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Looking for Impside Healer for HM/NiM progression 8-man <REIGN> Starforge

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Looking for Impside Healer for HM/NiM progression 8-man <REIGN> Starforge

SweaterGuyTitus's Avatar

07.28.2021 , 04:03 PM | #1
I'm looking to recruit a healer for a HM/NiM Progression 8-man group. We're a group of returning friends who haven't played much since finishing HM Dxun (Before NiM released). Our group is composed of skilled players who have gone through most Nim/HM content in the game. Currently, we are planning on going and progressing on HM Gods, as that operation was a thing when none of us were playing (the piecemeal creation led a lot of us to quit during that time).

As a currently reforming group, we raid on Wednesday nights at 7pm Central. We are looking for a healer that is
1. Familiar with class
2. Familiar with raiding
3. Raid aware
4. Good Sense of Humor.
You don't have to be the nightmariest person to ever nightmare, but being raid aware will help us all in the end.

If you are interested, here is our discord
You can join and @Codwobby
You may also find me or send me an ingame mail to Codwobby, Wodcobbie
Why are these so hard to find!? Also, why do we hold them like idiots?