threw him out the door. Jase landed with an "umph" Jase gave him a snare then got up and started in the other direction because there was no point trying again. A voice came from behind him "What's so important that you had to go into a cantina under-age?" Jase whipped around finding an average built man standing behind him wearing a long brown trench coat. "Yeah the Jawas are here and they are selling good stuff" Jase said. "Ahh and what are they selling, may I ask?" the man said. Jase thought quickly and decided he best keep his distance. "Well I'm not sure, I just want to spread the news" Jase said, immediately regretting his answer.

"Well i'll go see what it is they're selling then, thanks for the tip." All of a sudden the man seized Jase's arm and pulled him into a nearby alleyway and grabbed Jase's credit pouch then the man dashed off. Jase had to get his credits back from him so he ran after him not wanting to shoot him because it could start trouble. He kept up the chase until the man took a hard right into a building. It was a small building not much could be in it so Jase casually walked across the street, sure that no one would acknowledge him he circled the building finding a back entrance guarded by two men with blaster pistols and the door behind them was closed.

As Jase thought about turning around and forgetting the whole thing, a beggar in a cloak walked up to the guards and asked for something to eat, but when the guard walked up to him, the guard smashed him on the head with his blaster and said "beat it, before I blast you!" Jase stood behind a corner watching the whole thing but still blocking himself from the view of the guards, he drew his own pistol checking the ammo clip and finding it only had twenty more shots until empty. Jase set the blaster for stun to immobilize the two guards, he took a deep breath counted to three, then he stepped out of the corner and fired twice at the guards first at the one who hit the beggar then at the other who was taken by surprise by his sudden appearance. He stepped over to the beggar and helped him up saying "take what you need from them, they won't harm you if you stay out of sight for a few days". The beggar looked up at his new friend and said "You are a good person for helping me, one of the few in Boonta Eve." He then walked over to the guards and searched their pockets, then walked away from the scene.

Jase searched the guards after the beggar left and found the security key to the door he then dragged the guards to the side. When he opened the door he lunged in and ducked to the side behind a few boxes that he spotted so that he avoided detection and possibly a blaster shot to the face. no one noticed him luckily while he overheard the conversation. "Close the door, this is a private conversation, i don't pay you to know my business" said the man who was talking to the thief. Jase quickly pressed the security key and closed the door from his position. "Now as I was sayin get dat bird from the Jawas i heard they are back in town and aftuh you do set those charges" he motioned to the boxes that Jase was hiding behind "and blow it away." Jase thought quickly and opened up the door "I said close that door!" The gangster said, Jase jumped out and said "not a chance Nerf bags" and stunned the dealer with his blaster then ran out the door in the direction of where the Jawas were.

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Chapter 7

A Close Call

Jase looked over his shoulder and saw two men pursuing*him. He stopped for a second to fire two stun rounds out of the blaster,*but the men were faster and saw him pull it and they ducked behind cover before the shots reached them. Jase started running again before he saw the results but he heard the men yelling again. So much for wasting two rounds He thought to himself. But he had no time to think as he was running away from his pursuers and trying not to crash into any sharp turns that came his way. Too late, he hit a wall with the full force of his body, "oof" he cried. His head was starting to spin when he turned around and saw the two men gaining not far behind.

Jase got up in a rush still winded from the hit. He had to think fast. He was still a long ways away, and the men were sure to catch him before he reached the Sandcrawler. So he pulled his blaster, switched it off stun, looked down the sights, and fired at the big man with the satchel at his side. The pursuer wasn't ready for the shot before he could do anything the bag at his side exploded being filled with charges meant to blow up the Sandcrawler. Jase jumped to the side into a curve of the back alley just dodging the explosion that engulfed the alley way.
Jase didn't need to see the remains of the alley way. He sat back against a wall and breathed heavily. What I'd do for a drink of cold blue milk right now, He thought to himself. He took a few breaths then leaned over and puked up his dinner. He regretted thinking about blue milk as he got to his feet and started off to the Sand crawler. He had less need to run now as no one was chasing him. He thought to himself why the dealer wanted the Jawas gone there was no apparent*reason other than wanting a cover up for the dead bird so what was he up to? Jase looked up from his shoes as a loud voice came crying out with much unpleasant language making up the majority of the shout. Jase finally exited the tight alleyway into the main street when he saw the Sandcrawler in all its glory starting to move.

