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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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07.10.2018 , 07:19 AM | #9511
Quote: Originally Posted by Padabiene View Post
As rantboi said, in that particular case standing together does the trick as well. They're all melee adds, so they come to you anyway. You only get stragglers when people start running around. LOS makes sense if there's ranged adds in the mix that wouldn't move otherwise.
I mean, if you feel comfortable with that tactic that's fine. My only experience with it, as written above, was impractical and made the fight longer than necessary: 45 seconds of standing around because the boss wasn't pulled with the adds at the start. Having to run really far to the next Kolto so the dude with aggro doesn't die (wasn't even the 70, it was the poor 56 Merc) and out of range, losing dps. Having to run all the way back because the boss was out of sight behind the pylon. And it somehow made me a pig. So yeah, not a fan.
Ah I see it now, I completely missed the Kolto point. I do it in MM where there is no Kolto, heck I sometimes even try to use the pylons to LOS his laser attack, nevermind me then. Either tactic is fine tbh, as long as the group gets to kill the boss.
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07.13.2018 , 07:04 AM | #9512
Nathema vet, last boss, second part, can't get it finished. Everyone dies but me, one guy stays rest quit while I am still engaged on the boss...

I SOLO the rest of the boss from about 75%! Scoundrel 70 scrapper

He compliments (BTW my first time doing that boss in anything other then solo) we then proceed to find the lore object, kill all the escaped creatures (achieve) and duo the light/dark extra boss pair. Great dude!
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07.14.2018 , 04:50 AM | #9513
Quote: Originally Posted by Padabiene View Post
Second boss he does that weird tactic of pulling the Adds behind the pylon. Never had seen that before
I see this a lot, and in my guild it's an often-used, valid tactic. Especially in Karagga's Palace and in the entry area of Red Reapers.
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07.14.2018 , 06:57 AM | #9514
Alrik, I wasn't talking about LOS in general. I have seen that before, too. Just not for this particular boss fight.

Quote: Originally Posted by FlameYOL View Post
Ah I see it now, I completely missed the Kolto point. I do it in MM where there is no Kolto, heck I sometimes even try to use the pylons to LOS his laser attack, nevermind me then. Either tactic is fine tbh, as long as the group gets to kill the boss.
Yeah, I figured it might work better with a healer.

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08.01.2018 , 06:08 AM | #9515
Random vet, Deception sin lvl 70 242/246. Blood Hunt, 1 lvl 36 sin and 2 lvl 70, do not remember what classes. Well, BH is one of those I really disslike to pug. But I tought since everyone else go, I do not be first who drop out. Aaaand, thats the weird wipes, no deaths no nothing, all knew what to do and one of best flashpoint lately. It was real fun

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08.08.2018 , 09:26 AM | #9516
Just had the most idiotic run of trial and error. 4 dps, as usual. others turn into rakghouls and I turn too, figuring someone was after some achievements. On dual bosses, one guy runs ahead and "summons" all raks at once, ignores them in favor of a boss - we all die. 1 player was clearly wiser than me and left at that point.
Rambo (not their name, rather their hobby) summons a comp, we die one more time before killing them (comp dying instantly). Die, again in electric room ( ignoring mobs, I think) . die again at last boss not to adds, but to aoe.
The other 2 decide to turn into rakghouls, the other player losing their comp in the process. Rambo says he'll be healing.Rambo lies.
I summon lvl 50 comp and use heroic moment, because, why not extra healing? we click buttons, rambo attacks boss, doesn't kill adds, my comp dies, rambo and other person die to aoe on phase2. I die to boss/********.
We all leave, sends me what I think is a "drawing" of a *****. I was salty and told him to use tactics next time.
Accused me of showing off for summoning a comp - at least that's what I think it was for -and blocked me.
Equal parts confused and annoyed.
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08.12.2018 , 03:00 PM | #9517
Had a KP where the DPS was god awful slow, and my co tank was rather incompetent. One of the DPS was a Shadow who not only ninja looted, but at times did nothing at all during the fights. Karagga enraged, and I left to do my own lockout run.

Leveling my Sent on DM, got Red Reaper. The Commando who took on tanking duties(we had no DWT) was a bit of a butt, calling me the R word because apparently I didn't do a LOS properly. Then we got to the bridge with the 3 Sith with a knockback. Now the other two players were a low level Sage and Commando. Both have knockbacks; Sents do not. Well, only Smarty Pants knew to knockback the Sith. The other two didn't. So I made a snotty comment directed at the other two, and Smarty Pants threw a fit, thinking I was snapping at him. I said it was directed at the other two and got no reply.
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08.12.2018 , 04:21 PM | #9518
Why bring a cotank to kp? Have a dps queue as tank, less enraging, kill stuff faster.

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08.12.2018 , 06:05 PM | #9519
Quote: Originally Posted by KendraP View Post
Why bring a cotank to kp? Have a dps queue as tank, less enraging, kill stuff faster.
Bringing a co-tank also makes stuff easier on 2nd boss.
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08.12.2018 , 06:19 PM | #9520
The Story of the Silent Operation Group

Joined an in-progress Group Finder Gods from the Machine run earlier today after someone was asking around in fleet for a DPS because their other one DC'd right as they got to Tyth. I jump into the op, and say hello. Nobody says a thing, not even the guy who invited me (who was talking earlier.) I proceed to the boss room where everyone is waiting, and someone initiates a ready check. One healer doesn't respond. There isn't so much as a poke emote as the ready check is initiated several times over by different people, while the giant droid with anger issues stares at us, perhaps boiling over inside. Eventually, the healer returns, and Tyth goes down without a hitch.

In between, through clearing trash, I realize that I don't have the op mission, and ask for someone to share it after we've reached the next boss room, which is Aviela/Esne. No response. Someone accidentally fires at one of the setpieces when there are still players on their way to the room, and the tanks promptly jump off the cliff, presumably to restart the fight. Everyone else either does the same or /stuck. Either way, nobody says even a yip as we respawn in the starting area and head back to the room. I politely ask for class buffs once we have all regrouped, and get neither a response nor a buff in turn, and another request for the operation mission is met with silence.

We start the fight anyway, and we wipe in the last phase because someone focused and destroyed the nexus early, giving the bosses their overdrive buff. There was no sort of communication between the group that I could see, even when group members went down there was no "don't/do attack this/that."

This is how the last phase went:

Me: "Don't attack nexus, bosses will get buffed"

One sentinel with 230 rating: *continues to attack nexus*

Rest of group: *silence through everyone wiping until I'm the only one left and jump off*

After the wipe, we tried again. This time, we wipe again despite the nexus not being targeted this time around. No communication. I decided to leave the group and explained to them my reason for leaving. I don't know whether they were in voice chat in discord or elsewhere, as everyone was from a different guild.