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(Imperial guild) PPS (Padawan Protective Services) is recruiting!

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(Imperial guild) PPS (Padawan Protective Services) is recruiting!

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09.16.2021 , 01:52 AM | #1
Join Padawan Protective Services!
Who knows what the Jedi are doing to those younglings in the enclave. Rumor is, it isn't what they present to the galactic community. Younglings are pretty much absent on every planet. The Jedi have gone too far. Become a caseworker, it's for the children.

Our guild is a non-RP (though do what you like) guild and is new player friendly. We are looking for active members that want to run ops, flashpoints, and PVP. We generally play anywhere from 5PM to midnight central time. We do not require anything from our members though. If you just want to gain the XP boost and have some help here and there, you are welcome also. Maybe you will explore team activities later. We will help you level and gear up, and give you whatever guidance we can! We have a flagship, HQ, and a discord server for voice chat or just to come hang out. More to come as we grow and early members will have greater perks later down the line. Let me know here, or in game if you are interested. Whisper to Meko Nass or Chiss H'ansen. If they are not on, send them mail. We're looking forward to seeing you as a new member soon!