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Early Access 'Waves' - Updating Here

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Early Access 'Waves' - Updating Here

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12.13.2011 , 08:29 AM | #411
Typical, i buy my CE the second its announced but because of Game not sending out the codes for a week after i get screwed over. Happy to take my money though im sure.

Why didnt bioware work harder to ensure these codes were distributed faster?
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12.13.2011 , 08:29 AM | #412
Quote: Originally Posted by Darkemoon View Post
Nope, guildie is in who registered on 7/22. If you registered before that, check your launcher, don't wait for the e-mail.
Well, I do belive you then . . . BioWare screwed up again . . . Big *********** surprise .
07.22.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Collector's Edition Pre-Order - NO email, and a launcher button is dead . . .
You friend just got lucky, because BW is incompetent . . .

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12.13.2011 , 08:29 AM | #413
Patience is a virtue.

As they have stated when pre order first came out there was a mass purchase and redemption and then it died off so let them get through the major influx and then I wouldn't be surprised if the quieter months say August - november goes alot quicker before another influx in the last few days.

just my two cents.

the moral of the story have a little patience, you rather join a smooth running server than one thats going down every few minutes due to over population!

Sicknss's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 08:29 AM | #414
Quote: Originally Posted by Yulja View Post
These are just the pre orders from physical pre orders, not digital.

I can't imagine how many pre orders where made in the first hours when it was released. People where pre ordering it per digital more than physical in the first time.
While this may be true, I'd still expect the overall volume to remain consistent which shows that day one orders were not THAT high.


12.13.2011 , 08:29 AM | #415
At this point, I'm wondering if I'm still just a gleam in my father's eye or if mom is chawin on prenatals yet.

Blendid's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 08:29 AM | #416
I feel that ' code redemption' in an unfortunate pre-requisite. I pre-ordered in July, I have been religiously listening to pod casts but apparently will not be playing until the last because I only redeemed my code yesterday. Oh, well. I suppose it probably is the fairest way to go about it, but it just leaves all of us clueless folks out in the cold.
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Eliminarion's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 08:29 AM | #417
Quote: Originally Posted by kryptiklol View Post
Even if we get only 1 day. We should be grateful that we're playing 1 day earlier than the 20th.
Yep..some people still feel that they are entitled, even though they get the chance to play early before it's official release.

- Elim

Morvoldo's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 08:29 AM | #418
so has most of you still got the no sub error on your launchers ?
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Huntroll's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 08:29 AM | #419
Quote: Originally Posted by Krosh View Post

People redeeming there code bewteen:
July-August: 7 days
August-Septemper: 6 days
September-October: 5 days
October-November: 4 days
November-December: 3 days
December 1-5: 2 days
December 5-10: 1 day
Haha, the funny thing about the homepage is that it still says if you pre-order now you can still get up to 5 days of EGA! So you are saying if I pre-order now I get to play 0 days? Good stuff!