The Sandcrawler had it's doors up and was heading somewhere west along the edge of the city. Jase couldn't believe it, He started to run as fast as he could but to no avail. Jase needed that ride off planet and he wasn't going to be left behind now, so Jase made the only decision he could. He ran*for the nearest Speeder bike,and while jumping on and Hijacking it he said to the owner as fast he could "CanIborrowthis,i'llbringitrightback,thanks,sorry. " and he zipped away not giving it a second thought as he chased after the Sandcrawler. He followed*it for several minutes before it stopped again in a different part of town.*

The big door went down and the Jawas waddled out bringing along their droids and such. Jase stepped off the speeder and headed straight for the taller Jawa who he could recognize as the Chief. The chief turned around to face Jase who was filled with rage, shock and fatigue "How dare you leave me there. I thought we had a good relationship, but now you abandon me?`` Then the Chief quickly went to explain "I sent one of our people to go and tell you where we were going, I had no intention of leaving you, and as you can see we are now in the spaceport and this is where we will find my Pilot." Jase was taken aback by this turn of events and he quickly explained the situation with the dealer. Now it was the Chiefs turn to be surprised. The chief then looked at Jase with new respect and thanked him once more for getting this information then he turned around to tell one of*his friends*to take*care of the*stolen*speeder.

The Chief then led Jase to a docking bay where he showed Jase the ship he was to travel in, then he led him to a diner where they could find the pilot. The Diner was filled with music, customers, and conversation. The chief led him to a table where a well built Blue Zabrak sat eating a meal that was clearly in much better condition than the other cantina's food. The Jawa looked at Jase in a kind of "I'll do the talking kind of look" which was strange considering that he could only see the glowing yellow eyes and translator mask. "Aww Quiltin*nice to see you again." The chief waited patiently while the Zabrak finished his bite. Then Quiltin*looked up and said "What and who do you need*to take care of now Chief". Then the chief looked at Jase and responded "Him".*

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Chapter 8

The Wait

Jase was expecting the answer, after all why else would he be here if not for Jase. Quiltin cast a look on Jase, It took Jase a minute to realize that that was his que. "Oh I'm Jase'' he responded rather sheepishly. "and do you have a second name Jase" Quiltin asked Jase was caught off guard "Fett, Jasuum Fett'' he responded. Suddenly Quiltin's eyes got bigger and he leaned back against his chair, the chief was also surprised for he never actually asked for his name. Quiltin started again "You wouldn't happen to be related to Callus Fett would you" Jase had no idea that his dad was well known. "Is that a problem" Jase asked, Quiltin smiled and looked at the chief then turned back to Jase "A surprise to be sure but a welcome one".

Jase forgot a key detail when he left home. He was supposed*to wait a few days for his dad before he left, and he just now remembers it as he was talking to the pilot to take him off world. Jase interrupted the Chief as he was in the middle of explaining why he was helping Jase and what Jase did for him, "I am sorry chief but I can't leave for another two days" Jase said. "Why not" said Quiltin, Jase thought quickly he wasn't sure if he could trust the Pilot just yet with the real explanation, the reason being because Quiltin's reaction was unreadable, he could either be good friends with his dad or worst enemies so he just made up a random excuse, "I need to get more supplies and pack up then say goodbye to Tatooine first" Jase said, hoping that Quiltin bought it. Quiltin looked at Jase for a moment, studying him, then he responded "alright then I'll be preparing the ship. Call me when you're ready". After that, the chief and the Zabrak settled on a price and Jase left with the chief back to the Sandcrawler.

