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<Mando Cabure> Looking for more Mando'ade!

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<Mando Cabure> Looking for more Mando'ade!

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03.08.2022 , 10:09 AM | #81
Guild Update 3.8.22
- Second Prog Team Forming. If you're interested in applying / trying out, DM Tereus#1572 on discord. We are accepting applications for Tanks / Heals.
- Prog A is focusing NiM metrics / HM Farm.
- Prog A is ~ 327 iLvL.
- Posts / Week 4 objectives behind / delayed due to Dash IRL.
- Declined Or'ion Sol's attempt to "merge" guilds into Jedi Order BS family.

Guild Info:
Level: 356
15% Rep / 15% XP / 5% Alacrity Bonuses (Max)
Perks focused on XP from all sources & Tax Evasion III

If you're looking to join our community, the following are the easiest ways to get an invite:
Look for one of our guild ad's in gen chat.
/who cabure and DM anyone for an invite.
Post here and we'll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.
Hit us up on our facebook:
add Tereus#1572 on discord, and ask for an invite.

We have long memories. Remember all those 16M NiM / HM farm only guilds running their mouths in 6.0? They're oddly quiet in 7.0 / still stuck in SM prog.