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I want Star Wars to be my favorite again

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I want Star Wars to be my favorite again

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07.30.2022 , 04:30 PM | #1
Before you rage-reply me hear me out.

I am 41 years old. I have enjoyed Star Wars my entire life. I saw RotJ at a very young age and of course immersed myself in all the rest. I wish I could speak directly to many of the people responsible for being such a large part of who I am and thank them! Whether you accept this or not, I am a Star Wars fan, truly.

However... I have been demoralized. With the terrible stories of 7,8 and 9. With books leaning towards shock value vs. fun science fiction fantasy (drama vs. uplifting). With everyone seemingly so bent on reality tv vs. a fun sitcom without politics, we are left with so little escapism and "fun"! Positive fun vs. drama obsession. Consider the difference. There is a huge one!

Star Wars for me was always such great, imagination-inducing fun.

TOR, you have failed. Yeah yeah, whatever know-it-all's, let me explain my point of view first. It *has* failed for this fan meaning true. Why? Because it followed all the negative societal corruption bs I just wrote above vs. fun.

I beg you, people, community, developers: ** Re-visit your past! ** Visit it with an open and clear mind, like an out-of-body experience. Observe when/where Star Wars became such a WONDERFUL thing to you! I can almost guarantee, you had "FUN". Not obsession/seduction, but simple fun. You were not, whatsoever involved in Poe-like drama. You didn't say/feel inside, "awwwwwe that is so sad, disappointing or awful but what a good story".... NO. You did not do this when it came to how you fell in love with Star Wars, that is not what true Star Wars is all about. No, you said, "I love (as in, affection not obsession) this character/story and I want them to WIN!" And unless you're messed up in the head, the character/story was not a bad guy, anti-hero or destructive. It was something you emotionally got behind and cheered for in a positive light.


Maybe it has something to do with "choose your own adventure" advertising/game developing and the gray mentality consequence of that. I honestly am unsure. But I can say I have played all classes and delved correctly into their pre-determined if not stereotypical mindset. I rooted for the good guys, selfishly pursued goals as the bad guys but knowing full well (in Star Wars) my bad guys deserved an attitude check by the next passing Jedi. Is that because I'm not inheritably evil? Or just able to discern right vs. wrong? But we build up the evil or bad guy? How many trailers have we gotten where a great good guy must fall for shock value to the big bad? Food for thought.

The first mistake it seems Every creative person has been making over the past decade is "Shock Value". Look at Abrams: He takes established stories and handily destroys them, to create his own. Star Trek now has an entirely different timeline, called Kelvin because of one guy's pen. Then he takes Star Wars and decides all the good vibes at the very end of RotJ was so incredibly short lived that it effectively says the first 6 movies were for nothing. Then there's author Salvatore killing Chewbacca in Vector Prime. Or Denning killing Anakin Solo in Star by Star. And more!

You people are DRUNK WITH POWER. The power of that pen; creativity. And you have abused that power.

I bring it back to TOR. This game was special. For a lot of reasons and for a lot of people. And the connections to other stories was HUGE; the possibilities enormous. Even fan favorites such as Dark Forces lore and the possibility of some gigantic climatic battle (Valley of the Jedi). But then because of a lot of stupid people deciding to be lazy and not wanting to play in Lucas' sand box we get "legends" vs. "canon". What a pandora box that was! This released bad intent. And since the rules relaxed, the foolish ruined with creativity outside of the fanbase. It's easy to forget the genre you're in when there is nothing to stop you. It's easy to forget that even in Myths there are *rules*. No one would ever accept Zeus throwing icicles instead of lightning bolts, that would be outside of the mythos rules. Get it?

Because most don't for some odd reason.

A lot of creators of anything Star Wars have lost their senses and decided to do whatever the heck they want and it has had terrible consequences. I mean this and with a very heavy heart I say it not as condemnation but as a plea! Wake up! I am seeing some of this and I applaud it! Kenobi was a good series for example.

Again, judge me however the heck you want, I am being very logical here while pleading to the void. TOR is an example where a franchise like Star Wars can be really great. With the support of its community and the respect and *sober* creative staff of those developing content.

