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12.04.2021 , 03:47 AM | #1
Hello There,

Although a new Stronghold (Imperial and Republic Fleet Apartment) just appeared in the last update I and I think many others would be happy about a "Sith Stronghold" just in the course of the decorations like the Throne of the Emperor or other things like Oricon decorations or Nathema things, the stone and the nature of the things would fit great. Since such a kind of Sith temple or fortress does not really exist and Yavin I do not count there as it is difficult to place the new decorations with their purple clay there. So my suggestion would be a fortress on Oricon (or Ziost, Nathema or even Korriban..) that would be accessible to Republican as well as Imperial players and of the same size as Yavin Rishi or Alderaan, but before I come here with plans and ideas for this Stronghold I would like to know how realistic the thought is? What are the odds and what do you think?
All Hail the Emperor!

We need a Sith Stronghold (Oricon/Ziost/Nathrma/Korriban or even a Place like Lord Gratan on Dromund Kaas)

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12.04.2021 , 06:48 PM | #2
Zero odds. They won't do something that doesn't work for both light and dark unless it's something simple like the fleet penthouse was.

And yeah, penthouse came out back with Galactic Season 1, and was designed that you wouldn't be able to get both until season 2. There might be one with season 3, but we'll see - season 3 probably won't be until very late 2022 at this rate.

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12.09.2021 , 06:23 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by EHKodiak View Post
. There might be one with season 3, but we'll see - season 3 probably won't be until very late 2022 at this rate.
I think we can safely say 2023 now...

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12.13.2021 , 05:02 PM | #4
A Sith-specific stronghold with an emphasis on Sith-oriented locations as the ones you've mentioned would be fantastic.

Korriban and Oricon have both been on the list and technically Oricon could also just be a 'story' stronghold that is dual faction. I think in future Galactic Seasons that a Korriban / Tython set of strongholds like Vaiken / Carrick would be fantastic.

The idea of a Nathema one isn't bad either, especially one like what we see in the flashpoint where it's overgrown and nature is taking over the massive remnants of any civilization that was once there. While it could be great for 'Sith' themes, it then wouldn't be entirely inappropriate for other themes as Nathema could easily have been investigated for others. It's just great to be able to use those decorations from the FP in a stronghold that has matching surface textures since the color and pattern isn't an exact match for any other stronghold like Yavin, Rishi, (definitely not Alderaan not that it stops me from putting in waterfalls in the Killik Cave) ...

Aukotis Ir Dhasi - the Stronghold Decorator's Guild

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12.17.2021 , 06:01 PM | #5

I feel as if this is a 0% Chance scenario unless it is like the Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Apartment options -- it would come as a paired set, like Jedi Stronghold on Tython and Sith Stronghold on Korriban.

A Stronghold on Oricon or Nathema would be fantastic, and beautiful, but would absolutely NOT be faction-specific in any context and would likely therefore not have a description title like 'Sith Stronghold.' It might be marked as "Oricon Temple" or "Dread Temple," on Oricon, because that would be more neutral. The same is likely the case for Nathema: it would likely not be called Sith Stronghold, it would have a faction-neutral designation, like the Tatooine Homestead.

It's up to you what you decide to DO with it, essentially. I would also like to see more diverse strongholds, like a Luxury Winter Resort on a Hoth mountaintop or small plateau, a Quesh bunker, Taris ruins that are "expanded" by spending money to *renovate* the place and make it look more restored and less in ruins in the first place, a Copero Villa with a cliff that you can see Copero from, a Zakuul Loft that would be tiny comparative to the Coruscant and DK Apartments but which would make great sense as a way to have a secret outpost and later a sort of Zakuulan command centre post-KOTET, and etcetera.

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01.05.2022 , 11:05 AM | #6
I've wanted a stronghold on Oricon for years. Still hoping it'll happen one day.