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The Trooper's romance options...mostly about Wraith...

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The Trooper's romance options...mostly about Wraith...

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04.10.2021 , 08:09 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Lostshadowlander View Post
I wanted the Wraith romance thing too. She was cool but it never happened.Trooper just gets the bad end in romances until fallen empire.
Hmmm, so you necro'd a Wraith?

As I often say; there is basically no outward appearance of having romanced anyone. The most you ever get is a kissing cutscene. Other than that, there's no "moving in" together, or holding hands, or calling each other pet names, etc. So, you can just "head canon" or RP a romance with Wraith and no one will ever know the difference. 🙂
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