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Complete Expansion Idea.

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08.27.2018 , 05:21 AM | #11
For today I wanted to developp the "War on Onderon" , the intro for the new expansion.
I'm facing a small problem which is , what kind of business model will we add to this ?
We can't have free access to these level 60 players fro free obviously but in the same time the goal is to catch more players and attracts new ones.
There's the possibility , stay focus that studio needs money and I'm trying to establish a good system here.

1) Swtor stay a FTP based MMORPG, but will now add expansion that need to be bought. To make this works we will create a stroryline (the red wire) which will brought our character across new planets , factions etc. If each planet is to be bought by players what does the Suscribers gets ?
--> Unrestricted access to the game no needs to buy Quest packs (Will explain that later).

Basically the system would be:
Main plot -> FTP + Subs (everybody can do the story)
Repeatables (Heroics and all) -> Subs (unlimited) + FTP (First serie)
Reputation -> Subs (unlilmited) + FTP (Limited to the first two level of reputation)
(There won't be other restrictions but in a way limiting Reputation will limits access to the vendor items.)

Money :
Since the expansion story would be for everyone we can't really stop people to go to the planet. However there's the one of my headscratcher : We need to pay for expansion (the First would cost more because of everything it introduce), but we have to stay comitted to allowing everybody to visit the planet.
How do we do that ^^ ?
One theory is to forget the subs , I mean don't consider their existence in the process and lets just works on who pays and who don't. Or maybe only subscribers can access the storyline quests ? As well as guys who have bought the expansion ? maybe it's a start. I'm just litteraly writing my ideas as they come at this point ^^.
So ordering the expansion will make you access to the Story Quest , and quest packs + goodies in game (speeders , set of armors etc etc)

""""""""" Ideas"""""""""""

Why these goodies can't include disguises ? Like when you change companion appearance we could change our appearance to be well like a Race we can't play in the game like wookies , etc ? Hm ?

"""""""""End of the ideas""""""""

Quest Packs :
The idea here is to make the most out of each planets and extend their use during the whole year of expansion (One planet per year mean you have a full year to discover the new planet) , Adding one (or more) quest pack , a side story if you want , could be an awesome way to add content, makes for everyone fantasy and all. I can be related to the main plot or be completely non-related.
Including that kind of mini extension to the big expansion makes more money for the studios and more content.
For all those coming at me with forks and pikes let's remind that Sector X already exist it's not something out my hat.

So ,
Expansion : 1 Main Story quest + Side quest + Quest Pack + Reputation.
Pre-ordering the expansion trough 3 form :
1) Basic pack (Story Quest + Side quest + reputation + One set of Planet related armor exclusive to pre-order)
2) Veteran Pack (Basic Pack + another set of armor + a vehicule)
3) Master pack (Veteran Pack + New class unlocked + Another vehicules + a special companion + something ^^ )

Quest pack coming one month after.
New Class (Galactic Officer / Force Adept) unlockable trough CM on release day (and after of course).

So this solved we get back to my problem.
Starting the game level 60 with a new script for everybody ? Free ? CC ?
I think that we could really play the expansion intro "War on Onderon" at level 1-20 , you discover your powers and all. But after that there's still 50 level to get before being able to get access to level 70.
Or you play at level 60 the intro much like The Hunt chapter of KotFE, but way longer. you have 10 level to make during the intro and easily so you get to level 70.
Or you just create new class names...I mean refunding the old class into new ones whitout any system changes only your story will be different.
I mean it's basically SWTOR 3 we talking (or I'm talking since nearly nobody post in my thread haha) so having a new system could be good.

Work like this : War on Onderon is the first step to the new expansion , the funding event. Everybody will be called on duty , either as the former commander of the Alliance, or as a regular guy.
As for Zakuul veterans => You'll just have a Planet-like story to do, bring you the news of the expansion etc.
As for beginners => You'll go trough the same quest but it'll be a first for you as you discover the game itself.

Character created level 60 won't have access to all previous content such as Ilum , Makeb , Shadow of Revan etc...
(It's a bit harsh I know but it's a way to prevent these newly created character to access rest of the game while allowing new player into the game. If you have a better idea let me know.
That's all Folks ^^ , "War on Onderon" for another time.

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08.27.2018 , 06:16 AM | #12
SWTOR is not an "FTP based MMORPG". It's a subscription-based MMORPG with an extended free trial option.
Something you find difficult is a lesson on how to play better, not a punishment for playing badly.
To go to Belsavis, you must go to Belsavis.
Latest patch notes at

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08.27.2018 , 08:41 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
SWTOR is not an "FTP based MMORPG". It's a subscription-based MMORPG with an extended free trial option.
Exactly. Still it doesn't negate all the things I wrote I hope

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08.30.2018 , 05:00 AM | #14
I'm wondering if Im' clear with all the money things I've said.
Anyway , let's talk about the "War on Onderon"

I was thinking that the quest volume , and the size of the map could be on a Coruscant level (with some less area).
Between the city of Iziz , held by the republic , and the rebels camp held by the Empire (where also the anti-monarchy-Vaklu-like-opposition is).
The City is under siege and all the exterior defenses are a wild no man's land with trenches and mines etc. Visually it's chaos , Empire from one side shooting at Republican soldier from the other side. (Something very oddly we haven't seen so much in the game ^^)
Our player wether being a veteran from Zakuul events or a new one is gathered at the command center of his faction and get his orders.
I'm figuring out that new players can have a mini intro where they try to land on the planet get shot and you and 2 of your guy (your 2 companions) will have to rally the command center accross the jungle (for Imperials) and crash in the disputed area of Iziz (for Republic). Thus adding a walktrough start for new characters (very similar to what the soldier get but anyway)
Zakuul Veteran (ZV) will land without troubles to the command center (timing right when the new character arrives at the command center).
Possibly both parties crash into the city and have to regroup at their command center from their crash site.
That's the first part of the War on Onderon.