So where is my disappointment with TOR? Where to begin? The most recent updates have underwhelmed me again. How about I shotgun-throw some random things at you:

Malgus is alive? Well, if that doesn't feel like a waste of a Knights story (time waste). An emperor that became witchcraft/possessor? Very ep. 9 bs right there and it is not well received by many fans, understand this pen-wielder! Revan, his terrible fate (drama vs. hero) having to fight something you admire? That is trauma and dark vs. fun, not being able to "cheer" for a hero! Destinies of the big 8 classes becoming an amalgamation of one story meaning depending on who you're playing, all the others in that moment are dead? A huge focus on dark and dreary vs. anything lightside (If you want light, it has to be gray)? This made so many people play a "good" Sith or a "bad" Jedi. What a mind-screw that is!!! Remember, there are rules in the Mythos! And these ignored rules had no game consequence but there was plenty of psychological ones! A terrible focus on the destruction of established areas (Tython) that players, especially new ones, became accustomed to, like a home base? Nope, we've got to destroy for shock value. The proliferation of lightsabers when they are supposed to be very unique in the galaxy (KotFE, KotET)? All the other bs Abrams-akin KotFE, KotET stuff that was destructive in nature of tearing down another story to start a new one? I could go on and on and on. This is not responsible creativity. This is stupid uncontrolled behavior.

But how about just one more: Companions. Who the heck is truly okay with that story direction? The Devs basically gave every devoted player, the finger! All of us who invested time in their creative space were not respected and whether you like it or not, that is Exactly why many players left. Or became f2p. The Devs proclaimed, "You want to continue in this MMO, you must choose to ignore all the personal hours you put into your companions (especially pre-patch when upgrading a companion was important or any of the customizations you did) and be forced to watch many of their tragic demise" *or* quit. And many "did" quit. Or you did like me, and many of your characters wont progress past Shadow of Revan. But they say, "you can regain most of them on (all of your toons) through long drama-laden story arcs". This effectively, REMOVING all reason to have multiple class/characters; just pick your favorite otherwise you're going to have a huge grind which is zero fun. People play games to have "fun" how did we lose sight of this?

Who does this? Who doesn't understand that fanbase is how people delve and invest into the fiction of your creation? Destroy that fiction, damage it, make people feel they've wasted time and people "wake" from their escapism, recognize there's a lawn to mow, and basically (FU) and quit.

This is a terrible trend in the creative space. Creators have ZERO respect for the space the fans are occupying. And it's up to a community to push back and remind them of that mistake.

Star Wars has always been my favorite thing. The part of me that I love the most. And bless all of you creators who have ruined it. You have no idea how you have hurt and negatively impacted so many people. Bless you, I hope you someday realize the wrong you have done and be grateful you created at all. When you impact people, there is a responsibility to your actions. And everything we do... is a ripple in this pond of life.

I am STILL a Subscriber but I do not play going on 4 years since not actively playing. I hope and pray that one day this wonderful fiction of Star Wars can be a positive impact on people again. Positive for society as a whole and the world over as a shared fanbase, a shared like that we positively get behind vs. hanging our heads in the "bummer" of some character's tragic demise. Like it or not, remove yourself from it emotionally and look at it logically, it is no longer "positive". It's drama not fun fiction escapism. TOR, you "have" failed to be true to your subject matter.

It is our duty, All of us as a community, as "developers" as fans to understand that we all impact this galaxy, far far away. We have too long let it be ruined by those who have forgotten that "true" fanbase, the kind that uplifts and "prospers" is based on something "liked or loved", in the realm of positive. Not something "obsessed over" which is gray, middle, light/dark. Obsession can be dark. It can hurt, it can tear down and be a dysfunction. It can lead to drama, trauma and destruction, the **opposite** of "prosperous". An obsession-minded creator can enjoy Star Wars but not necessarily help it "prosper". Understand this. They can indeed cause it to be corrupt and disintegrate. On this topic, disintegrate is the loss of players and the demise of good storytelling. Think on this. It's all true.
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07.31.2022 , 05:38 AM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by _madmartigan View Post
You didn't say/feel inside, "awwwwwe that is so sad, disappointing or awful but what a good story"....
That's a pretty good description of The Empire Strikes Back, actually. And Revenge of the Sith. (Although it wasn't as good a story.)
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07.31.2022 , 09:50 PM | #3
Honestly, it sounds like you just grew out of Star Wars.