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Question about companion customization Ashara

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Question about companion customization Ashara

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10.24.2021 , 10:18 AM | #1
Question about companion customization Ashara

customization companion ashara Have you downloaded customization from your resellers?

I finished eternal throne on both my Sith Inquisitor (sith assasin and sith sorcerer), made an alert so companion ashara came back to me and I wanted to buy her customization but customization importer in cartel bazaar on fleet doesn't have it on offer while this the seller has all the customizations for basic (class) companions and the same situation is also with the companion customization of the seller on the planet illum

in the past when i was doing on my Sith Inquisitor chapters 1 to 3 I was on the planet illum to see if I have a customization seller for companion ashara customization and then it was on offer
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10.27.2021 , 12:02 PM | #2
Ashara's customisations are sold by Lieutenant Oarr who is on the orbital station of Ilum, not on the planet itself.

I think there is also a vendor on the fleet that sells one for those with the collectors edition as well as a plagued Ashara from the THORN reputation vendor. And finally, there is a cartel one that's usually reasonably cheap on the GTN.
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