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Some update on what's next is needed

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Some update on what's next is needed
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.16.2020 , 06:27 AM | #81
Quote: Originally Posted by Drenovade View Post
I'm seeing a lot of frustration in regard to communication and responding to player feedback, but from my perspective, SWTOR management is above average when it comes to this subject. A lot of player suggestions have been implemented over the years, and from what I have seen in community livestreams, they provide plenty of good info. Best of all, they actually come across authentically.

Listening to WoW developer chats was like watching robots read from a carefully conjured script. Eric and Charles actually read the chat and respond directly to player inquiries. In my experience with other MMOs, that level of communication is practically unheard of. Activision-Blizzard's slogan might as well have been, "F the players, this is our game."

There are absolutely some obnoxious bugs that have yet to be squashed, and new features that need to be revisited. But ultimately, I think the issue comes down to the resources available to the developers(in which case our concerns need to be taken up with EA and/or Lucasfilm). I don't think there's a lack of communication so much as there is a lack of something relevant to communicate.
We have very different views.

IMO, swtor communications and development is way below average. The stuff they implement is stuff they want or stuff that gets asked for since 2012.

They ask for feed back on things occasionally and then do the complete opposite or don’t do anything and then we never hear about it again,

If you think Blizzards slogan should be “ F the players, this is our game."... then Biowares would be much worse.

Most the time the stuff they change to improve QOL is more detrimental than if they’d left it alone. And a lot of that stuff isn’t even asked for, but they break it anyway by changing it.

An example is before 6.0 they ran a PT server to beta test it and gather feed back so they could make it work. Many of us spent weeks doing that than actually playing the real game. We gave plenty of in-depth feed back and supported that with numbers, Logic and evidence in most cases.
We explained how bad the crafting system was 5 weeks before they released it. They asked for our feed back and then totally ignored it and then after launch said they will monitor it and make changes 6 weeks later. Then when they made the changes, they didn’t do it right or get it right. They only half listened to feed back from the number crunching testers who laid it all out for them so it was easy to follow.

Since then, there have been a raft of game breaking bugs and other issues. They have been totally silent on these since November.
Biowares slogan should be, “We hate the players, they are an annoyance we have to put up with. We will make this game for us and if they don’t like it, they can F off”
“If you see a problem, be an Ostrich and stick you head in the sand. If they can’t see you and you can’t see them, it must not be real”

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01.16.2020 , 08:13 AM | #82
what we see here on this thread now is something all MMORPG game's have when developers are lazy and not do anything to fix the problems in the game.

when a game has so manny problems and a lot off bug's and there not gone fix then soon off later the comunety is getting mad about it and blame the developers for it.
then we also have the sign from bad comunecation between the players and the developers then most off the comunety also become mad.
and the worst off all when developers staff promises to help then with there problem and later you hear notting more from it and the problems there are and there promises to fix are not fix.

i think we all agree if there give the comunety each month a update about the problems there have promises to fix all is it there share from: we are still looking for the problem what it curse and try it to fix is ASAP.

i bet most off the comunety are then happy with it that there still are looking for it.
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