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09.04.2018 , 02:53 AM | #15
Part Two:
Freshly arrived at your command center that the Ennemy launch a big assault and you've to defend your position.
As for next you've been tasking to participate (new player) lead (as ZV) an assault. Before that a series of quest needs to be done to prepare the ground to charge and break Ennemy lines.
These quest are simultanous allowing neither position to be taken and adding some shades of PVP possibility depending of the player choice.
Since frontal assault seems to be a very bad option, someone suggest infiltrating ennemy lines. Stealing a ships is required. You've to join the space battle in orbit to aboard a ennemy cruiser alongside your faction's marines and steal a shuttle to land behind ennemy lines.
Once it's done you bravely make your way trough a lot of ennemies and upon arriving at the supposed command center of the ennemy you realized that you were tricked , the command center is well aware of your presence and you find yourself trapped.....
It's the same formula for both faction , neither the Republic or the empire proving to be efficient with their tactics. And next part 3 coming sooner.

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09.07.2018 , 09:42 AM | #16
Part 3 of War on Onderon.

Now a prisoner of war you've to escape by yourself , you're dressed as a prisoner, without weapon and can only use bare hands. Bombs allow you to get out of your cell. You know it's your own side bombing the prison (either they know it's a prison or not is a mystery so far for your character. You'll have to escape and get weapons. Once you leave the buidling it's blown by a air strike. Your companions react according to their script , one being furious that your faction doesn't care for their soldiers. The other being trustful they didn't know and it's a legitimate target anyway (yeah you sure want to kick him in the mouth). Depending of your choice you'll side more with one or the other.
You'll have to make it trough chaos again, a prisoner giving you small quests to access a facility where a walker is waiting for you, once you did the 3 missions (Opening the door after getting codes on a officer / find a energy cell / kill the pilot and his co-pilots) you'll lead a path for the prisoners to follow out of this area.
You get back to your command center and have to deal with your companion reacting to the bombing of the prison. It's the second time and you could really side with one or the other.
Considering you'll have to pick a side (between your companion opinion) you'll have a total of 3 occasion to side. choosing twice the same companion will make it impossible to side with the other.

Part 4 another day.

N.B the command will either say they didn't know (republic) , or it was a legitimate target (Empire) your pro faction companion will side with it and the other won't.
N.B2 : For republic players prisoners have been taken to a jungle camp , and steal a fighter (rail shooter style) for the escape.

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09.12.2018 , 08:50 AM | #17
I wil lspend time to write about a point that have come in my mind.
It specifically concern the player who did the 2 Zakuul story.

What happen to your companion ?
It's a pretty hard question as many of you wanted to go with staying as a "zakuul man" at the helm of the alliance and thus defending Zakuul. But while this make sens , It doesn't seems logic that all of your companions follow you on this path.
Now there's no more "Big ennemy" and the alliance still doesn't have a Fleet able to compete with either the Empire or the Republic why a bunch of your allies would stay ?
Some only joined you because of their leader inability to fight against Arcann's tyranny. Now would they engage a fight against their former people ? I believe they won't.
Aygo , Jorgan , Rusk , Dorn are all Republic bond and believe that the Republic is the solution , maybe not the perfect one but still their choice.
Pierce , Quinn, Xalek , Drellik are Imperials , and still believe that the Empire is their home.
Hylo Viz , Gault, Nico Okarr , Kaliyo , Oggurob doesn't really feel like working without a true motive , so going back to their business is always in their mind.
Torian, Akaavi are Mandalorians , why would they stay away from the Clans if they are rearming as Khomo implies it.
Skadge is a Black Sun man after all and wouldn't mind going back at it.
Koth , Senya , Arcann are Zakuulians , and willing to defend Zakuul.
There is other that just are not that important and that could perfectly work elsewhere.
That left only Theron and Lana as your true remaining partners. And that's perfectly fine with me. I don't even use all the partners it's just boring to have everybody. (Since playing a Mandalorian I mainly use Torian so)

The solution is simly to put them in the sub-faction they are suposed to be in.
Republic Army => Aygo & co
Imperial Army => Quinn & co
Hutt Cartel => Oggurob
Adascorp => Yuun ?
Mandalorians => Torian Akaavi (Mako ?)
Czerka => Drellik ? (could be)

Joining either faction will grant you these companions back, or having to face them sometimes. More importantly lore-wise it add some already known faces to each factions. While they are not leading the faction (because some players could have killed some of them sooooo...) but being important as veterans.
Anyway that's a possibility. Also , some companions could later returns as Friend/foe in planets exetensions (bowdaar x Qyzen on Kashyyk anyone ?)

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09.23.2018 , 02:43 PM | #18
What are people thougthts on this ?

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09.23.2018 , 03:59 PM | #19
You've got creativity and imagination but I doubt we'll see any of this unless you switch to head canon.

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09.24.2018 , 07:46 AM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by Paulsutherland View Post
You've got creativity and imagination but I doubt we'll see any of this unless you switch to head canon.
Maybe I will