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Darth Jesus' Agenda

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05.06.2021 , 09:02 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Swingkittie View Post
Hmmm Darth Jesus. Now that's an idea.

All kidding aside though. What I recall is that Watcher 2 states that Jadus' power is 2nd to the Emperor. That being said, in Chapter 2 of KOTFE, Valkorian reflects on that saying basically Jadus was the one sith he respected. I always wondered where he slipped off to if you don't kill him. I don't recall either if you kill him if you choose to fight him in the agent story. It's been too long. But it would have been interesting if he would have been brought back into a future story. I mean I pretty much thought I had killed Malgus years ago but that wasn't the case. I think Jadus was probably more powerful than Malgus, even though Malgus has been getting all the attention as the main bad guy besides the emperor.

Similar to the Emperor's viewpoint, Jadus did see the other sith, particularly the Dark Council as weak.
In fairness, watcher 2's opinion on Jadus' power is largely irrelevant, she's in no position to judge.

And Valkorian describes him as "the best Sith my Empire ever produced", which considering the source, just means "psycho murderous lunatic on a grand scale"

You can't kill Jadus in the story, he is either escapes or is captured (and escapes later presumably)
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