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GSF Legacy Achievement: General Crew achievement - HK51

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GSF Legacy Achievement: General Crew achievement - HK51

Alienwarz's Avatar

05.17.2021 , 02:25 PM | #1
I am unable to complete the "General Crew" Achievement - it says 0/1 HK51 Acquired. That's not true - I have HK51 opened and available on all of the characters in my Legacy, both Republic and Imperial. I double checked each character an he's part of the crew. I have all crew for the Consular (Repbulic) and Bounty Hunter (Imperial). I have Treek as well. How do I fix/correct this bug?

phalczen's Avatar

05.17.2021 , 09:23 PM | #2
Wrong forum, since PTS is closed. However ...
1.). Did you add him before or after starting KOTFE, and if after starting KOTFE, after which chapter?

2.) did you claim him from the legacy achievement, or from completing the quest?

3.). Did you actually use him in one of the four crew slots so that his passives affect your starfighters? If you did, did you try making him your co-pilot? Did you fly a match with him as a crew member or co-pilot?

Iím not sure that any of these steps will fix the bug, but they are worthwhile checking since they may update the status of the achievement. However, sometimes when you can demonstrate that you actually have something but not the achievement, you can submit a ticket to customer service and sometimes they can grant the achievement.
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