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Crew Skill-Mats not deducted from plan when crafting

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Crew Skill-Mats not deducted from plan when crafting

Kyrielan's Avatar

02.24.2020 , 11:17 PM | #1
Lately I've noticed that the number of items that can be crafted does not reduce when I chose to craft them. For example: I have 10 Grenades and tell Lana to craft 5. I still says I can craft 10, but in truth I can only craft 5 more.

I wasn't really sure if to post this in crew skills or bugs, so if you need to move to bugs please do.

Thank you-Kyrielan Whitestar

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

02.25.2020 , 12:47 AM | #2
It's a bug for sure, one that came in with 6.0. People have been commenting on the various forms it takes ever since, although a bit less recently, perhaps because 6.0 crafting is ... fraught.
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