Jase packed his gear and set off to the spaceport to have it ready in the ship when the time came, but he kept a steady watch to the south and on all vehicles coming into town, but every entry was a letdown as the familiar figure of his father was never one of the occupants. Jase lost hope, he knew his father would have gotten here by now unless something went terribly wrong. The next day Jase went into town and searched for news about his dad but he always turned up empty handed. He would then turn back to the Sandcrawler and get on the roof to watch the incoming traffic with his Binocs that he borrowed from the Jawas. he eventually would call it a night, when the moons would go down and everyone was settled into bed.

The next day he followed the same routine and there was still no sign of his father, this was the last day before he had to leave. Jase was getting desperate and careless, He was heading up the street as he saw the man who stole his credit pouch go into a cantina. Jase wanted to give him a piece of his mind, or more specifically a taste of his blaster but then he heard from inside the cantina, "It's the kid from the alley" and three men burst out of the doorway after him. Jase recognized them as the bully boys that he stunned at the warehouse. They all pulled their blasters and fired but Jase was already gone running for the spaceport. Then the thief ran after him with the others close behind firing their blaster pistols.

Jase reached the port and saw Quiltin talking to the dock manager "FIRE UP THE SHIP, FIRE UP THE SHIP" he cried. Jase then ran up the Durasteel door to the ship's entrance and into the ship itself. Quiltin saw Jase run up the plank quickly followed by two blaster bolts that hit the vessel. Quiltin pulled his blaster and fired two return shots at the attackers. He then ran to the cockpit of the ship and opened up the Duraplas windshield, (which was special to his freighter) and started the engines. "Kid, get up here", Quiltin yelled. Jase ran to the cockpit with haste and sat in the co-pilot's seat. "What is going on" Quiltin said accusingly, "just get us out of here, you can ask why later" Jase responded, Quiltin didn't need to be told twice as they blasted out of the spaceport heading for the stars.

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Chapter 9

A New Home

"So where are we headed" Quiltin asked as they left the planets atmosphere. Jase thought about this while he was waiting for his father in the spaceport, he was afraid to commit to the idea but with all that has happened in the past week he could finally say it "We're going to Mandalore". Quiltin looked at Jase and said "To Mandalore it is then". Jase left the cockpit as Quiltin set the coordinates and the navi-computer to their destination. It took a few minutes for that to get done, so Jase looked around because he had never seen the inside of a ship before and he was curious. The ship's hall that led to the cockpit was bare of any decorations allowing better access. The hall led to a lounge where there was a large holotable in the center of the room and multiple terminals surrounding the room, there were also two couches on either side of the table with minimal room to walk through the gaps. On the wall next to the couch there was a large cylinder large enough for a person to fit inside which held the vacuum tube. Across from the vacuum tube was a shelf with four helmets, one with a republic symbol on the side of it and another with an imperial symbol, there were two more helmets that belonged to other famous guilds across the galaxy but he couldn't tell what they belonged to. Under the shelf were four hooks that held four different jumpsuits each one corresponding*to the helmet above it.

Jase heard a beeping and then Quiltin's*voice that said "Hey kid is this your first time in space?" Jase ran to the cockpit and quickly nodded, "then you might want to see this''. Quiltin said as he pulled a lever that engaged the hyperdrive. Jase lost his breath as he was engulfed in a blue luminescent tunnel that he couldn't see and end to. "Beautiful isn't it" Quiltin said, Jase shushed him and looked back into the blue abyss, totally amazed. Jase eventually snapped out of it after a few minutes, Quiltin then asked him about what happened at the spaceport in which Jase told him about the whole story.

Quiltin had no idea on how Jase could become such a nuisance to so many people in such a short time. Jase then left to explore the ship once more, The inside had a vague resemblance to the inside of the Sandcrawler except brighter and less dirty. Jase returned to the cockpit and saw The Zabrak rewiring pieces*of the cockpit Jase then opened up with an age old question that comes up in every trip "Are we there yet?" Quiltin looked at Jase and raised an eyebrow, Quiltin didn't respond for a moment and then asked "So why are you going to Mandalore?" Jase responded with "Because it's the safest place to go right now and maybe I can*find out more about my father".

