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Operative or Powertech?

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Operative or Powertech?

Nortumberland's Avatar

08.02.2021 , 07:07 AM | #1
Hello, mates!

I've just returned after a long break (left in Hutt Cartel) and eager to be back in action. I've been playing a mando healer back than, but now I want smth melee. I've tested a few specs and liked PT (pyro specifically) and Operative (Lethality). Since it's a long road to 75, I'd like to hear your opinion on which spec will give me the most... mmm... benefit? Not gonna do anything tryharding, just looking for the best suited kit for solo.

Thank you in advance!

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08.02.2021 , 10:38 AM | #2

Bloodworthy - Tomb of Freedon Nadd - The Red Eclipse - Darth Malgus

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08.02.2021 , 12:02 PM | #3
Solo what?

For pure farming purposes nothing beats stealth for speed. Plus you can solo some MM fp with leth operative, and basically all of the Vet fp.
Stealthy heals, stealthy dps, stealthy life.

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08.03.2021 , 07:27 AM | #4
For solo, operative has stealth whereas powertech does not which lets you skip a tonne of ads and as stated earlier, you can solo the master mode Red Reaper flashpoint in a fairly fast time. I actually do this on my lethality operative.
For levelling, lethality is not as good as concealment because by the time you apply dots, concealment would have already killed the mobs, but both powertech specs are fine for levelling - the dot spec still has solid burst abilities.

Powertech can tank, operative can heal if that affects your decision. Operative also makes much more use out of their gun with lethality while concealment almost exclusively uses knives and is a true melee spec. Both powertech specs can comfortably sit at 10m range for most of the fight apart from a couple abilities.

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09.05.2021 , 08:02 PM | #5
Operative for convenience (stealth), Powertech for being absurdly tanky and making PVE even more trivial than it already is.

Quote: Originally Posted by LordCamTheGreat View Post
Both powertech specs can comfortably sit at 10m range for most of the fight apart from a couple abilities.
I find powertechs benefit the most from dominating spacing altogether rather than just shooting for 10m.
Wherever your enemy is the most comfortable, you do the opposite. You have access to loads of CCs to stay out of reach of melee, as well as the means to close gaps.
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LordCamTheGreat's Avatar

09.05.2021 , 08:10 PM | #6
Though they've probably already decided, I'm going to give the unconventional response and say to anyone facing a decision between 2 advanced classes, flip a coin. Heads for one, tails for the other. The reason being that when 7.0 launches, you'll be able to have two advanced classes (renamed combat styles) on one character.

If you really can't decide, make a character for both and play through the starting couple planets to see which you prefer the feel of.

Nortumberland's Avatar

09.07.2021 , 02:28 AM | #7
Uh, sorry, didn't expect any feedback and totally forgot about the post) Thank you all for help! I've lvled both to 75 and stopped for now. Ops looks more promising for solo thx to stealth and selfheals, but PTS changes stripped it from the majority of survivability, so I'm not sure it would have the same QoL as it has atm. Think I'll hang on there until 7.0 changes for PT appear to make the final decision. Just don't want to replay all the same story for the second time, don't want the generic choicecs made for me either. So, yeah, just chilling for now