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06.29.2021 , 07:16 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Rivazar View Post
Rly someone wished it?
Yes. Lots of someones, actually.

EDIT: I'm not one of those someones.
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06.29.2021 , 01:55 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Rivazar View Post
One thing that is still beyond my understanding, why did they make reunited Khem Val romancable. Rly someone wished it? Or Devs have sick fantasy.

People are tired of Lana and Theron, but really it is not their fault. After Kotet game is over in ideas. Kotet had a stupid bad developed ending, but rly, after Kotet **** started. I dont blame devs, that they used all their ideas, but since it is mmo, they have to continue and release new and new content till game finally dies.
There was quite a few people in the forum requesting Khem to be romancable so yep it was.
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06.29.2021 , 03:13 PM | #23
well nice to see I am not the only one that has been frustrated with this for a while. I keep playing through them but I keep edning up more and more frustrated each time. I might be close to breaking point of just not give a freck and maybe take break from game again. Although hope not 6 year break again. But it just feels like all the expanisons is same crap. Doesn;t matter what your character's class is or their decisions in earlier content. Just same dialogue over and over, reguardles of their personality. Yeh after kotfe start getting some more grey options again... but miffs me a bit that a story talking about more than light and dark, stonewalls you into extreme light and dark decsisions with no grey area even considered. And after your been through that wringer... it;s just all screwed up.

I used to be excited in kotfe because I thought my characters decisions actually mattered.... but outside of a few key ones it don't. Then Ioketh comes along and other expanisons and all that is ignored anyways.... and there parts where your just force to play along to crap that doesn;t fit the personallity or the skills of the character at all. Post Kotfe as well. Quite a bit as well even within one storyline of dialogue telling you something and then you get stupid dialogue options to ask stupid questions that already been answered or thing you would know if you played the prior stories leading up to it, and no options that would actually make sense or fit the character and their experiences or personality. So many opportunities as well to bring in parts of the characters history that is lost as well. And yes the auto dialogue forcing personality quirks that don't fit the character is annoying too...

Anyways I am rambling, not sure I am making sense right now. I've wanted to write something about it for a long time here... but it's hard for me to put the thoughts together and give myself time to. I get so frustrated even thinking about it sometimes.

Seems like they tried to cater to people who don't give a crap about story and often skip earlier stories, and gave us who love to rp and enjoy the stories some muddled scrapped together crap that destroys and takes us out of the character and we loos what makes even the classes unique, not just the personalities.

Agents ability to infiltrate, stealth, and manipulate no longer get to play on, in fact lot content pulls them out of stealth and has then doing stupid crap they wouldn;t do. Bomb specialists stand around stupidly while some npc leads the way to defuse bombs (in kotfe) Inquistors apparently no longer recall that they used to scour the tombs mroe than others... I hate that perticular chapter in Kotfe with Acina because no matter your character expereinces of choices before, it;s the same frecking dialogue for most part and acina needs to tell you crap you already know and your character is always some great optomist commander no matter if they killed a lot of their origonal people and done a lot of stupid things, and it pretty much lana been holding things together.

My agent and jedi consular still ask stupid questions to the voss lady and apparently my agent can;t ever actually have some feeling for the voss he married back in class story, or relate to it... my jedi consular asking about voss mystics being offworld is stupid... actually pretty much every one who been through the illum quest line has seen at least one offworld before.

Also not believing in ghosts in the Visions in the Dark Chapter is stupid... you got one in your head.... and you;ve met reven!! Some classes even met more than that... But you can;t ask... why didn;t they kill you? Not every character is afraid of death lol And why is my extreme lightsiders forced to want to go after a super weapon on Iokath?

Anyways it seems I got to ranting more again. I probably should go back and clean this up but right now just want to get it out. Not sure i can focus on it at moment.


Anyways all that frustration out on page and aside, I kinda keep thinking it would be nice if they actually considered some expansions that could be divergent paths to the current expansions instead of just tacking on more of the ill fitting attempts of one size fit all stories.