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been gone six months, have I .. ..

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been gone six months, have I .. ..

achnaatfour's Avatar

06.02.2022 , 04:31 AM | #1
Been gone for the past six months, I knew I wasn't getting back where I left at, and new characters (Ships) to mention.
but my average hit percentage was 40-45, but now like 27%,
Maybe the low damage is due to unskilled ships, I think my average damage has been 10k like for the past week, far from the 45-65k I used to get.
Assist don't want to go there, always 17+, now 3 to 8

Did I get that Bad ? (Probably) or did some numbers been changed to reflect the low damage, assist and percentage. I swear I see more kills over the screen (CHAT) , then what the score card sez.

I've been gone before but only a few bad scoring matches at the start, Surely not as bad as this tho

as side note, one thing hasn't changed, I still get on the teams that want to travel across the map and not fly in groups, while the other team does

Achnaatthree's Avatar

06.22.2022 , 12:58 AM | #2
yeah I guess 24% hit is going to be the best I can do now, 10k -20k the average damage.
and Kills . .what kills, screen sez I got kill, but its not registering

Still stuck on teams that go in one at a time, and in dom, don't fight on SATs .

right now just to get (on two Accounts) Activity Finder: Pinnacle, it's taking me 8 match's with both accounts, to get 10 activity finders. Tha'ts 16 matches of just being on a losing team

Verain's Avatar

06.22.2022 , 12:23 PM | #3
Just statistically you shouldn't have a lose rate of that much less than 50%. If there's some premade on that always wins AND the matchmaker is only making 8s AND there's only one game at a time, you should still have a win rate of 33% while those worst-case things persist. So if you are losing a ton of games in a row, that's just bad luck.

To my knowledge nothing big changed about GSF from 7.X. The display of text is a bit worse or different, and there's a new rare bug that makes the game unplayable (which neither I nor my team has ever seen), but that's about it I think.
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Achnaatthree's Avatar

06.27.2022 , 09:10 PM | #4
there was one time I spawn without ship, then was just doing circles, didn't think of trying /stuck, too frustrated to think, and just exit the match

I was more venting out loud, but my main problem is connection, My end, it's not lag, it's Latency, I'll have as much lag as I do playing on a Pentium 4, well lil less then a P4.
But it is bad luck, always ( majority of the time) on a Unskillful team, yes I'm solo queuing, but my luck is very bad there. I mean top pilot on score board in team, and don't even have 20k damage has happen multiple times' eh few close to 30k.
my hit percentage used to always be between 40-50%, now All I see is 24%, have no idea what's going on there.

frustrating? . . yeah
Still having fun ?. . it's there, just not like it used to be

the change to XP I think was good, now I don't have a lvl 70+ and still at the beginning of chapter 1

Achnaatthree's Avatar

06.28.2022 , 12:53 PM | #5
forgot to mention, with the latency,, it'sike they have Aft cannons, not even looking at me, just one shot out of their butts

Achnaattwo's Avatar

07.31.2022 , 11:08 PM | #6
OK, nothing improved, I'm having my normal hit percentage, kills and assist, but I'm doing less then half the damage I used to, well kills not really back to normal according to the score card.
I didn't think much until lately, since I started doing War Zones, been a month, but was curious even there, I'm basically doing half damage or heals. So I kept track in my head both WZ and GSF, and I am doing about half damage, , This is making it frustrating to keep coming back, but I do.
IN GSF going from 60-70k damage to 8--14k damage is not right, I don't see any thing in the Patch notes to explain it.

if there is something else to grip about, is how the hell, are they keeping locks when there is an object place in between, don't work for me !?!? I lose a lock with nothing in between, it's locking, not locking , locking, not locking, and all the time they're still in range

catsi's Avatar

08.01.2022 , 10:42 AM | #7
Several ships got boosts to evasion specifically strikes which might account for the lowered damage though thats hardly conclusive my own damage numbers are pretty good but even ive had 15-20 kill games where my damage was sub par just managed to vulture a lot of kills

as for missile locks either lag / server latency may play into that. ive eaten protorps when i was behind a pilot it happens the further outside the center recticle your target is the more likely the lock is to break also EMP pulse can break locks so its possible for that to be a cause
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Achnaattwo's Avatar

08.02.2022 , 09:39 AM | #8
oh yeah, latency . . strange, I guess it would have effected both, don't know why, think I was getting frustrated, and was not thinking about that