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Unable to Log Into a European Sever

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Unable to Log Into a European Sever

MohanOddBall's Avatar

07.20.2021 , 11:59 AM | #1
Hi anyone experiencing this issue? I was in a middle of a game, showed that there was no connection in the game, checked my mobile hotspot it was fine as i was able to stream a youtube video, returned to the game only to be exited to the sever selection screen, when i try logging into any European sever, its says Error with the connection, however American severs are completely fine.

evelinehu's Avatar

07.20.2021 , 01:19 PM | #2
At least you can log in, the game suddenly froze while I was talking to NPC, then I quit, now it's stuck in the loading screen, and I have no idea what to do