Another beeping sound went off in the cockpit, "We're approaching Mandalore '', Quiltin announced. Jase looked out the cockpit window as the tunnel of stars disappeared revealing a luscious green and blue planet. "Where are we headed kid?" the Zabrak asked. Land at the capital city, Keldabe" Jase said, "you got it". Another beeping went off, but this time it was a slightly higher pitch then before. "That must be the space port" Quiltin said.

"Patching him through," Quiltin said. There was utter silence except for the routine noises that the ship made here and there then the console booted up and a voice said, "this is Keldabe space port, we have checked your registry and you are cleared to land in docking bay forty-seven please acknowledge". "Copy, this is freighter two-zero-six-fourteen coming in to land", Quiltin responded.

They reached the appointed*docking bay and landed the ship. They both exited the ship when the docking manager came out to greet them. He was tall and slightly large around the belly probably*from too much to drink and he walked with an authoritative air, he most likely threw his weight around and expected respect from his underlings. "Good morning gentlemen, are you staying long? The fee for docking is two-hundred credits, if you are staying for a day the price is..." He didn't get any farther as Quiltin interrupted him and said "I'm sorry but I'm not staying long, just dropping this boy off". Jase left to get his bag out of the hold then returned to bid farewell to Quiltin who just turned away the dock manager. "Well I guess this is goodbye, Thanks for everything you've done" Jase said. Quiltin gave*Jase a firm handshake and said, "stay out of trouble kid and I hope you find what you're looking for." With that Jase stepped off the ship and headed out the docking bay door and into the busy space port's streets that lead to the inner city.

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Chapter 10


Jase made his way to a cantina a kilometer away from the space port. He had his blaster pistol in a new holster that he picked at Boonta Eve so that he was always ready at a moment's notice. The cantina was a small, one story building with lights across the top in blue and yellow shades. Jase walked through the front door and took in the atmosphere. It was a well maintained establishment with a bar on the side to the left of the entrance and the rest of the space was filled with tables and foreign faces. In the back right corner there was a Jukebox. Jase found a table with two chairs against the wall, he sat down and got comfortable as he thought out his plan.

The waitress got to his table and asked his name and if he was going to eat. Jase sat up from slouching over the table. "I'm Jase Fett, and I was wondering if there is a bounty board around here?" He asked with a nonchalant voice. The waitress quickly assessed him "Aren't you a little small to be bounty-hunting?" she said with a questioning voice, then she began again, "If you're looking for work, those guys over there always need an extra hand". Jase looked over to where she was pointing and saw four men wareing the easily recognizable Mandalorian Beskar'gam.

Jase thanked the waitress as she set off to go fill up another drink. He then got up to head over to the Mandalorian's table, they seemed to be the only ones in the cantina wearing armor. Jase walked up to the table and went unnoticed as two men were arm wrestling and locked in a stalemate. The one to his left was huge with hulking hands. It was amazing that he hadn't won already to the smaller man across from him. The man to his right was small in comparison to his friend and he was also well built and muscled just not as obvious. Hettir, who was the one on the right, saw the boy next to him and signaled Brokar to stop so they could talk to the boy but Brokar was determined to win this time and wasn't going to fall for anything so he didn't stop. This annoyed Hettir, so he looked over to Jase and said "Be right with you." Suddenly the big man lurched sideways as Hettir brought the full force of his arm into the table and had Brokar's hand in between it.

Hettir sat in his chair waiting to hear what Jase had to say. "I'm Jase, I heard you were the one to talk to about work, Is that right?" Jase asked. He was answered by Broker who got up nursing his arm, "Listen, we don't need half a man..", but he was interrupted by Hettir who saw beyond size, "We could use your help. I'm Hettir, this is Brokar, our muscle head and these two are Parjir, our explosives expert, and this is Chaaj also known as Mr. Tunnel vision. We have a job in mind. Are you up for it?" Jase nodded once "yes I am".

