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Honest questions from a GSF noob

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Honest questions from a GSF noob

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06.14.2021 , 11:17 AM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
Whatís the average to great percentage on aim for the different ship types.

What I mean by that is, at the end of the match I see a big variety of percentages from people who do lots of damage. The higher averages are around 50% and the lower averages are around 20%. I know much of this is player skills, but is some based on type of ships too. Ie, if you use a bomber and your mines donít hit anyone, does that lower your percentage.
It's almost more a matter of weapon type than ship type. Different builds of the same ship can have significantly different accuracy rates at about the same level of skill. Pilot style also plays into it.

In general, for lasers and rocket pods, you'd be looking for at least 25% accuracy. You need a general level of competence to get to that point, and below that level having a good solid game gets really difficult because you just won't do enough damage, even if you're playing fairly hard-core support builds in a support role where giving up some damage is ok. If you can bring that up to 35% and you're smart about how you use that 35% then you'll probably be in the top quarter of the scoreboard in the vast majority of games.

A more weapon specific breakdown:

Lock on missiles: 100% If you fire them they count as hits.
Railguns: 60% is minimum competence, great gunship pilots will routinely run 70-85%.
Burst Laser Cannons: Try for at least 40% with these, an excellent game will be mid 50s to low 70s for ace level play.
Pretty much everything else: Aim for at least 35%, and be really pleased with yourself if you get 50% or above.

There's a general trend here. The slower the weapon fires, the higher the accuracy should be.

Iíve also seen 2 people thus far with 73% hit rate, high damage, but not many shots (less than 30). So Iím assuming they were Gun Ship players who were specíd to one shot under geared/specíd ships. But thatís a guess cause the scoreboard doesnít break down ship type.
In general if an accuracy rate is above say 65% it's probably a gunship, though a top end scout with a BLC + Clusters build is also possible, or in a domination game possibly someone shooting turrets and not much else.

Aside from basic gunnery mechanics (center reticle in arc, center mouse over reticle) there are some other things that can make a big difference in accuracy.
  • Using Wingman crew ability.
  • Using Pinpointing 6% accuracy crew passive.
  • Being patient and looking for "good" shot opportunities (people concentrating on shooting someone else are ideal targets)
  • Being at "medium" range or closer (3 km) before shooting for most lasers (range capacitors can move this mark out a bit, and Heavy Lasers are tuned to be more or less exempt from long range penalties).
  • In a in a gunship railgun swapping. Ion Rail 40% slow upgrade, and Plasma Rail -10% evasion debuff both make follow up Slug shots easier to land. Also scroll out the view so the relative motion of the target across your screen is a tiny bit slower.
  • Watch target buffs and debuffs. If someone just popped distortion field, it might not be a great time to shoot at them. Same for Running Interference crew ability.

Also keep in mind that accuracy is means to an end: using your ship's resources to do damage efficiently. There are times when efficiency might not be the highest priority, and it makes sense to take a low odds shot. Say for example you have 2 seconds left on a DO, and the only target in range is a skilled scout that just popped distortion. Sure you might miss, but if you hit with DO the scout is dead. Take the shot because you don't have time on the DO to wait out the distortion. Being as accurate as you can is the general rule, but know when to break it.
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