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Gearing Changes in 5.1.1 and 5.1.2

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Gearing Changes in 5.1.1 and 5.1.2
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02.03.2017 , 01:01 PM | #101
It's all about cxp but what of class balance? :{

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02.03.2017 , 01:01 PM | #102
Quote: Originally Posted by Sargrith View Post
So true...but Lost Isle was a nightmare back then.....curse you EL for making me run it a million times....curse you and of course thank you for it because it was such a blast and such a challenge back then.
Didn't say it was easy
But it was a example of a way to get top tier set bonus gear piece that was not an operation or a nightmare boss. And I ran it so many times I lost count. A challenge I still look back on and remember fondly as it was so awesome when you completed it. But then again back then running hard mode flashpoints were pretty much required to gear up for story mode operations unlike more recent times when flashpoints became nothing in the progression and could be ignored.

Anyway gaining crates of things to destroy for more CXP faster does not solve the gearing problem of RNG, just means more trash and/or duplicates to wade through hoping for a usable piece of gear. Leaving us frustrated and annoyed and feeling like we are wasting our time.
  • The crates should be dropping unassemebled tokens to handle duplicates and gearing alts
  • Everything* should be dropping unassemebled components so everyone can work towards a specific piece of gear to fill in the gaps or poor RNG punishment and not have to do things in game they don't want too like PVP or operations.
  • And unassemebled components should be legacy bound
  • and a true LEGACY perk should exist for increase all characters in the legacy CXP gain not some overly priced character perk. I and many others have too many characters to make this characters perk usable or affordable. Someone needs to understand what Legacy perk is compared to character perks. Very Very different things. BW said we were getting a legacy perk but what we got was a character perk. Not the same thing.
And these changes should have been made weeks ago.

*when I say "everything" I mean it. If a mission is completed it should award unassemebled components. That way no one is forced to play something they have no desire to do just to help get the gear they need.

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02.03.2017 , 01:02 PM | #103
Quote: Originally Posted by Sargrith View Post
4.0 the weekly hm dropped top end gear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Andryah View Post
4.0 is a poor example to use.

They jumped the shark in 4.0 with their free fall approach to gaining high end gear. Which does not justify the state of GC/Cxp right now.... just that it was just a bad a move as GC in 5.0 has been, though in the opposite extreme.
Bring back 4.0 gearing and just call the update 6.0.
Bonus points will be awared if the 3.0/4.0 gear is actually from 3.0/4.0 (Dark Reaver/Deceiver/Exemplar)

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02.03.2017 , 01:02 PM | #104
Quote: Originally Posted by louisfriend View Post
it depends.

the 100% is references as the static, default amt.

so.. if you did something. and it paid out 1000 cxp. that's the 100% If your cxp boost equation was. 100% + 250% event bonus. then you'd be at 2500 or 250% of normal. now... if you had 100%-base + 250% event + 100% boost thinige. then you'd be at net gain of 350% of "bonus" so... 3500 total cxp.

or in a more game centric sense/example every time you do a warzone, you're likely to ding a lvl. (as 1k cxp from a warzone... isn't that uncommon) if it's base +event+ boost+ whatever extra (dvl bonus etc) OR probably similarly. every fractured run will be at cmd rank. ...or at least that's what i'm curious to see if is possible, as that will be *******. dinging a cmd rank every 8 minutes or so.

Yea I guess it really depends on what they mean by 250%. If they mean exactly what was stated "During this event all CXP earned will be increased by 250%." That would mean 1000 with no other bonuses would change to 3500. Since an increase of 100% would mean that 1000 would be 2000, an increase of 200% would be 3000 and so on. But if they mean that CXP is now 2.5x higher than before then 1000 would be 2500. So lets hope they mean exactly what they say.
Dear BW,
Please nerf paper and buff rock. Scissors is fine as is.
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02.03.2017 , 01:04 PM | #105
Quote: Originally Posted by DHTarez View Post
How far back do you want to go?
In 1.2, hard mode Lost Island final boss dropped the Rakata chest piece (set bonus top tier). So there is a place a non-operation non-nightmare boss dropped top tier gear.
In the same patch Rakata gear was made obsolete by the release of Explosive Conflict.Try again.

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02.03.2017 , 01:06 PM | #106
I think these changes are a positive first step in the right direction. I also think the unassembled tokens received from pvp should be greatly increased. But, I like these changes.
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02.03.2017 , 01:07 PM | #107
Thank you, at least its speeing up.

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02.03.2017 , 01:18 PM | #108
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
In this set of changes, not yet. We are still looking into Crate contents to see where changes should be made. It would be a much more substantial change from our side to update the contents and so although we are definitely open to doing so, we wanted to take these steps first.


why can't you just go back to the 3 tiers of tokens once for all?

Also the new systems added much more complexity and junk into our inventory. You guys totally failed the goal of simplifying it for new players and more casuals. It's just a mess now.

On another note, I personally enrage each time I loot a crafting recipe. The crafted gear is not worth wasting time and inventory room on it either. I want to opt out of it once for all or be able to send it to people who care.

Regarding PvP I noticed you guys aren't even trying to patch the hole you shoot in the knee: no fixing of the bolster.
PvP should never be about gear at all but tactics and situational. Ever wondered why in every FPS/RTS the players have the same choice of gear and stats? This is especially true with the eSports that are milking millions $$$.

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
All CXP Packs that you earn from drops and Missions are now Bind on Legacy.
That is barely a plaster on a haemorrhage.

Like many others I parked all my alts since 5.0 and it won't mitigate the issue that much. I'm getting burnt on playing the same character again and again through the same content.

Same character + same content + grind = cut sub.
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02.03.2017 , 01:23 PM | #109
Thanks for the information on the changes, Eric. And I'm glad to see these changes to CXP rates implemented in just a few days. With that said, I hope you continue to listen to the feedback you are getting on RNG. It doesn't bother me so much personally because I don't rely on PVP or Ops as a primary activity, but for those that do, they are losing their minds trying to gear.

I hope you can find a way to appease these players. Maybe by putting a gear token in the weekly rewards for PVP and operations? That way a player is guaranteed a piece of gear they can use for these activities.

>The PvP Daily and Weekly Missions now reward a batch of Unassembled Components.

Hopefully you extend this change to GSF as well. Would be nice to get those crafting boxes PVP players get as well. No, you don't need traditional gear for GSF, but we do need to it to do other content and it would be nice to be able to earn it while playing GSF (which needs all the incentives it can get to motivate players).

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02.03.2017 , 01:24 PM | #110
I appreciate you listening to concerns. I welcome these changes, and will keep playing the game. I must admit this new form of communicating with your subsribers and players is positive!

Let's hope for many more years to come