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TOR Lore: Dreshdae

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06.28.2022 , 03:16 PM | #1

Dreshdae was a Sith settlement, partially administered by Czerka Corporation, created by BioWare for its 2003 game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The settlement appeared two years later in Star Wars Tales 23, depicting it about 37 years prior to the events of the game. There's been no appearance or mention of Dreshdae anywhere in the SWTOR canon (the game, comics, novels, etc.), and I think many KOTOR fans might be eager to learn what Dreshdae’s status in the game’s timeline is. Here’s some basic info about the settlement:

LOCATION: Korriban
ALLEGIANCE: Sith Empire, Sith Order
STATUS: Unknown
KEY FACTS: Visited by Jedi during terentatek hunt; visited by Revan during Star Map search
NOTABLE LOCATIONS: spaceport, The Drunk Side cantina

Where is Dreshdae located exactly?
Assembling the different area maps of Korriban from KOTOR, we see Dreshdae is accessed from the opposite side of the Sith Academy from Valley of the Dark Lords. There’s an additional entrance to the Academy then a brief walk to the settlement. Now--when Star Wars games are produced, there's always all kinds of seeming discrepancies or irregularities with lore or geography. What I think we can deduce from comparing the KOTOR maps to the map of Korriban in SWTOR is that there may be another entrance to the Sith Academy on the back side (west by the SWTOR map), and that the Dreshdae settlement should lie just to the west of the Academy.

What's the current status of Dreshdae?
Dreshdae hasn’t even been mentioned in the SWTOR body of work. We can reasonably infer it may be an active Sith settlement, but with considerably more restrictive access requirements than when it was visited by Revan in KOTOR. Charles Boyd offered some ideas on Twitter about Dreshdae’s current residents. I expect we only might see Sith (Dark Councilors and their retinues, prominent Sith, Academy overseers, students on pass) in the settlement; the Imperial presence might be restricted to a garrison of the Korriban Regiment for defense and Imperial Reclamation Service personnel who might use the settlement as a launch point for planetary expeditions.

Is the Dreshdae spaceport still in use?
In KOTOR, Revan and his crew land the Ebon Hawk in Dreshdae’s Czerka-administered spaceport. In SWTOR, there’s an orbital station over the planet where player characters dock their ships before taking shuttles to the surface. If access to Korriban is more restrictive than in Revan’s time (as I expect it is), presumably only Dark Council members or prominent Sith may land directly on Korriban without having to go through the added layer of security of docking at the orbital station.


Below are key historical events where Dreshdae either appeared itself or may have been affected from events elsewhere on Korriban.

  • BTC 340: Following the end of the Great Sith War, the Jedi undertook the task of hunting and destroying terentateks across the galaxy. On Korriban, three Jedi arrived in Dreshdae seeking knowledge of one of the Sithspawn on the planet. Two of the Jedi were later killed by the great beast. ( Shadows and Light, Star Wars Tales 23, Dark Horse Comics, 2005 )

  • BTC 303: Revan passed through Dreshdae during his search for a Star Map. ( Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, 2003 )

  • BTC 28: First Battle of Korriban. This was among the first engagements between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic after the former’s reemergence from a millennia-long seclusion. After 1,300 years, Korriban was back under the control of the true Sith. ( Return cinematic trailer )
  • BTC 25: Second Battle of Korriban. The Sith Emperor’s traitorous apprentice, Exal Kressh, provided the Republic with intelligence to attack the planet while she attempted to thwart the creation of the Children of the Empire. ( Star Wars: The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire, Act 3: Burn the Future, Dark Horse Comics, 2010 )
  • BTC 7: Third Battle of Korriban. The Republic fleet attacked the planet following the Empire’s failed invasion of Ord Radama as part of the broader Rim campaign. The Empire secured a quick victory and pursued Republic forces to the Ziost system. ( Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side, Becker&mayer!, 2012 )

  • c. ATC 15: Battle of Korriban. This attack occurred almost simultaneously with the Empire’s attack on the Jedi homeworld of Tython and was later revealed to be incited by the Revanites. ( Shadow of Revan )
  • c. ATC 16: Korriban was among the first planets attacked by the Eternal Empire of Zakuul, with some fighting occurring near the Sith Academy. ( Sacrifice cinematic trailer )


BioWare does a fantastic job of constantly calling back to its previous games or the Tales of the Jedi comics when expanding the game’s lore and story. Some things I’d like to see in the future with regard to Dreshdae are:

  • Open-World Dreshdae Access. I fall into the camp of players that would rather see BioWare expand existing planets over adding new ones. Again, looking at the KOTOR maps and comparing them to SWTOR, it looks like Dreshdae sits just to the west of the Sith Academy. I think it would be super cool, particularly for roleplayers like myself, to have access to a large Dreshdae area on Korriban. RPers like me don't need new combat systems, new tokens, new gear, new fight mechanics, etc., to find pleasure in this game. We derive satisfaction from storytelling and worldbuilding. BioWare could add Dreshdae to Korriban, maybe throw in a couple vendors and GTNs, but otherwise leave it free of enemy NPCs and such and just offer this as something for RPers and players who like to explore the Star Wars galaxy.
  • Codex Entries / Exploration Quests. Like I said above, RPers and certain other players don't need the whole expansion-sized package of more PvE/PvP content, gear changes, etc., to find pleasure in this game. Just added a large open-world Dreshdae area for RP and exploration would be great enough. But it would certainly be neat to see BioWare add some non-combat content features to an area like this. Discovering Codex Entries that expand on the lore and worldbuilding of the area would be neat, and also maybe some simple, but fun, exploration achievements.
  • STRONGHOLD! I know Korriban is toward the top of the list for many players of where they'd like to have their next SH. A Dreshdae domicile or estate would be super cool.

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07.01.2022 , 09:31 PM | #2
I agree with adding it to SWTOR: However -
one aspect you don't go into is possibly changes to Czerka since the time of Revan and the time period in which SWTOR is set: - namely:
1. The first Czerka we encounter as Empire Character is on Hutta. This is on a Hutt-aligned world, so any partiality to Empire or Republic is not noticed.
2. We encounter Czerka researchers on Tatooine who are working alongside republic. They are flagged as anti-imperial. (no, not the zombie ones that have been turned, but regular czerka types I think in Jungland somewhere)
3. Czerka headquarters on Corellia at the end of the vanilla game sequence is flagged as anti-imperial. It is on Incorporated Islands.
CZ-198 is flagged enemy for both factions. Same with flashpoints.
We Can purchase czerka made weapons/ speeders, etc both factions. That's cause they are an arms dealer.
Czerka later aligns with the Republic in Star Wars, and flips to the Empire when Palps proclaims it. They then go with the New Republic after they win.

So - in the time frame of SWTOR, Czerka possibly might not operate the Spaceport any longer.
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