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Extreme Swoop Racing - Race on Belsavis! (Star Forge Event)

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Extreme Swoop Racing - Race on Belsavis! (Star Forge Event)

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12.08.2021 , 12:38 PM | #1
On January 8th, the Elite Swoop League (pubside guild) will be hosting another cross-planet race, this time on Belsavis! Thanks to donations from the community and being sponsored by Giradda the Hutt, the prizes are HUGE:

1st: 1 billion credits
2nd: 350 million credits
3rd: 150 million credits

This event is more than just a race; it is meant to help guilds work together to form a team around racers. There are many roles that can become part of the event. Here is what you will need to know:

RACERS: this is, of course, the central piece of the event. It's a race, so it can't happen without racers. The racers will run the race course (which starts near the Prison Administration Center area and ends near the Oasis Republic Post area) through the PVP instance of Belsavis. During the race, all the racers will be in an ops group along with at least one official from the Elite Swoop League. Racers are allowed to use any gear they want, any mount they want, have any guild bonuses that the guild will afford them, and use any route that they think will get them from the starting line to the finish line fastest. Racers are NOT allowed to use heroic transports, use Rakata transport devices, leave the racers' ops group, leave the PVP instance of Belsavis, quick travel, legacy transport, use a taxi, use a flagship summons, or die (as this may allow them to respawn closer to the finish line), and these actions will result in automatic disqualification from the race and removal from the racers' ops group by the ops leader. All other abilities are permitted. YOU MAY DISMOUNT AT ANY TIME, but understand that you will be slower if you are not mounted. You may use stealth if you so choose also.
One additional thing - as racers are not the only piece of the event, there are things that the racers must do PRIOR to the race. Every racer must "register" for the race by contacting me in-game (pubside toon name is "Whiskey Runaway"). There is an entry fee that must be posted prior to the race, but it can be cut substantially (see below):
500k - the starting entry fee for racers who are NOT racing as representatives of a guild.
5k - the starting entry fee for racers who ARE representing a guild (a 99% discount)!
An additional 70% discount is afforded to those who follow a theme for their mount choice in the race. For Belsavis, the following will get you this discount: Aratech Nethian, Gurian Blasterbolt, Morlinger Nighthawk, Irakie Vulture, Lergo Agitator, Lergo Enforcer, Ikas Firestarter, Roche Widow, Orlean Flurry, Z-4C Slingshot, Meirm Caiman, Czerka Enforcer, Koensayr Dart, Vectron Hunter, Tobus Prowler, and any Varactyl mount. This discount would bring the fee down to 150k for a guildless racer, and down to 1.5k for a racer representing a guild.

PVPers - Racers ARE allowed to organize groups of friends, guildmates, or contracted mercenaries to help them in the race. Aside from racing officials, no non-racers are allowed in the racers' ops group. However, racers can have friends that form groups to either protect them from threats such as PVPers (or in other words, act as bodyguards) or act as attackers who support their racer by harassing the opposing racers. There is no rule that I can enforce uniformly against PVPers, so they are allowed to do anything they can think of to either attack or protect racers, just so long as none of the race rules are broken by the racers in so doing. PVPers may provide a crucial edge - as simply stunning a racer will typically add at least 20 seconds to their race time, thus giving the other racers a greater chance to win, and if a racer is hopelessly behind, they can still win if PVPers take out the racer who is ahead (as dying does result in disqualification).

BETTORS/FANS - Part of the reason that racers must register with me is that prior to the race, a betting pool with in-game credits will be available. The bets are organized into tiers, each tier purchasing so many "shares" of the total betting pool if the racer it is placed upon comes in first place. The betting pool starts at 10 million credits and grows with each bet placed. Bets can only be placed on the overall winner - no bets on the 2nd place finisher or other places will be accepted. Each bet comes with a 10k fee called the "racer's cut." The racer, so long as he/she shows up to the race, will receive this fee regardless of whether they win the race or not. This means that if a racer has 10 bets placed on him/her, he/she would receive 100k automatically at the end of the race. If the racer no-shows, then they will not be given any racer's cut profits they otherwise would have earned.

Now, there is a reason for the tiers. The tiers are set so as to provide a uniform manner in distributing winnings if multiple bettors have placed bets on the winning racer. If you wish to bet, you may choose any tier you'd like - the "racer's cut" remains the same. Regardless of whether you do a Tier One (the minimum bet, 50k bet + 10k racer's cut) or a Tier Ten (500mil bet + 10k racer's cut), the racer's cut will remain the same at 10k. As you go up in tiers, the amount per "share" that you purchase decreases. For example, a Tier One bet purchases you 1 share of the prize pool if you make a winning bet for 60k (60k credits per share), while a Tier Ten bet purchases you 10,000 shares of the prize pool if you make a winning bet for 500,010,000 credits (50,001 credits per share).
Bettors and fans can place as many bets on as many racers as they would like. Racers are not allowed to place bets, even if it is on themselves.

If you would like to join the race and/or see more info on this race and upcoming ones, I suggest you join this discord:

I also uploaded a very amateur video explaining the race course to YouTube. Here it is if you'd care to watch:

And if you have any questions, let me know!