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Playing on 2nd Monitor

RemcoKoning's Avatar

01.29.2022 , 05:06 AM | #1
Hi Devs,

I would like to bring something to your attention...

My current Gaming setup is as follows:
- I have a Laptop containing an RTX 3070 Graphics card and a 2k screen (1440p).
- I also have a 2nd Monitor attached which is a 4k screen (2160p).

Obviously I play all my games (including SWTOR) on my 4k screen and preferably in 4k resolution too.

Here is the issue...
- When starting SWTOR, it always opens on my Main Monitor which is the Laptop screen (1440p).
- And when I search in the Graphics Settings in-game, I cannot find where I can select the Monitor on which I want to play my game. So, I will assume that Setting is not there at all.
- Also, I do not wish to touch my Windows Settings to change the Main Monitor to my 4k screen. This will cause Windows alerts and notifications to pop-up on my 4k screen too and this is really awkward and disturbing to my gameplay. So, those kinds of things I try to keep away from my 4k screen as much as possible.
- AND... When the game opens on my 2k screen and I try to switch the game to my 4k screen by using the Windows+Arrow Keys, the Settings for my Main Monitor (the 2k screen) also remain (fps and refresh Settings too). It does not adapt to the new Monitor which is the 4k screen.

Here is my request:
- Could you PLEASE add the option in the Graphics Settings to select on which Monitor someone wishes to play the game?
- Or at the very least, when switching to another Monitor by using the Windows+Arrow keys, that the new Monitor Settings are applied?

I ask this because most other games have this already in their system. To name a few...
WoW and FF14, League of Maidens, Steam, etc.

I hope this can be implemented into SWTOR as a huge improvement to the game.

PS: please don't try to read between the lines to much as what I described is happenning litteraly to me.

I hope to hear from you soon.


UlaVii's Avatar

01.29.2022 , 08:41 PM | #2
Most of the time while I'm doing guild admin I have the game loaded on one of my side monitors but when I'm leading an event I move it to my main one. I have it set to load on the side monitor as default although I can change that pretty quickly:

  • While in the game, ALT-ENTER to switch to windowed mode then drag the game to the display you want.
  • ALT-ENTER to switch back to fullscreen and then close the game.
  • Next time you load the game it should open fullscreen on that display.

This works for me although it would be nicer to have the option in the game's preferences.

The only time I have problems with this is when I'm in fullscreen mode and I do WINDOWS+L/R ARROW as it goes into a semi windowed state and if I close it and re-open I get it split across a couple of the displays. The fix is ALT-ENTER twice and then follow the process I described above.