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2 things to fix Pyrotech.

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10.22.2021 , 06:10 PM | #1
1 - Heat Flow Recycler: Increase critical hit chance of elemental attacks by 3% and vents 2 heat every 1.5 seconds.

Suggestion: Increase critical hit chance of elemental attacks by 5% and vents 4 heat every 1.5 seconds.

2 - Tactical Superheated Fuel: Explosive Fuel increases all Flame attacks critical chance by 100%.

Suggestion: Explosive Fuel increases all Flame attacks critical chance by 70%. Flaming Fist and Immolate refreshes the duration of Incendiary Missile if present on your target

Almost all dots specs has a way to refresh the dots, Pyrotech needs it.
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10.24.2021 , 06:26 AM | #2
I don't really agree with the dot refreshing part at all. Imo automatically refreshing dots make dot specs more boring. Most of the specs with an automatic dot refresh aren't really dot specs, more burst specs that have to keep a dot active. (Lightning, Marksmanship, Concealment and AP). The only dot specs with an automatic refresh that I can think of are: Vengeance, Annihilation and Engineering.

Engineering I find okay enough, since it has a pretty full rotation with barely any fillers even with the dot refresh (and you still have Plasma Probe and Corrosive Dart to maintain). Vengeance uses its dots on cooldown regardless, since Impale and Scream are used mostly for the initial damage, and you need to use Shatter to reset the Ravage cooldown.

This leaves Annihilation, and Anni is the perfect example of what I said before. Removing the need to reapply Rupture just adds more fillers to the rotation, which basically means you're using more Vicious Slashes and Assaults. Not very interesting and I'm hoping we'll get a better single target tactical with 7.0.

If you make Pyrotech automatically refresh Incendiary Missile, we'll just end up with more filler slots, so more Flame Bursts or basic attacks. That just makes the spec less fun to play. Leave the automatic refreshes to burst specs.