They had official introductions, and Jase explained his story, then Jase sat down with them and got a Bantha burger. When he was done eating Hettir explained to him how a ruthless mandalorian warlord called Shukur was ruling a small city that was corrupt and that rumors had spread about him working with the Sith empire to help control the city. Jase asked what they were planning to do about it and Hettir answered, "We're going to ruin his day and capture an important caravan from him"

They left the cantina and they took him back with them to their homestead in an airspeeder where they were greeted by Hettir's wife who was dressed in the traditional Mandalorian armor and was also accompanied by a young woman probably six-teen. Jase stepped out of the speeder and his heart leapt in his mouth as he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Parjir got out after him and pushed Jase's mouth up. Not realizing that it was open he looked away with red cheeks as the girl smiled at him. Hettir introduced him "Laar meet Jasuum Fett", and then he was introduced to Hettir's wife but he didn't catch her name because his heart was too loud, her name was Kar'ta.

Jase looked around as he was brought onto their porch and he saw three main buildings with a speeder parked outside each one. As Hettir's wife went inside to retrieve refreshments, the rest of them went over the plan. "We're going to hit them tomorrow at this crossroads'', he pointed to a cross on the holomap. "Now Brokar and Jase ride up alongside the rear transport while I hit the front, Parjir will hijack the middle speeder and get the shipment out of there. And Chaaj will tell us when to go in because he will be up on this ridge". as he said the last bit he pointed to a ridge a quarter kilometer away from the objective. "This is an Imperial caravan so be ready for anything".

That night Jase slept in the barn with an animal (Brokar) The snoring wasn't too bad, so Jase got to sleep quicker than he thought he would. The next morning he woke up at dawn and went to the animal water pump where he washed away the dreariness. He rubbed his face off with his hands and was shocked to find Laar standing right next to him offering him a towel, which he took gratefully. She gave him a smile and wished him good morning and then walked off to take care of the animals. Then in five minutes while Jase was shaping up, everyone woke up and came out dressed in their Beskar'gam to prepare for the coming mission.

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Chapter 11

One Good Job

They had their breakfast in the main house. Before they all headed out to the yard, Chaaj asked Jase if he could ride a speeder. Jase had a quick flashback to when he and his mother were escaping from the Watchers. "Of course I can ride," Jase said, a little aggrieved. Hettir hopped on a speeder bike painted*blue and black that matched his armor. Parjir*was close behind him wearing dark grey armor with*yellow trim riding on a standard brown speeder. Jase was only wearing his standard T-shirt with his brown vest over it and black pants. Behind him was Brokar wearing his heavy armor, it was amazing that the speeder was even still* floating off the ground. and the last in the line was Chaaj who was in a less boastful outfit still in the original mandalorian armor but painted in a dark green pattern*with a cowl around his neck and a sniper rifle on his back next to the jetpack. They all wore jetpacks, and when Jase thought about it he felt a little out of place in the squad. They headed out of the farm and went south through*the forest to the staging point. It took an hour to get there. They kept the idle chatter to a minimum when they were five minutes away, Chaaj broke off from the group and headed west of the objective to his lookout position.

Chaaj reached his position and got to work setting up. He walked to the ledge*outcrop and placed a blanket down where he would observe the team and the convoy. He walked back to retrieve his sniper stand for his BL-28 rifle. "I was surprised at the kid's accuracy with that needler pistol," Chaaj said.* Brokar responded on the com "Weren't we all, glad I know how to pick'em." They had all reached their positions and Chaaj was now laying down looking through his scope. Weren't you the one who tried to scare him off, as I recall Hettir did a good job at being friendly. You certainly know how to open up boss," Parjir responded. Hettir sat down on his seat in position behind a tree "I'm just glad everything worked out, I have a feeling he'll be a real asset to the team."
Jase looked at Brokar who was next to him and noticed that he was making head movements*but not saying anything under his helmet. "Hey Brokar, have you got the signal?" Jase said. Brokar switched his off his com. "Not yet, did you bring any snacks?" Jase looked in his saddlebag on the speeder. There was one Jogan fruit, but Jase wasn't willing to share. "Uh sorry we're all out," Jase said. "Oh too bad, I get hungry*when I'm waiting." Brokar whined. "Hey heads up everybody, the convoy's coming," Chaaj warned. At that moment Jase could hear the repulsorlifts humming. "Okay boys get ready," Hettir said. A moment passed, "On my mark," The convoy just passed Brokar and Jase's position. It went a little more than Hettir*shouted "MARK." Immediately Brokar told the order to Jase and they set off behind the convoy a tad faster than it's pace.*

