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Guild (F2P) Dude

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04.21.2021 , 12:53 PM | #1
I created a guild while I was a subscriber and obviously there was no problem but at the end of the subscription I lost the rank of master and passed to a member of the guild with a high rank, luckily he was a friend and he has returned the rank of master, My question here now is, by returning the master rank to me, the ranks have been reset and the guild has become a "free2play guild", will I automatically lose the rank again or will I be able to keep it even though I am not a subscriber?

I know that 30 days of inactivity make you lose the rank but I don't know if by being preferred now it is also automatically lost to give it to a random subscriber member.

I would also like to know if there is any way to maintain your position as guild master within a guild (except in the case of 30 days of inactivity) is there any way to remain the leader even if you are not a subscriber?

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04.21.2021 , 02:32 PM | #2
This link outlines the rules of guild management.

Short version, the guild was made a F2P guild once a non-sub was leader. The guild will remain a F2P guild so long as the leader is not a sub. If you subscribe, or if you pass leadership to a sub, then the guild will become a subscriber guild again. But, if your sub status changes then the same thing will happen again and you will lose the lead spot. The only way to ensure that you retain leadership of the guild when your sub status changes is to remove all other subscribers from the guild (the easier thing to do is just kick everyone).

As a F2P guild there are some restrictions. Primarily among them is that the guild is completely barred from access the guild bank. Anyone with authorization can continue to use the storage, but no one, including subs, can deposit or withdraw funds. That will impact your ability to expand the guild ship, use guild summons, and purchase guild perks.
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