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Stat breakpoints for 7.0

Night-runner's Avatar

01.13.2022 , 04:53 PM | #1
I've looked around, but haven't been able to find threads on it.

Does anyone know if the stat thresholds are changing with 7.0?
With 6.X, 1590 Acc gets you to +10%, but is this changing? (And if so, have theorycrafters run the numbers yet, or are folks waiting for launch)
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01.14.2022 , 04:57 PM | #2
These are the conversion rates i've got, there may be some small errors in here

per point

Mastery DMG 0.199992543
Mastery Healing 0.139997017
Mastery Crit 0.000724033
Endurance 14.00031384
Power Healing 0.16999704
Power Damage 0.23000296
Crit Chance 0.004131407
Crit Multiplier 0.004131407
Alacrity 0.003616287
Accuracy 0.003847695
Shield 0.005567082
Absorb 0.005437743
Defense 0.002358176

Old alacrity breakpoints no bonus/3%/5%
1.4 1213
1.3 3206
1.4 663
1.3 2374
1.4 331
1.3 1895

New Alacrity Breakpoints no bonus/3%/5%
1.4 1968
1.3 5202
1.4 1076
1.3 3852
1.4 537
1.3 3075

Accuracy 5% 1040
Accuracy 10% 2340

Crit i dont have solid numbers on yet but its dropped significantly

this is based on numbers from my characters on PTS and obviously subject to change

TrixxieTriss's Avatar

01.14.2022 , 11:03 PM | #3
Not that it’s going to matter much when Bioware are only giving us static gear we can’t change.

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01.15.2022 , 09:05 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
Not that it’s going to matter much when Bioware are only giving us static gear we can’t change.
And the stats you typically mod (Alacrity and Crit) are capped so low in everything but the newest content that you are maxing out at less than 5% crit chance and no reduction in GCD.

Night-runner's Avatar

01.16.2022 , 11:12 AM | #5
Thanks for the breakdown! (With the understanding everything is subject to change without notice)

The fact that Alac and Crit are now capped by level sync is news to me! That certainly makes it matter even less as long as you aren't using endgame gear.

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