The driver looked over to his co-pilot, "Why do we get stuck with driving duty? I mean it's not like when bad stuff happens we're protected." The co-pilot returned*the glance "Yeah, but this armor has got to count for something right." The pilot sighed and looked back at his job, which was hard to do under the stuffy helmet, "That's just what they told you in basic training isn't it?" The pilot looked back at his buddy and he was replaced with a man in full mandalorian armor. "You're correct there," Hettir said, then he shoved the imperial pilot out the door of the vehicle, and immediately took control. The transports*looked like floating boxes that were*connected by power couplings. Jase was given a hook that was attached to his speeder so he could hook it onto the transport that he was hijacking. One of the six guards who were guarding the rear coupled car heard a loud thunk on the roof and went to check.*

Brokar landed on the roof by way of a jetpack, and set out to uncouple the rear car knowing that it contained the guards. Before he got to the coupler a guard opened a hatch and popped his head out. The guard was faster than Broker and took him off his feet. Jase got on top of the car and saw a guard drawing his blaster and a stumbled Brokar on his back. Jase pulled his blaster and shot the guard in his stomach. While Jase went to help Brokar while more guards got up on the roof. Parjir*flew up on the middle car and got the explosives from his pack. Suddenly a blaster bolt whizzed by his head. He looked back and saw an imperial jump across the gap between his car and Parjir's. Then a blaster bolt ricocheted off the guard's shoulder plate from Jase's pistol and he stumbled, which gave Parjir an*opportunity to draw his blaster and fire. The guard went down this time with a hole in his chest.*

Parjir got back to work setting the light explosives on the hatch. Meanwhile Chaaj was humming to himself his favorite tune while watching the whole thing play out through his sniper scope. Parjir was almost done when a guard popped out of a hatch from his car, but before he opened fire, a sniper round smashed into his head and he flew off the transport, and Parjir got back to work and finished. The explosives blew with a small controlled bang and Parjir opened the hatch revealing*the package in it's own separate compartment. Jase and Brokar were hanging from the end of the car avoiding getting shot by the guards. Chaaj lost sight of the convoy over a ridge which meant it was time to chase them down. Chaaj got his gear together as fast as he could and jumped on the speeder to follow the trail. Hettir set the console to auto pilot so he could help get rid of the guards.*

There were four guards left on the transport when Hettir started firing his pistols. One of the guards from Parjir's*car shot the power couple that attached the rear car to the convoy, stranding Jase and Brokar before they could get across. Hettir shot the guard twice in the chest. Jase hopped on his speeder to catch up while Brokar went after them on his jetpack. When they caught up, the last of the guards were taken care of and they had won the fight. Then Chaaj pulled up on his speeder "Did I miss the fight?" he asked.

"So what is in the car that was so important?" Jase asked. They were heading back to the farm with the transport. "Information, important messages, tech parts, schedules, blueprints, credits, and much more. It was*all scheduled to arrive in Shukur's hands tomorrow, and you my boy get the credits," Hettir explained. Before they returned to the farm, they scraped it for trackers*and removed them. They reached the farm and had a nice supper where Brokar explained Jase's heroics in exaggerated*detail. After that Jase was figuring out a way to thank them and leave. Hettir and the crew along with Laar walked up to Jase and Hettir said, "Jase we all talked about it and we all agreed that we want you to stay." Jase smiled and Parjir asked "So will you?" Jase was speechless. All he could do was nod his head with a big smile on it, then he ran over to them and embraced them.